Temple of Elemental Evil Session Five – January 12, 2003


DM: Rick Smith

The Heroes:

            Hex Cade lvl 2 Barbarian lvl 2 Psion Earth Genasi – Dan Forrest

            Falkner lvl 2 Barbarian lvl 2 Rogue Tiefling – Barbara Kalberg

            Drachalt lvl 1 Druid Silver Half Dragon Half Elf – Tom Blossfeld

            Gunnar Kelson lvl 3 Fighter Aasimar – Jon Rosen

            Zohi lvl 5 sorceror half-elf – Ken Marin


Day Nine: ???, ??? of Coldeven, early Spring


            The party returns to Hommlet to heal up and gather up the rest of the party.  Falk is restored to his former health, and Hex gets over his bout with Filth Fever.  A few potions are purchased, and the party is ready to go.


Day Twelve:


            Climbing over the wall, the party charges the gnolls guarding the front of the Temple of Elemental Evil.  Gunnar charges.  Hex casts lesser natural armor, uses Earthcleaver’s Skate ability and goes skating just above the windswept grass of the courtyard, covering 200 feet in a single round, to be in melee range with the gnolls.  Zohi makes a more measured approach, keeping up with Drac.

            Hex swings at the nearest gnoll but misses, as he is unaccustomed to his skating ability.  Falk makes a long range shot but misses.  Everyone closes in.  A gnoll makes an uneven swipe at Hex and misses, while another runs into the temple, raising the alarm.  More gnolls are approaching from the front gate. Hex strikes a mighty blow at the gnoll in front of him, but the creature withstands the blow.  Zohi sneaks up to the wall and hides.  A gnoll misses Hex.  Two gnolls swing at Falk, one misses but the other hits a solid blow.  Gunnar strikes down the gnoll Hex was engaged with.  Hex slices an undamaged gnoll in two.  Zohi magic missiles a second gnoll into oblivion.  Falk shoots one of the oncoming gnolls dead.  Drac opens the door to the temple and hears the yapping of many gnolls… well over a dozen, he thinks.

            Gunnar strikes one of the three gnolls, but it stills stands.  Hex uses the concussive energy from his blade to knock the gnoll Gunnar struck back.  Zohi steps into the temple and sees at least 11 gnolls ready for battle.  Undaunted, Zohi casts flaming sphere and starts burning a gnoll.  Falk puts the smackdown on another gnoll.  Hex crits a gnoll, gutting it like a fish and lifting it bodily into the air, letting the corpse slide down Earthcleaver’s haft.

            Meanwhile, more gnolls are appearing inside, several of whom look more hoss that the others. Zohi annihilates a gnoll with his flaming sphere.  Falk slices off the arm of the remaining outside gnoll, and it quietly bleeds to death.  Drac moves across the foyer and closes the far door.  A gnoll charges at Drac and just misses.  Gnolls advance towards the foyer, the flickering light from Zohi’s sphere giving each of the gnolls a hellish backlight, their eyes glowing red with the flame’s reflections.  Hex moves into the foyer and severs the neck of the nearest gnoll. Zohi moves the flaming sphere after the gnoll he magic missiled, but the gnoll manages to avoid it.  Zohi magic missiles a third time, splitting the missiles between two gnolls.  The wounded gnoll has his head blasted off, and a second gnoll falls to the other two missiles.  Gnolls attack, and one hits Falk for medium damage.

            Gunnar moves into position but misses.  Hex stomps and knocks over 4 gnolls.  Falk slays one of the knocked down gnolls.  Drac strikes at a prone gnoll, but it rolls out of the way.  Gunnar hits another gnoll but it is still alive.  Falkner is struck down by a vicious gnoll strike.  Hex stomps again, knocking down a bunch of the gnolls.  Zohi casts color spray, causing all sorts of chaos.  One gnoll is knocked unconscious, and two are blinded.  Drac takes advantage of the confusion and breathes into the crowd.  3 gnolls are taken down, two with greatswords, and one gnoll is wounded nastily.

            A gnoll crits Hex with a solid blow, but it takes more than that to take him down.  Gunnar hits one with relish, but the gnoll survives.  Gunnar is crit by a greatsword, bringing him to the brink of unconsciousness.  Two big guys attack Drac, and one hits with a nasty swipe.  Hex slays the gnoll in front of him, which is just returns for being crit last round.  Zohi magic missiles another hoss gnoll and blows him away.  The flaming sphere disappears, after missing a final time.  Drac uses a scroll to heal himself a small amount.  Gnolls attack Drac and Gunnar, but luckily they miss.  Gnolls close in to attack.  Hex steps forward and absorbs some of Gunnar’s wounds, bringing him out of torpor.  Zohi tosses a bead of force which explodes amongst the monsters.  The bead kills two gnolls and traps two more, the resultant force sphere blocking most of the way into the temple.  Drac moves back, missing the gnoll.  The gnoll advances on Hex, but just misses.  Hex misses.  Zohi blocks off the gap between the force globe and the wall with a second flaming sphere.

            Drac misses the gnoll, getting his weapon hung up on the door.  Gunnar stands and looks around.  Hex is hit a terrible blow, and tries to hit the opponent, but the surroundings are too tight and the haft of his weapon strikes the wall.  Zohi feeds a potion of healing to Falkner, who awakens.  Falkner quoffs a potion of haste, gets up and attacks recklessly.  The swing has almost no skill at all but still hits the gnoll square on due to its ferocity.  Drac moves in and strikes the gnoll dead, just barely.  Gunnar slays the unconscious gnoll.  Now the only opponents are the three behind the flaming sphere, and the two trapped in the bead of force.

            Zohi drinks a potion of charisma. People continue to potion up.  Suddenly one of the gnolls charges through and attacks Falk, hitting him.  Hex gives him a very light concussive blow with EarthCleaver, and then Zohi finishes him off with the flaming sphere.  Falk moves forward and attacks the next opponent crazily, doing a nasty bit of damage to him.  This guy looks particularly dangerous, however.  He strikes at Falk twice with his double-sword and misses.  Hex quoffs the potion of cure moderate he got from Drac.  Zohi’s flaming sphere singes the badguy, and Zohi takes the moment of distraction to burn another magic missile on the opponent.  The badguy quoffs a potion, and his wounds close.  His wounds have closed several times now, making the party think there may be another opponent in the room, invisible.

            Sure enough, the last of the opponent’s wounds close completely.  Falk strikes twice at the opponent, missing both times.  Zohi closes in with his flaming spheres, burning at the badguy.  Gunnar strikes him a solid blow as well.  Falk attacks and misses.  More wounds close on the opponent.  Gunnar gets hit twice, bringing him back to the brink of destruction… again.  Hex flies into a rage and misses.  Zohi uses his last magic missile.  Gunnar swings and misses, and then strategically retreats.  Falk misses again.  Drac moves back and casts cure light wounds on Gunnar.

            The two remaining gnolls move forward… Hex manages to get an attack of opportunity on one of them, but it still stands.  The double-sword gnoll steps forward and hits Hex and Gunnar, and the other gnoll also hits Hex.  Hex survives the blows, but Gunnar is killed in battle. Hex hits the other gnoll a good blow but it survives. Luckily, Zohi flaming spheres the wounded gnoll, killing it.  Only the big badguy remains alive, ready to spill more pc blood.  Falk moves forward to attack twice, tearing into the monstrous gnoll with wild abandon… Falk’s barely controlled swings decapitate the terrible foe.  That’s one dead gnoll dude.

            Something invisible comes through the flaming sphere… Hex detects it, and strikes at it but although he contacts something, he doesn’t think he hit it squarely.  Hex tries to hit it again and hits only air.  The opponent is hit again by the flaming sphere, and Zohi attempts to ray of frost him, but the sphere actually protects him from the cantrip.  Falk tries to hit the invisible opponent and misses twice.  Drac heals Hex with a scroll.  Suddenly the door next to Hex springs open… both Hex and Drac miss the fleeing opponent.  Falk casts darkness on a pebble and throws it out the door… encasing Hex in absolute darkness.