Temple of Elemental Evil Session Two – November 23, 2002


DM: Rick Smith

The Heroes:

            Hex Cade lvl 1 Barbarian lvl 2 Psion Earth Genasi – Dan Forrest

            Falkner lvl 2 Barbarian lvl 1 Rogue Tiefling – Barbara Kalberg

            Drachalt lvl 1 Druid Silver Half Dragon Half Elf – Tom Blossfeld

            Gunnar Kelson lvl 3 Fighter Aasimar – Jon Rosen

            Zohi lvl 4 sorceror half-elf – Ken Marin [in absentia]


Day Two (continued): Sunday, Second of Coldeven, early Spring


            A corridor extends 25’ south to a dead end, with an opening on the west wall. A faint light emanates from the opening on the west wall. It gets colder as they go.  Around the corner is a 25’ square chamber with a large gaping pit in the floor, and a platform hanging from a pulley on the ceiling. The pit is moist. A strange statue sits in the corner.  Hex walks out to peer into the pit.  There is a stream pouring out of the wall and falling into darkness at least 60’ below.  The statue is a rectangular block of stone with 4 figures carved into it, one on each side.  Jet black, a tall muscular man with wavy bladed sword. Dark green with flowing robe and a strange mask.  Deep blood red high boots man with doublet. Deep indigo, many-pleated robe with scepter and cowl.

            Falkner leaves a bit of mud as an indicator if anyone walks this way, and the party returns to a previously unexplored doorway.  Various people listen at the door. A 5’ hallway opens into a larger chamber with two other passages and two other doors leading from it.  The room looks like a barracks, with six beds of straw and an iron box on one bed. A satchel sits by each bunk.  Falkner works the iron box while the others guard the doors. He misses the magical trap, which spritzes acid in a cloud… Falkner is able to dodge the worst of it, taking only a minimal amount of damage. The chest contains some scrolls and potions.  The passage to the west goes a short distance and ends in a chamber.  The other passage looks like it turns up ahead.

            The chamber is shaped like three corridors stacked diagonally.  The walls are scored by fire. A mattress and a small iron box, with a pipe, tobacco and stuff.  There is a gnoll in the room with a pair of swords.  The Gnoll is named Garrik, and he and Cade exchange harsh words:  “Leave now or become my dinner!” he said, “Who are you, foul Gnoll?” cried Hex. “I am Garrik, and you are dinner!” he said.  “You will find your teeth breaking on me, Garrik!” “I will sharpen my teeth on your bones!” “My bones are made of stone! Attaaackkk!!!” Gunnar charges forward and attacks the gnoll, using his expert tactics to gain two attacks, both of which cause terrible wounds. “Surrender now, gnoll!” yells Hex. “I would rather die!” is the response, as the gnoll slashes Gunnar with his sword.  As Draco advances, Faulkner moves into position and lets fly an arrow which, with pinpoint accuracy hits Garrik in the eye, pinning the gnoll to the wall through the back of his head. “Damn!! He could have given us some answers!” cries Hex, who wanted to take him alive. “I wasn’t aiming for the eye!” cried Faulkner apologetically.

            Hex takes Garrik’s +1 studded leather armor as his new armor.  Draco takes the pipe and tobacco.  There is also a cup with dark liquid in it.  Gunnar sniffs it and thinks it is blood.  Yuck!

            Beyond one of the two doors is a 5’ corridor that ends in a wall.  The other door is stuck closed… Draco moves forward and tries the door, but is unable to open it. Hex yanks hard and breaks the door open, revealing a blank wall and a metal support that was holding the false door in place. Hex suspects he has triggered an alarm, but no one seems to arrive.  Heading into the twisting northern corridor, which branches.  Down the southern branch there is a chamber, 45’ by 30’ with three doors on the east wall and a passage to the north.  From the north come a horde of six slobbering gnolls armed with battleaxes!

            Gunnar takes out his longbow as Faulkner fires at the closest gnoll and misses!  The gnolls begin to charge forward. Zohi pulls out a stone with light cast on it, which clearly bothers the gnoll horde.  Drac pulls out a thunderstone and tries to chuck it forward, but it slips out of his fingers.. he catches it at the last moment and it doesn’t go off.  Hex moves forward and uses his boots of stomping, knocking the 2nd and 3rd gnolls over. Gunnar attacks the closest gnoll but misses.  Faulkner flies into a rage and moves to fight from around the corner, attacking with his falchion but missing. Two gnolls strike at Gunnar but he repels their blows.  Zohi fires two magic missles, which zip past the heroes and strike one of the closest gnolls. Hex uses the boots again and 3 gnolls fall over this time. Gunnar smacks the closest grounded gnoll, killing him dead.  Faulkner attacks in anger, killing one of the standing gnolls.

 The gnolls retaliate weakly, both attacking gnolls whiffing big time.  Drac attacks around the corner but misses.  Hex strikes past Faulkner, but Faulkner hits the haft of his weapon and the attack is a miss.  Gunnar strikes a gnoll a glancing blow.  Faulkner strikes another gnoll dead in his rage.  Another gnoll moves forward and strikes Faulkner.  The second gnoll misses Gunnar, utterly confused by Gunnar’s gladiatorial prowess.  Draco misses again, unable to get a good angle from the corner.  Hex hits a gnoll with a nasty jab, and Gunnar dispatches the one he’s been fighting with.  Faulkner beheads the gnoll before him.  The final gnoll swings its axe at Faulkner and hits a glancing blow.  Drac misses.  Hex skewers him on his polearm… the gnoll is still alive and gives one last look of hatred, and Gunnar cleaves the gnoll free of Hex’s glaive.

            The diamond-shaped room that the gnolls charged from is empty and uninteresting.  The first door to the east was a 10’ square room.  The second door is false, and causes something to slam shut in the distance.  The thirds room is another 10’ square room of no interest.  With that, the party decides to rest.


Day Three: Moonday, Third of Coldeven, early Spring


            Returning to the split in the corridor, the party discovers a portcullis has dropped, blocking the path to the northwest.  Faulkner checks for a pressure plate and is unable to find one.  Draco, Gunnar and Hex yank the portcullis up and the party passes through.  They drop it closed behind them.   The corridor continues until it reaches a flight of stairs heading up.  20’ up, there is a concealed door.  Beyond the door is a stone wall.  There is a seam between the wall and the floor, and Faulkner discovers a secret door.  After much deliberation, the party decides to open the door.

            Beyond is a large chamber with 5 pillars, one in each corner and one in the center.  The room is lit.  There are many creatures here. 6 skeletons and one large skeleton are nearby. Beyond them are 4 gnolls and a human female. In the far corner of the room there is a lantern on the floor.  There is a door in the center of the far western wall.  A set of stairs occupies the center of the east wall.

            Hex flies into a rage and jabs at the oversized skeleton for a solid strike.  Gunnar moves forward and attacks the giant skeleton, hitting it twice with his tactical advantage.  The large skeleton swings twice at Gunnar and misses.  The skeletons move in tightly, and two claw Gunnar for minimal damage.  Draco moves forward and attacks the nearest skeleton, breaking it into bone dust.  Zohi shoots magic missiles at the large skeleton, but it withstands the magic blows.  Falkner tumbles into the battle, is missed by a skeleton’s claw, and gives the large skeleton a final blow.

            The monsters charge… a gnoll easily misses Faulkner.  Some kind of foul sorcery slams into Faulkner and affects him.  Hex misses ridiculously, and Gunnar follows suite.  Three critters claw at Gunnar and Faulkner, but they all miss.  Draco misses too.  Zohi positions himself to try and magic missle the woman when she next casts.  The previously cast spell causes Faulkner to turn and flee, dodging the three attacks of opportunity against him.  Two gnolls miss Gunnar.  The woman tries to cast something and Zohi strikes her with magic missles, but the woman manages to keep her spell.  The spell bounces off of Gunnar’s obdurate brain.  Hex screams in rage and skewers a gnoll with his glaive, actually lifting the poor newly dead creature off the ground and tossing it to the ground.  Gunnar follows by damaging a gnoll with a quick strike.

            The poor monsters attack the frontline fighters and miss.  Draco lops his scimitar into a gnoll’s neck, and the critter’s life pours uselessly out.  Faulkner returns this round, upset and disgruntled about his artificially inspired cowardice.  The cleric woman begins to move and she is hit by more magic missiles from Zohi.  Hex misses a skeleton.  Gunnar nails a skeleton, breaking its ribcage apart but it is still standing.  Four skeletons attack, all missing.

            Draco smacks apart a 2nd skeleton’s ribcage, but it too remains fight-worthy.  Zohi can no longer see the cleric woman, so he strikes at a skeleton with magic missiles, shattering it apart in an explosion of dry bone.  Faulkner flies into a rage, cleaving a skeleton with his falchion of doom.  Two gnolls surround Faulkner, but only one hits, causing a cursory wound.  The cleric woman advances, attacking Faulkner with a morningstar, bouncing across his shoulder and smacking him in the head.  Hex makes a quick strike with the glaive, severing a gnoll’s head.  Gunnar cleaves a skeleton in two.  Two skeletons attack Gunnar, one of which rakes a claw across his chest.  Drac attacks a skeleton with excellent precision, but the skeleton withstands the blow.  Zohi finds the priest woman and slams another magic missile against her.  Faulkner swings at the woman, spilling her guts across the room. 

            Hex attacks a skeleton, hits but is unable to bring it down.  Gunnar blows a skeleton into bone-bits.  The skeleton that Hex attacked critically fumbles in an attempt to hit Gunnar, and Draco dispatches it handily.  Zohi bides his time while Faulkner smacks the final gnoll, but it survives.  The final gnoll hits Faulkner with a vicious blow.  Hex finishes it off, and the battle is successfully ended.  Hex is very upset that Faulkner killed the woman, because he wanted to ask her questions.  Both in rage, Hex and Faulkner yell at each other until they both collapse, tired out.

            On a blanket on the floor is a scepter, magic torch, 3 lumps of magic incense, a curious magic sphere (bead of force) and a black metal tube containing a scroll writ in an ancient language we can’t interpret.  The woman had a potion of sneak.  The close door leads to a chamber with the inscription, “death to all ogres.”  Otherwise empty.  Beyond the other door is a 15’ square chamber with one other door to the south.  Debris and trash cover the room except for a path between the two doors.  Gunnar uncovers the skeleton of a rat from the garbage.

            Beyond the door is a huge chamber in an L-shape with large pillars and littered with bones, broken rusty metal.  Five broken doors line one wall, manacles dangle from the pillars.  An archway leads to another chamber and a staircase ascends between two pillars.  Two doors occupy the far wall.  Gunnar walks into the room and is surprised as a Ghast attacks, missing ingloriously.  Gunnar strikes back, smacking it for 10 damage. And the battle begins!

            Falkner moves in, covering his nose against the stench, and attacks the ghast, missing due to his nausea.  The ghastly creature misses.  Gunnar slashes back.  Drac moves in and is nauseated, but he manages to kill the ghast nonetheless.

            The party approaches the 5 locked doors, which are clearly prison cells with locks.  The prisons are empty.  The arch across from them leads to a rectangular room with two pillars.  This is a torture room with ruined racks, etc.  Three ghouls shamble out from behind the pillars to attack Gunnar.  They all miss him.  Gunnar tears into the ghoul before him, injuring him.  Faulkner misses.  Hex misses.  Drac misses.  Zohi holds back from the action.  3 ghasts miss Gunnar.  Gunnar chews up a ghoul, sending it back to the grave.  Faulkner tumbles into the torture room, accruing two attacks of opportunity, of which one hits, paralyzing the foolish adventurer with its nasty toothy bite.  Hex barely misses Faulkner.

            Drac misses! Zohi follows the wall, approaching the situation.  The ghouls flank Gunnar and one sinks its teeth into Gunnar.  Gunnar takes a 5’ step out of the action, and misses.  Hex strikes a ghoul with a solid hit, but the foul undead doesn’t drop.  Drac moves in and finishes the 1st ghoul off.  The 2nd ghoul bites at Gunnar and paralyzes the hapless gladiator.  Hex shoots his glaive through the back of the ghoul’s head, killing it before it can feed upon Gunnar.

            Moving over to the far doors, the south door opens to a rectangular chamber with no other exits.  The room is nothing but ransacked clutter and 3 large wooden shields and a suit of leather armor, all in bad condition.  Opening the other door reveals something similar, except with uneven puddles of water from a drip in the ceiling, spears, glaives and a black cape draped over trash, a yellow eye of fire emblazoned on its back.  Draco looks at the stairs, detecting a black wet slime on the stairs.  The party doesn’t like the looks of the slime, so they return to the narrow spiral stairs.

            The stairs go up quite a ways and end at a blank stone wall, most likely above ground level.  There is another secret door, beyond which is a 30’ square chamber missing one corner.  There are arrow slits on the various walls.  There is a broken wooden ceiling through which daylight filters.  There is one door.  Hex opens it and gets an electric breath weapon in the face from the blue dragon posed to attack on the far side.  Electrified and surprised, he flies into a rage!

            In the courtyard beyond there are two bodies, both in armor, and the dragon.  Hex moves out of the way and heals himself for a very minimal amount.  Zohi moves into the doorway and casts flaming sphere on the dragon, but the spell misses.  Faulkner fires at the dragon, the arrow bouncing off its scaly hide.  The dragon charges forward and bites Zohi through the door.  Gunnar fires at the dragon and misses. Hex quaffs a potion.  Zohi tries to move clear, heading for the secret door.  Faulkner misses and retreats.  Gunnar fires an arrow and crits the dragon, the arrow piercing the very head of the dragon!  Gunnar moves back, Hex moves into view and tries to coerce the dragon into the small space of the room.  Zohi moves into view and moves the sphere after the dragon, which it easily avoids.  Faulkner, at the bottom of the stairs, turns and realizes that not everyone has followed him.

            Hex’s ruse works, the dragon enters the room and bites at Hex, missing in its rage.  Drac heals Faulkner and comes back to the top of the stairs.  Gunnar charges forward to strike the dragon and hits, doing a solid piece of damage against the creature.  Hex is unable to hit the dragon.  Faulkner reaches the top of the stairs and misses.  Zohi catches the dragon by surprise with the flaming sphere, singing the mighty monster.  Zohi also hits it with his last magic missile for the day.  The dragon hits Gunnar with a nasty bite.  Draco breathes a cone of cold at the dragon… the creature ducks its head out of the way, but one of its wings gets frozen. 

            Gunnar attacks and misses.  Hex moves to attack and misses.  Zohi retreats down the stairs.  Faulkner launches into a rage and attacks twice, hitting twice for an impressive 30 points of damage… a deep gouge in the creature’s neck and wounds one wing.  The dragon arcs its neck and spits a lightning bolt at Faulkner and Gunnar, downing Faulkner and bringing Gunnar to the brink of unconsciousness.  Draco moves forward and stabilizes Faulkner.  Gunnar launches an arrow, which does no damage.  Hex yells to try and attract the dragon’s attention and strikes at it but misses.  Zohi hits the dragon for 1 point of damage with a ray of frost.  Faulkner imbibes a cure light wounds potion, stands up and attacks after resuming rage, but misses. The dragon bites and claws at Faulkner, dropping him to the edge of unconsciousness.  Draco hits with the scimitar, driving it up through the soft palate at the top of its mouth, driving it into its brain.  The dragon dies!

            Checking the bodies, the party finds stuff.  Next we rest… it is currently noon.