Temple of Elemental Evil Session Six – February 1, 2003


DM: Rick Smith

The Heroes:

            Hex Cade lvl 2 Barbarian lvl 3 Psion Earth Genasi – Dan Forrest

            Falkner lvl 3 Barbarian lvl 2 Rogue Tiefling – Barbara Kalberg

            Drachalt lvl 2 Druid Silver Half Dragon Half Elf – Tom Blossfeld

            Gunnar Kelson lvl 4 Fighter Aasimar – Jon Rosen

            Zohi lvl 5 sorceror half-elf – Ken Marin


Day Whatever: ???, ??? of Coldeven, early Spring


            The party decides to travel southwest through the Kron hills on the way to Rastor.  This is a small community off the beaten path, frontier town. Most of the population is human and dwarf, everyone is well-armed.  Several orcs and half-orcs also wander through the streets.  The party splits up, gathering info on who knows where the temple of all consumption might be.  Hex locates a trail heading off into the woods and sets himself up keeping watch. Drac and Falkner go drinking, while Gunnar and Zohi try to gather info.  Zohi ferrets out the location of the temple. He asks after women, but fails to find anything other than rumors of courtesans at the nearby orc village… blecch!

            The temple is located in a crater somewhere northwest in the hills.  The trail meanders up into the mountains. The trail is still in the trees, but they are thinner at this altitude.  In the distance the party can make out the crater.  It is a currently dormant volcano which has collapsed. There is a lake inside the crater, with an island in the center.  The trail leads to the outer edge of the crater. There are 3 bridges crossing the lake to the island.  There is a ring of fortified towers around the perimeter of the island, with a giant building at the center.  While watching, there is a crack of lightning, the bolt arcing into the crater’s waters.  There are no clouds in the sky. Hex stops to watch for another bolt, while the rest of the party continues forward.  A second lightning bolt arcs from one of the perimeter towers, smacking a flying object, probably an eagle. The fried bird drops into the water below.

            The party camps until midnight and then continues towards the outer ridge of the crater.  The path leads to a clearing, across which is a cave that leads into the outer crater wall.  The entrance is 40’ wide and 30’ tall… the floor is completely polished smooth.  At the back of the cave are a pair of 8’ wide, 15’ tall doors with a massive iron doorknocker and an affixed humanoid skull.  There is an arrow slit in the rock face.  The party marches forward and Hex pushes the doors open.  There is a hallway, 20’ wide and 80’ deep leading into the crater.  20’ in there is a cross-hall… the area is lit by torches on the walls.  At the end of the corridor is a second pair of double doors.  There are 4 symbols in a mosaic on the floor.. silver circle, brown triangle, amber red diamond and blue-green square.  The north passage heads 100’ north, leading to a chamber at 80’.  30’ up there is a door on the west wall, and another passage on the east wall, at 50’.  To the south, 40’ ends in a wall, with a door in the east wall and another passage in the west wall.

            Heading south, the passage to the west goes 30’ and ends in a door.  Beyond the door is a 20x20 room with an arrow slit on the wall.  There is another door to the south.  There are four startled warriors in four chairs, crossbows cocked but not loaded.  Hex yells, “you four are a disgrace, where the hell is your commanding officer?!”.. they respond, “Meerclar is probably in his chambers at the moment.”  Hex forces the poor soldier Bob to lead them to Meerclar’s chamber, which is at the end of the first corridor.  Beyond the second set of double doors is a 40x40 chamber with some more doors.. two on the east wall, one on the north and one on the south.  This is a dining hall.  Chained to the south wall is a huge, nearly 20’ long creature.  It is an oversized howler with a saddle.  There are also two large ballista in the room.

            Bob leads the party to the south wall and knocks quietly on the door.. “uh.. commander?”  The howler doesn’t move, but continues to watch the party.  “uh. Are you sure you want to bother him?” asks Bob. “Are you sure you want to ask again?” says Hex, intimidatingly.  The door springs open, revealing an uppity half-elf with a pair of swords. “what the hell do you want?!” he asks. Hex tries to parley with this guy, who calls an ogre from the other room..  The dude asks, “what entrance are you heading by?” Hex thinks about this for a second, and attacks.  Hex attempts to push the half-elf into the room, and fails to move him. 

            The howler screams and attacks Hex, biting him nastily and lodging a spine in his leg. Falkner pulls out his falchion and moves to fight the ogre.  The ogre swings his huge greatclub, but it smacks against Falkner’s magical buckler and the blow is deflected.  Falkner strikes the ogre a good hit.  Gunnar also attacks the ogre, again hitting it a rough blow.  The ogre’s name is Wormspike, by the way.  Hex backs up near Drac and concusses the ogre with Earth Cleaver’s ability, but the creature’s thick skull prevents most of the damage.  Three gnolls show up behind the ogre. Gunnar immediately hits one within an inch of its life. Falkner also strikes at it but misses.  Drac rears back and breathes at the half-elf and the howler.  Realizing he’s pisses off the howler, Drac dives under one of the tables, putting it between him and the huge beast.  The ogre swings his brain-smasher and strikes Gunnar, giving him something to think about.  Meerclaw takes a potion of healing, and some of his wounds close.

            3 more human warriors emerge from the nearest door and attack Hex with bastard swords.  Hex takes another nasty set of hits, and starts to look not so good.  Hex initiates biofeedback and flies into a rage, taking a 5’ step backwards, trying to keep the humans between him and the howler.  Drac manages to kill Bob.  Yay Drac.  Zohi moves his flaming sphere onto one of the human warriors, killing him.  He then fires magic missiles at Meerclaw, smacking him hard.  Meerclaw pulls out a bow and fires back at Zohi, striking him with an arrow.  Seven more human warriors spill into the room.  Falkner rolls past the ogre, who is guarding the exit, and beheads him.  Hex slashes wildly at a gnoll, killing him.  He gets a hit at a second gnoll as well.  Then Hex runs for it, making it past Gunnar and into the ogre’s room, a 10x10 side room.

            One gnoll attacks Gunnar, who guards the door, but misses.  Drac joins Falkner at the door to the room.  Zohi burns a second human down with his burning sphere.  Zohi also manages to kill Meerclaw with a second magic missile… the howler screams in rage and spins to fix its eyes on Zohi.  The howler charges Zohi and savages him with a bite and a quill.  Falkner moves to attack the howler and crits it nastily, but the creature is still alive.  Hex yanks the howler spine out of his leg, and strikes a gnoll a solid blow.  Drac moves forward and hits the howler, but it still stands.  Zohi spiderclimbs behind Drac and Falk, firing another magic missile at the ravening howler.  Two human warriors attack, one hitting Falk and the other hits Drac.  Two more humans pull out bows and fire at Zohi.  One hits, but Zohi remains conscious.  The howler attacks Falkner… Falkner looks like he’s not doing so good.  He avoids catching a quill, however.

            Finally Falkner kills the howler dead.  Gunnar kills another gnoll.  Hex steps forward, kills two gnolls and misses a third.  Drac downs another human.  Zohi’s flaming sphere incinerates another warrior.  Zohi is hit by another arrow, but he’s still okay, thanks to the cure moderate potion he had previously quaffed.  Falk also quaffs a cure light potion.  Drac is hit a glancing blow by a broadsword. Drac hits back… and that dude is also dead.  Zohi peppers some warriors with magic missiles, but doesn’t kill them.  Two warriors start running away, but Falkner chases after them.  Hex kills another gnoll after Gunnar weakens it.  Another gnoll hits Gunnar an unimpressive blow.  Zohi magic missiles the two running dudes, and kills one of them.  The other turns and attacks Falk, knocking him unconscious.  Another warrior strikes Zohi with an arrow, but he’s still up.

            Gunnar and Hex continue to trade off, killing another gnoll.  Zohi feeds Falk another cure potion, while the last warrior continues to run. Gunnar strikes the last warrior assaulting his room, but he weathers the blow.  Hex yanks out his mace for close combat and kills him.  Drac chases after the escaping warrior, but misses.  Zohi steps back and blasts the last magic missile at the last gnoll, killing him dead.  Falk also chases the escaping warrior, only to be hit by him.. and is knocked unconscious.  Gunnar approaches the last warrior still in the room, who was firing arrows a lot. Hex kills him.  Zohi sends a ray of frost after the fleeing guy, and kills him!  Hex screams and slaughters the last three warriors back in the arrow slit room.