Temple of Elemental Evil Session Eight – March 8, 2003


DM: Rick Smith

The Heroes:

            Hex Cade lvl 2 Barbarian lvl 3 Psion Earth Genasi – Dan Forrest

            Falkner lvl 3 Barbarian lvl 2 Rogue Tiefling – Barbara Kalberg

            Drachalt lvl 2 Druid Silver Half Dragon Half Elf – Tom Blossfeld (in absentia)

            Gunnar Kelson lvl 4 Fighter Aasimar – Jon Rosen

            Zohi lvl 5 sorceror half-elf – Ken Marin


Day Whatever: ???, ??? of Coldeven, early Spring


            Gunnar reappears from the tunnel the dragon escaped through. He says he fought two doppelgangers and saw a large side-cavern that the dragon may have flown into. The party realizes they are in no shape to fight again so fast, so they return to the cavern with the pool of water and renew their strength.

            The party approaches the supposed site of the dragon’s lair.  Hex launches into the room after powering up with skate, lesser natural armor and biofeedback.  The floor of the chamber is smooth and dust free.  The north wall is covered in a plaster-like mud, with sparkling objects set into it.  There is a bed of straw and fungus in the far corner, resembling a nest.  There is a small cul-de-sac to Hex’s left, with a small object floating before them.  Hex screams out, “Come face me foul wyrm, or your treasure is forfeit!”  Zohi enters the room, scanning for invisible opponents, but sees none.  Hex prods the straw and sees nothing interesting, spins to look at the floating object… it is a small pyramid that might be blue, but it is tough to see with darkvision.

            Falk hits the plaster wall to see if it is really there, and it is.  Gunnar also tries to spot the dragon and sees nothing move.  Drac also moves cautiously into the room.  Suddenly the voice echoes into the room.. “FOOLS!!!!”  The dragon is hanging from the ceiling with a spider climb… the terrible wyrm breathes down upon everyone except Hex.  Zohi fires a magic missile at the critter for some small damage, and then he runs for it.  Hex attempts to concuss the dragon and doesn’t make much of an impression.  Falk tries to fire a pair of arrows at the dragon, but both arrows miss as he is way too intimidated to line up the shots correctly.  Gunnar shoots at the dragon and misses as well, and then he moves out of the way.  Drac breathes upwards at the dragon, the cone of cold scouring across the ceiling and only brushing the dragon’s side.

            The dragon leaps to the ground and attacks Falkner, missing, incredibly enough.  Zohi fires an empowered magic missile.  Hex skates across the floor of the room and strikes his glaive into the wyrm’s hide.. it skids across the creature’s scales and then lodges in, making a nice gash.  Falk swings at the wyrm and misses.  Gunnar moves sideways and takes a shot with with bow, missing.  The dragon moves past Hex, drawing an attack of opportunity from Hex.. and then the dragon breathes into Hex’s face once again.  Zohi fires another empowered magic missiles.  Hex skates around the side of the dragon and jabs again, this time giving a solid hit.  Falk tumbles in to attack, but misses again.  Gunnar misses again as well.  Drac moves to heal Gunnar, giving him a minimal amount back.

            The dragon hops into the air, beats across the room, spinning in a landing position while his tail snakes out to smash the crystal, causing a large 4-armed ape with strangely patterned fur to appear.  Zohi moves forward and launches a fireball at the wall just behind the two nasty monsters.  The dragon wraps his wings protectively around him and the fire barely singes the beast, and it misses the girallion.  Hex spins his glaive, yells out “You cannot escape from me!” and hits the beast with his second concussion.. this one collapses the creature’s skull, and the dragon flops to the ground, dead.

            Falk moves forward and fires an arrow at the girallion, missing.  As the girallion charges Falkner, the smell of brimstone fills his nostrils.. the damnable beast is a fiendish girallion.  Gunnar moves up behind the beast and strikes it a good blow.  Drac heals Zohi, and Zohi fires another magic missile at the girallion, causing it some pain.  Hex executes a semicircular skate and strike attack, but his glaive is batted away by one of the four arms.  Falk pulls out his falchion and attacks defensively, missing.  The girallion strikes out with four arms and a bite at Gunnar, hitting with two claws and rending him to pieces.  Gunnar is utterly ripped to shreds, beyond the possibility of rescue.  Zohi yells in anger and launches an empowered magic missile at the girallion. 

            Hex bellows and flies into a rage, but his anger at losing one of his followers rushes his attack, and he does minimal damage.  Falk retreats and draws a bow, striking at it.  The girallion spins and goes all out on Hex’s butt. 4 arms hit and rend, yanking the Hex back and forth, dropping him to the ground unconscious.  Luckily, Zohi moves forward and launches more magic missiles, catching the creature off guard and smacking it into another dimension.  Drac stabilizes Hex while the others find all sorts of cool treasure.

            Under Zohi’s suggestion, Hex digs a grave for Gunnar’s corpse, returning him to the earth.  “When I build my first temple, there will be a huge statue dedicated to my brave plane-touched retainer.  People will know of Gunnar’s prowess far and wide, and he will have a seat at the main table of the Mead Hall in my domain.”  The party rests.

            The party travels south along the river.  The corridor runs 170’ angling slightly outwards.  The party reaches an intersection, with the water spilling off a side corridor inwards.  The NW passage opens up into a wider corridor which then turns south from there.  Large piles of some hard substance are piled on the floor, and a bad smell emanates from the room.  Falkner creeps forward, looking to see if anything moves.  He sees nothing, but the party is paranoid.  Hex powers up and Falkner quoffs a bull’s strength.  “It’s just a big pile of garbage!” exclaims Zohi, loud enough for all to hear.

            Zohi peers irritably ahead, spotting a ledge at the far end of the cavern.  Hex skates into the room and peers south.  Suddenly a strange creature’s head appears up on the ledge… a weird beast with a thin face (digester.)  Falk takes two shots at the critter, hitting once with a sneak attack.  The monster leaps to the ground, and a spray of acid come flying out of a hole in its forehead, burning Zohi.  Falk and Hex manage to dodge.  Zohi strikes back with a magic missile.  Hex glides into the chamber and strikes the monster with his glaive.  Falk hits with another arrow.  The monster steps forward and hits Hex for some subdual damage.  Zohi shoots another magic missile.  Drac heals Zohi.  Hex strikes again, hitting the monster again.  Falk tumbles past the monster in order to flank it, using this advantage to strike the monster dead.

            Returning to the intersection, the party heads south, leaving one more passage unexplored, to the SE.  The passage goes 80’ before beginning to open up.  A damp forest smell begins to emanate from ahead.  Before the party is a large chamber, 50’ wide and beyond 60’ in distance, natural basalt walls covered in black, white and scarlet fungus and toadstools.  Some of the mushrooms are the size of small trees, and the air is damp and foul.  Zohi walks up to the edge of the chamber and sees a small rodent skittering off between two toadstools.  Hex steps up to the nearest mushroom, carves two pieces off of it and pops them into his mouth. “I think these are edible.” He says.

            There are side passages heading inwards that attract the party’s attention.  More fungus coats the wall and floor of this chamber.  Ahead there is a 4’ tall mushroom with a bunch of puff-balls around the base.  The stuff looks poisonous, so Zohi starts a flaming sphere on the mushroom and puffys.  Suddenly tentacles start waving around from the strange being, and it slides forward toward the party!  However, Drac shoots two arrows at it, killing the poor dumb fungus. Poor dumb VIOLET FUNGUS, that is. Cool beans.

            Zohi makes sure he incinerates the rest of the body.  Hex fishes around the puff-balls, finding a pair of jeweled rings on two dwarven skeletons.  The passage goes SE for 40’ and opens into a chamber.  Hex gets impatient and skates into the room, getting himself attacked from behind by the resident umber hulk.  Hex spins to attack, gets confused by its gaze, and attacks it anyway for maximum non-critical damage.  Hex is normally pretty confused, so this isn’t much of a change.  Falk moves in to attack, meets the gaze of the creature but fights back its evil gaze effect… he yells out a warning to the other characters.

            Drac moves into the room, gaze down at the floor… he manages to avert his gaze with some success.  Zohi moves in as well.  Hex gets mauled by the monster in front of him.  Hex, confused, just stands and takes the abuse.  Falkner is struck by the monster’s gaze and wanders off.  Zohi smacks the umber hulk with an enhanced magic missile, blowing a good chunk of the critter away.  Drac steps into view and breathes on the monster, forming ice crystals on the creature’s chitinous shell… the critter covers up and misses some of the damage.  The monster lashes out at Drac with two claws and a bite, just missing a critical.  Hex contemplates his navel for another round.

            Zohi just manages to fight off another wave of confusion, summons an enhanced magic missile, and punches through the front of the creature’s face, killing the monster dead.  Drac casts cure light wounds on himself and moves away.  Hex spins and smacks Zohi a nasty blow, unable to discern friend from foe in his confused state.  Zohi fires a magic missile at Hex in anger, but the brooch of shielding that he got off of Gunnar’s corpse absorbs the attack, much to Zohi’s wild chagrin.  Drac grabs Falkner and tries to stop him from running.  Hex takes a step towards Zohi, murderous look in his eyes… and suddenly loses interest, and stares off into space.  Zohi runs like hell.  Hex dismembers the umber hulk’s corpse with insane intensity, and then does nothing for another round.  The rest of the party continue to stay far from him.  Suddenly Hex is hit by something, and drops unconscious.  Drac just hears a strange sound of something being struck…

            Drac and Zohi continue to hold Falkner restrained.  Falkner’s eyes regain their lucidity, and Zohi explains the situation to him in hushed tones… “we should find out what happened to Hex, but beware, because he attacked me like a madman!”  Falkner returns to the chamber… the umber hulk corpse is present, but Hex is missing.  Falk sees another Umber Hulk up ahead, with Hex slung over its shoulder.  Falk yells “Hey you!” and attracts the monster’s attention.  Falk fires an arrow at the Umber Hulk, striking it with an arrow.  Zohi turns the corner and fires another magic missile, doing some more damage.  The hulk turns the corner up ahead, continuing to carry “dinner” away with it.  Falkner moves forward and reaches the corner, once again shirks off the effects of the gaze and peppers the monster with another arrow shot.

            The monster steps forward and hits Falkner three times (two claws and a bite… a savage bit of damage.)  Drac and Zohi move up, regaining their view of the critter.  Falkner pulls out Gunnar’s sword and gives the monster a nasty hit!  Zohi resists the gaze and blows this umber hulk apart as well.  The wise party would take this lull in the fight to retreat. The wise party would.  However, Zohi and Falkner decide to move forward down the curling corridor, inching forward to see if there is any treasure.  Hex pumps healing into himself as much as possible, but lags behind, somewhat exhausted by almost being consumed by that critter.  Falk finds a cave with bones scattered amongst the fungus.  Falk sees nothing move, picks up a bone and tosses it into the room… nothing moves.  Falk creeps 10’ into the cave while attempting to hide in shadows and move silently.  Suddenly a pit opens below Falk… he manages to catch the lip of the pit, just avoiding a 30’ fall.  Down in the pit something is writhing around.  At the bottom of the pit is a small humanoid, tied up by rope, struggling to get free.  It is an incredibly cute female pixie.  Falk yells down, “Hey, who are you?”

            “I am Vishana Lightwing.. please help me!”

            On inspection, Zohi finds a large amount of wealth in the room… greed wins out over lechery, and Zohi starts collecting cash, ignoring the scantily clad pixie girl.  Falkner drops into the pit and searches the pixie’s stuff, finding lockpicks and other sundry belongings.  Falkner slings the pixie over his shoulder and climbs up the rope Hex tosses down for him.  “What the hell is that?” grumbles Hex.

            Zohi takes over. “We’ll untie you if you tell us why you’re here.”  Vishana fesses up that she followed a dragon into the complex and got lost.  The party decides, what the hell, and unties her.  A new companion has joined the party!