Temple of Elemental Evil Session Seven – February 22, 2003


DM: Rick Smith

The Heroes:

            Hex Cade lvl 2 Barbarian lvl 3 Psion Earth Genasi – Dan Forrest

            Falkner lvl 3 Barbarian lvl 2 Rogue Tiefling – Barbara Kalberg

            Drachalt lvl 2 Druid Silver Half Dragon Half Elf – Tom Blossfeld

            Gunnar Kelson lvl 4 Fighter Aasimar – Jon Rosen (in absentia)

            Zohi lvl 5 sorceror half-elf – Ken Marin


Day Whatever: ???, ??? of Coldeven, early Spring


            All time has become meaningless to Hex. Perhaps someone else knows what day it is.  Or perhaps it is only for the gods (those still in power) to know.

            The party returns to the crossbowmen room, and opens the remaining door to find a 10’ hall leading to a T.  This opens into a snubby little corridor that has a secret door to the north.  Beyond this is a short corridor lit by torches which ends in another secret door.  Hex opens the door after being instructed by Falk on how to do it.  There is a small corner corridor with a huge chamber to the right, and a small door up on the left.  The room looks like the entrance to a complex of mines, complete with mine carts and iron rails.  Through the other door is a 30’ by 35’ chamber with two more doors, one of which opens to a previous passage.  The room contains several bins full of leftover dirt and rock.  The party decides to finish paralyzing the first line of defense before entering the mines, so they return to the first corridor and listen at the door to the north.

            Falk listens at the door and hears voices. Hex powers up and kicks open the door.  There is a table, with a chain dangling above it going into the ceiling.  There are four armored humans (banded mail) and a pair of gnolls with bows and scale armor in view.  Hex bellows in bloodlust and smacks down the first warrior, still flat-footed.  Zohi yells “surrender!” while Drac, Falk and Hex slaughter the hapless surprised opponents.  One guy leaps for the chain, but Drac is able to kill him just in time.  One of the warriors drops to his knees before Drac and surrenders.  Two more gnolls appear, and fire arrows at Hex and Drac. Drac is missed, the arrow shot at Hex skids off his psionic armor.  Suddenly Zohi fireballs the four gnolls, annihilating the poor hyena-dudes.  Wow! That was some intense action out of Zohi.

            Hex fails to intimidate the prisoner, but Zohi’s fierce fireball attack has demonized him in the poor man’s eyes.  Zohi gets the guy to say that this is the Temple of the Elder Elemental Eye, as we knew.  Apparently Meerclaw took orders from the Elder Fane, in the center of the lake.  The place was once a Dwarven Complex.  Only the worthy can cross the bridge.  Only the servants of the Eye can cross the bridge.  This is one of the gates.. we are supposed to be neutral.  Which entrance you use is determined by which church you serve.  Earth lies to the north.  There are troglodytes to the north.

            Hex wanders up the corridor and runs into five zombies led by a troglodyte.  There is also a terrible stench emanating from the trog.  Hex is completely snowed by the influx of dead people, and is nauseated by the trog’s stench.  Hex yells “I see dead people!” Curious, Drac and Zohi come out into the corridor and find it clogged with undead.  Falk continues to tie up the prisoner and checks to see if the chain alarm can be disabled.  Falk succeeds in jamming the chain.  Hex steps back between Zohi and Drac, and manages to kill a zombie and wound a second one.  A spiritual flail appears above Hex’s head but misses.  Drac breathes on the zombie mob, frosting them over a bit.  Then Zohi launches another fireball, lightly flaming the whole pack. After the hot and cold treatment, only two zombies and the trog remain.  Falk tumbles out of the room and takes a shot at the Trog, but misses, even though it is a perfectly placed shot.  Hex concusses the Trog, wounding him slightly.  The trog backs up a bit, and some of his wounds close.

            Zohi sends a flaming sphere after the trog, which misses him.  The spiritual weapon takes another strike at Hex and misses.  The trog takes out a scroll and successfully casts hold person on Zohi.  Drac kills the final zombie.  Falk rushes forward to fight the Trog, and encounters two more trogs coming at him.  Falk attacks the mean old trog and misses.  Hex moves forward and concusses the lead trog again.  Hex smacks a trog for max damage, and it is doooowwwwnnnn.  The other minion trog goes running off, probably to gather more forces.  The head trog casts another scroll, and a gripping uncertainly hits Hex, Drac and Falk.  Falk tumbles past the badguy trog and attacks from behind.  Hex amazingly is able to hit the Trog a solid blow.  The party moves to block off the guy from escaping, and Falk gets in a final blow, killing him just before he can escape.

            Falk grabs the trog body and starts moving down the hall, back towards the paralyzed Zohi.  The party retreats into the ol’ crossbow guard room again, their home away from home.  Drac spots a large contingent of baddies heading towards us, including an earth elemental, a large guy with a sword, and some trogs etc.  The party retreats to the secret passage and considers continuing to the mines.  Hex uses his pass without trace ability  to erase the party’s path as they retreat into the mines.

            Heading down the southwest passage, following the tracks for 60’ before the passage turns more south.  Eventually there is a side passage heading inwards, while the tracks continue south.  A pair of wormlike creatures (thoqqua) confront the party.  One thoqqua slams into Hex, igniting the poor fool.  Hex drops and rolls, putting out the flames.  Zohi flanks one of the burning worms and takes his first melee attack of the campaign.. he rolls a critical miss. So much for that. Falk steps around and strikes a thoqqua, killing it.  Drac strikes the other worm, giving it a strong blow.  Hex strikes down the remaining magma-nose.  The passage runs for about 30’ and then ends in a second north-south passage with rail lines.  The rails continue 60’ in both directions.  Hex skates north and finds another side passage, with two humanoids in it… he thinks they are gnolls, but he doesn’t stay to find out… he skates back to report to the party.

            Together the group heads up the passage to take out the gnolls.  Hex and Falk arrive first and see the two gnolls.  As they charge to attack, they discover the gnolls are petrified.  Sure enough, a hiss is followed by the appearance of a basilisk.  Hex charges past it and attacks from behind, but misses.  Falk moves forward and attacks the creature, hitting it for cursory damage. Hex is turned to stone by the basilisk’s gaze.  The creature spins and attacks Falk with a bite.  Falk manages to avoid the creature’s gaze, and backs up into the corridor.  Zohi and Drac meet him there.

            Zohi fires three magic missiles down the passage at the basilisk, and then closes his eyes. Falk fires a arrow at the basilisk and does some damage, after which he tries to tumble past the nasty beast. Drac uses a smoke stick, filling the corridor around him and Zohi with obscuring fog.  Zohi blasts a fireball down the corridor, hitting the basilisk and the thief tumbling past.  The creature still lives, unfortunately.  Falk applies the potion to Hex and he snaps back into life.  Zohi casts flaming sphere and tries to hit the basilisk with it, but it misses.  Hex burns six points of charisma into Earth Cleaver in order to gain one more Concussion, which he launches with vicious force against the basilisk, ripping through Zohi’s flaming sphere and exploding the stony lizard.  Hex, now supremely ugly and reeking of BO, rejoins his companions in searching the critter’s lair.

            The party returns to the entrance to the mines.  The inwards passage goes 15’ before opening into a wider corridor which continues for at least 60’.  There are bins lining the north and south walls, some filled with ore.  There is a large mechanical construction with a chute, past which are a pair of cylinders connected by gears to a huge crank.  The crank was designed for someone of giant proportions.  There is a door on the north wall.  Hex detects the sounds of tiny feet scurrying away up ahead… a fact he communicates to his companions in an incredibly annoying, un-charismatic manner not fit to print in these pages.

            Zohi detects a man-sized spider scuttling around up ahead.  Zohi color sprays the spider, after which Falk fires an arrow at the poor thing, killing it mercilessly.  To the north is another hallway, 10’ wide and 20’ long, heading straight north. At the end is another door, which Hex carelessly opens.  Beyond is another large chamber, running east-west.  Two long rows of wooden troughs run along the sides.  To the east is a dark hole in the floor.  A flexible tube is connected to bellows, and drops down into the shaft.  There is a battleaxe leaned up against the wall… it looks damaged.  There is a sack lying on the ground near the battleaxe.  Falk prods the sack with his bow… Drac opens it to reveal a beaten up book.  The book is in dwarven, so Zohi casts comprehend languages and reads it.  It details the history of the dwarves being beat up by the forces of Elemental Evil.  It suggests there may still be some dwarves still alive in certain “hidden places.”  Doom Dreamers, evil priests, showed up and caused the destruction.

            The party returns to the mines and continues down the more inward of the two passages.  It goes another 60’ south, after which there is a 10’ wide opening inwards, going 15’ or so leading to a cul-de-sac.  The passage continues another 40’ south… on the inside wall there is another opening, leading SE for about 15’ before turning south, going another 15’ and opening up into a 20’ by 30’ oval chamber… which is also empty.  The main passage goes 15’ further south before a passage cuts out the outside wall… 10’ wide with stairs heading up.  The main goes at least another 60’ south, with a noticeable downgrade.  Falk checks for traps on the stairs… and discovers something coating the ceiling over the stairs.  Falk’s burning arrows take out a few patches, but the stuff is too wet to catch.  A few more arrows manages to remove it, however.

            Ascending the staircase, THE PARTY DIES.  Just kidding.  Actually, the passage continues 15’ forward and then 15’ west, meeting up with the other tracks passage.  Continuing down the outer passage for another 140’ or so the passage opens into an extremely large chamber.  The tracks curve to the SE… where they start to curve there is a big hole in the ground, running almost all the way across the chamber.  A pair of wooden ladders travel down into the pit.  There is an opening in the SE corner of the room, in the south wall.. the tracks continue that way.  Down in the pit is the other set of tracks.

            Hex gleefully hops onto one of the ladders, which breaks of  course, and drops him 20’ into the corridor below.  The others head off the long way around in order to get down.  Meanwhile Hex climbs back up the other ladder, finds himself abandoned by the others, sits down and pouts.  Hex rejoins his companions downstairs.  The party continues down the lower corridor.  After 10’ or so there is another large, irregular chamber.  There are more mining items in here, including an overturned ore cart and some other boring stuff.  So there’s another opening to the south, and an adjoining cavern inwards from here.

            Horrors upon horrors! Out of the side-cavern emerges an ettin, accompanied by a pet rust monster.  The ettin bellows, “Give me food!” to which Drac points at the rust monster.  The Ettin, enraged, attacks the party.  The ettin carries two huge greatclubs, 13’ tall and weighing in at 5000 lbs.. what the hell.. this guy’s heavy.  The rust monster creeps towards Falk and searches for any metal on his person.  Hex attacks the Ettin, giving it a solid first blow.  Zohi’s flaming sphere burns the rust monster.  Falkner takes a bow shot at the Ettin and misses shamefully.  Drac turns invisible.  Hex backs up and uses his lesser natural armor talent.  The rust monster attacks Falk but is unable to get at his sword.  Zohi blasts the Ettin with his final fireball, making him quite mad.  Zohi also rolls his flaming sphere onto the Ettin, giving an extra bit of fire damage.

            The Ettin moves forward and strikes Hex twice, but Hex is still standing… barely.  Falk takes another shot at the Ettin and missed again.  Drac comes up behind the Ettin and hits him again.  The rust monster swipes at Falk’s sword again but once again it misses.  Hex takes an attack of opportunity and runs like hell.. he is at 3 hp.  Zohi magic missiles the Ettin, killing the stupid multi-headed doofus.  Falk steps far away from the rust monster and takes a shot at it, and his aim is true.  Drac tosses out some plate mail in hopes of distracting the critter.  The rust monster eats the armor in one shot, and Zohi shoots it with a magic missile.  Falk takes another shot and the critter is dead.

            After resting up, the party finds a split in the passage just beyond the Ettin’s cavern.  The tracks continue south and inward, while another passage ends in a big cavern south and outwards.  The cavern is full of water in the center.  Beyond the pool (40’ across) the cave is 12’ higher than the level the party currently stands at.  Hex looks into the water… it is remarkably clear, maybe 10’ deep but it gets deeper farther from the shore.  Stalagmites dot the floor of the water.  Hex listens but isn’t able to hear anything. 

            Hex swims across and climbs up into the small space atop the cliff.  Hex recovers a few objects and retrieves them for the party.  Falk spots some old corpses in the water, which Hex dives down and investigates.  The bodies are calcified and oldified and not very interesting, except that Hex finds an egg-shaped censor hanging on a chain.  Hex grabs it and comes back with his prize.  In the deep end there is an encrusted dwarf skeleton wearing a gleaming breast plate with a silver symbol of Moradin and a gleaming ring on his hand.  The ring is not magical, but the breast plate is, and Hex slips it on.

            The other passage leads to a north-south tunnel running with water.  The water completely floods the passage to the north, but there is a path along the outer wall to the south.  The water is not flowing, and it looks poisoned and nasty.  As the party proceeds down the tunnel, Drac notices some rippling in the water just behind him.  Sure enough, the critter is an ochre jelly… like the one the party encountered back in Nulb.  Having learned from the previous experience, Zohi sends it away with a flaming sphere, rather than anyone attacking it which would cause bifurcation.

            The passage turns southwest for another 60’ or so.  The passage widens as it continues, but there is also a 20’ wide opening heading outwards, angling south.  It goes 30’ before opening into a large chamber.  It looks about 60’ to the far wall.  There is a second passage that enters this room next to the one the party has entered.  There are ore-cart tracks on that second passage… which is most likely the end of the other passage.  The track is elevated above the floor.  The chamber is about 60’ tall, and the track is 30’ up at the entrance.  In the center of the chamber is a large elevated platform that the tracks run to.  Everything up there is too dark for the party to make out.  There is a switch-back ramp which heads up to the platform.  There is also a conveyer belt leading up to the platform.  There don’t seem to be any other exits.

            Flying out of the upper passage is a large green dragon.  The wyrm caught everyone by surprise, and breathes a cone of noxious poisonous gas on the group.  Zohi is outraged and does a fireball thingee at the dragon dude, and does some damage.  The dragon flies in and lands between the party members, allowing Hex to get an attack of opportunity off on him.  The dragon bites Hex, enraging the psychotic psion.  Falk swings his falchion and fails to hit.  Drac spins and breathes on the dragon… whose breath was worse, Hex wonders?  Hex backs up along the tracks and initiates biofeedback.  Zohi continues guerilla warfare, striking the dragon with a magic missile and going back to duck and cover.

            The dragon spins and claws and bites at Falkner, hitting with one claw and one bite.  Falkner is also buffeted by a wing.  The thrifty thief is looking thwacked.  He tumbles away onto the switchback stairway, switches back to his bow, and cowers heroically.  Drac casts barkskin on Falk.  Hex backpeddles and concusses the dragon for minimal damage.  Zohi strikes an empowered magic missile at the dragon.  The dragon surprisingly flies after Hex, breathing on him as it passes by.  Hex takes it full in the face, causing horrible acne most likely, but remains standing.  He also manages to strike back at the fleeing dragon, doing max damage.  The dragon flies off  down the corridor.  What will happen next?!?!