Temple of Elemental Evil Session One – November 11, 2002


DM: Rick Smith

The Heroes:

Hex Cade lvl 1 Barbarian lvl 2 Psion Earth Genasi – Dan Forrest

Falkner lvl 2 Barbarian lvl 1 Rogue Tiefling – Barbara Kalberg

Drachalt lvl 1 Druid Silver Half Dragon Half Elf – Tom Blossfeld

Gunnar Kelson lvl 3 Fighter Aasimar – Jon Rosen

Zohi lvl 4 sorceror half-elf – Ken Marin


Day One: Starday, First of Coldeven, early Spring


Falkner is bald, 6’3 dark skin slitted red pupils and claw-like fingernails and pointed ears. Faint odor of brimstone. Falkner was born of a normal human mother, taken as a slave, ended up in a city where he was trained as a pickpocket. Escaped and returned to his barbarian tribe. Wears studded leather and moves really fast, something of a bow specialist. Quiet, shy and seems good-intentioned.

Drachalt has a pet snake and a gray ioun stone, 5’10 very strong, wears a cloak to hide his features, which include fangs, claws, half-elven features with silver hair and tougher skin than usual. The snake hangs around his neck. Drachalt reveres nature in all its forms, but especially an affinity for snakes, reptiles and scaly things. No tail. The snake’s name is Scaly.

Zohi and Falkner once took a break from adventuring to visit Zohi’s foster family… they were massacred, and Zohi learned his flaming sphere spell in the grips of his rage over this event. Zohi has a caustic personality, always talking about leaving but never meaning it. Zohi has a pet toad familiar. Zohi is quite good-looking, young. Zohi is a master of languages. Zohi has a wand that detects secret doors. His toad is named Knot.

Gunnar is also huge, but very wiry, silver hair gold eyes and pale skin. Scales along his back are a birthmark. Grew up as a gladiator but was never cutthroat enough to entertain the masses, so he fell out of favor so he took up adventuring. Wants to right wrongs and use his abilities as an enforcer of justice. A very powerful force of personality. Bastard sword, breastplate and large steel shield, plus a mighty composite longbow.


The party arrives at the Inn of the Welcome Wench at Hommlet. Ostler Gundigoot, the barkeep, serves the party. Rumors: Nulb is haunted. Gnolls have not attacked much recently, but there is still a 5 gp per head reward.

Drac spends his time contemplating the local flora and fauna.

Cade and Gunnar patrol the perimeter of the town and head to the temple of St. Cuthbert. Cade asks to meet the high Priestess, but she is unavailable.

Zohi knows someone in town, the owner of the potion shop. A young girl (10 or 12 years of age) is Spugnoir’s daughter, Renee, who is running the shop. Spugnoir wears a pair of goggles around his neck. A small black cat is also here, on the counter. “ I gotta be honest with you, Spugnoir.. I’m broke.” The moathouse has subterranean areas, but Elmo, captain of the guard, keeps a good check on these areas. Spugnoir lost his wife in a battle with humanoids. Zohi asks about Vesta the bargirl and learns that she has been taking over the running of the inn since the owner Gundigoot has a weak heart.

Falkner checks out the seedy underbelly of the town, exploring a second tavern and gathering info about local history. Things seem stable. Burne and Rufus rule the town right now. Burne is a very advanced wizard, and Rufus is a warrior. The Keep that overlooks the town is newly built and impressive to behold.

The party returns to the Welcome Wench for dinner, where they enjoy the company of the leaders of this town.

Drac arranges to spend the night at the grove along with Falkner and Gunnar. Hex pays the barkeep for the right to sleep standing up just outside the inn, next to the wall. Zohi flirts with Vestra, but ends up staying at the seedy tavern.


Day 2:

Hex meets with the High Priestess at the Temple of St. Cuthbert and tells her he has heard a cry for help, and asks if she has heard anything. She has not, but is interested if Hex finds out more. Hex is convinced that the cry must have come from another incarnation of himself.

A good day’s hike brings the party to the Moathouse. Hex causes the party to pass without trace for 50 min. after the fork in the road. The ground begins to get swampy. Just after dinnertime the Moathouse comes into view. Suddenly a male half-elf steps out of the shadows. Named Old Dell, he tells us about a blue dragon who has taken residence in the Moathouse. There are odd people in robes who travel with the gnolls.

Exploring the outskirts of the Moathouse, Gunnar locates a suspicious looking damp cave. It leads into a narrow passage heading SE towards the Moathouse… an old corridor with deteriorating wooden supports, leading to a worked western corridor, eventually reaching two doors: one on the north wall and at the end of the corridor to the west.

Beyond the western door is a short corridor that ends in a blank wall. Beyond the north door is a passage heading to the north, then opens to a northwestern chamber. The thief crept forward and began to encounter a sour smell. The thief sees three piles that look like nests, and a stone that looks like half a gigantic rat. Suddenly a pair of creatures rushes Falkner! Cocatrices. Zohi stays back in the range of his light spell, Hex reaches past Draco with the glaive to hit the critter, and Draco follows up with another strike. The critter nips at Draco but misses, while a second one approaches. Gunnar tumbles past the first cockatrice and kills it with a vicious flank attack. Zohi takes a step forward but stays back from the combat. Falkner attacked the second cockatrice with a falchion, giving it a nasty wing wound. The critter bites back but misses. Hex steps up behind Falkner and hits it again, and Gunnar closes on its side with another hit. Falkner finishes it off. In the nests are found 3 black embroidered cloaks with a burning eye motif.

A second chamber leads to another door and another opening. A skeleton encased in rusted armor grips a hand axe in its bony grasp. A third cockatrice emerged from the corner of the room and petrified Draco! Hex, grim with purpose, dealt the critter a nasty blow with his glaive. The tiefling races across the room, yanking his bow off his back and firing at the critter, but the arrow bounces off the Draco statue. Zohi launches magic missles at the cockatrice, but Gunnar misses. The critter strikes back at Gunnar but misses. Hex misses the quick-footed critter, and Falkner’s next bowshot glances off the floor. Zohi shoots another magic missle into it, and Gunnar finishes the creature off.

Zohi uses a detect magic but sees nothing of interest. He opens a door to reveal a chamber that was once a plush bedroom. The bed is slit open like someone was looking for something. Another skeleton is in this room. Zohi snatches a black widow necklace and a glowing potion and a wand of doom. Luckily the potion is stone to flesh, which Zohi is able to use to restore Draco to living color.

Returning to the blank wall, Draco and Hex bash their way through into another 90’ corridor, which intersects a 10’ north-south corridor which continues 15’ to a door to the north, and 35’ south with an open passage to the west, and then it descends south past that. The descending corridor has stairs that may or may not end in light. The western passage goes 30’-40’ and ends at a door. Zohi approaches the stairs and can definitely see light, and can smell an overwhelming foul stench. The western corridor zigzags, after which there is a large irregular square chamber. The chamber is lined with several sarcophagi. A cobweb-filled crypt. There’s a ghoul here. Just one. Gunnar kills it before anyone can react.

Hex moves forward looking around but doesn’t see diddly. 3 more lids fall off and more ghouls appear. The ghouls are totally easy to kill, but Gunnar got himself paralyzed. We all laughed. Then Zohi wasted a wand charge. We laughed again. A system of branching corridors went to the south, but it looked complicated so the party returned to the stairwell down. Falkner walks halfway down the stairs, where he is attacked by something from an alcove. A terrible smell of death and corruption washes over him as a creature paralyzes him with its attack. The creature jumps onto him and starts tearing and rending. It looks like a ghoul but smelly.

Gunnar steps forward and tries to hit but misses. Zohi casts flaming sphere which catches the critter in a ball of flame. Hex moves forward and empathic transfers some of Falkner’s wounds onto himself, but he is wracked with nausea from the terrible smell of the critter. Draco braves an attack of opportunity to hit the critter with a nasty gash. The critter lashes out at Draco with two claws, misses with both but hits with a bite. Gunnar holds action while the flame moves back onto the critter, and then he strikes the creature down. Hex heals himself a little, when two more critters appear down the corridor, from the light. A male human dressed in robes and wielding a glowing morningstar. The other creature is reptilian, wearing black robes and carrying a morningstar, and both have large shields and good quality armor.

Zohi rolls the flaming sphere at the badguys, which does minimal damage and then disappears. Gunnar charges forward recklessly to attack, manages to just hit the heavily protected lizardman. The man misses Gunnar with a vicious swing. Draco casts shillelagh and Hex uses lesser natural armor. Zohi casts a second flaming sphere on the human opponent. Gunnar backs up, taking a hit from the human, and retreats to the back of the group. Hex is taken by a random action spell. He turns and attacks Zohi, and then looks aghast at what he has just done. Draco hits the badguys with a cone of cold breath weapon. The trogdolyte charges at Hex who, surprised, turns and blocks the morningstar with his glaive. Zohi continues to use the flaming sphere but misses. Gunnar drinks a potion of healing. Hex uses his boot of stomping and knocks the trogdolyte flat on his ass, from which position his skull is crushed by Draco.

Looting and healing commences.