Temple of Elemental Evil Session Nine – March 23, 2003


DM: Rick Smith

The Heroes:

            Hex Cade lvl 3 Barbarian lvl 3 Psion Earth Genasi – Dan Forrest

            Falkner lvl 3 Barbarian lvl 3 Rogue Tiefling – Barbara Kalberg

            Drachalt lvl 3 Druid Silver Half Dragon Half Elf – Tom Blossfeld

            Vishana lvl 1 Rogue Pixie – Jon Rosen

            Zohi lvl 7 sorceror half-elf – Ken Marin


Day Whatever: ???, ??? of Coldeven, early Spring


            The party returns to the cavern with the water and rests, and then sets out to revisit the Trogs that chased them into the mines to begin with.  Falk recalls a narrow shaft that the party had left unexplored. The party agrees to give their new member Vishana the shaft, as she is small enough to fit down it.  Vish flies about 20’ down and sees a shimmering surface below her… a deep black color with some limited movement.  The stuff has a stagnant smell.  Returning to the other room, Falk and Hex hear trog voices in the hall beyond.  The party gathers and powers up…

            Hex skates forward and eviscerates the closest Trogdolyte before he even knows what it is.  Vish flies somewhere, but being invisible, her position is unknown to all but Zohi, who sees invisibility.  Zohi looks down the hall to make sure no other opponents are approaching… there may be some movement far down the corridor.  Falk heads down the corridor to the first intersection, and discovers a slew of other Trogs around the corner… he gasps and takes a shot with his bow… but his surprise causes the shot to miss.  Three trogs attack Hex, but none manage to hit his stony hide. Hex swings back, but his effort in avoiding blows dulls the effect of his jab, and he doesn’t bring the critter down.  Vish fires an arrow at a trog, wounding it severely.

            Zohi moves forward, turns a corner, positions himself carefully and launches a fireball into the largest group of trogs.  The fireball cleans house, leaving only the slightly more hoss trog and one underling.  Drac wanders around, not sure where he can help out.  Falk fires more arrows, downing another trog.  The big trog moves forward and gives Falk a cursory wound.  Two trogs swing at Hex and miss.  Hex kills the ugly in front of him, and cleaves another guy, not killing it yet.  “You guys smell.” He observes.

            Zohi, Vish and Drac converge on the uber-trog, and Drac manages to give it the final blow.  Falk shoots at the crowd advancing down the corridor… and kills one without too much trouble.  At least one Trog escaped, running for help, however.  Hex and the two trogs before him trade blows, but no one hits.  Vish does another rapid shot, killing another trog.  Fire dances in Zohi’s gleeful eyes as he leaps forward, cackling evilly, and launches a second fireball into the midst of the poor defenseless trogs. Seven more trogs meet fiery oblivion.  Falk peppers one of the remaining trogs with arrows, but it survives the assault.  Hex, meanwhile, cleaves through the two trogs before him, cleaning out his little corner of the fun.  Meanwhile Vish moves SOMEWHERE, and takes shots at the retreating trog, slaying it deadified.

            Checking out the other nearby rooms, one contains a large symbol made of wood hanging from the wall… the ziggurat.  The room has manacles and a bed and I didn’t really ask past that.  Falk ransacks the room for anything useful, finding 30 pp, a 200 gp necklace, and some dust.  There are also two divine scrolls: silence, neutralize poison, cure moderate and cure light, all at 5th level.

            Continuing forward, the party reaches the Y that leads to the trog caves.  After some debate the group chooses to march left, ignoring the stairs down to the right.  Oho!  Four more trogs stand before the group, lined up for the slaughter.  Drac moves forward and growls at the critters.  Zohi attempts to intimidate the trogs, but kinda doesn’t follow through with it.  Vish shoots at the first trog, giving it a nasty wound.  Falk attacks as well, damaging a second trog with two arrows.  Hex moves forward to make himself a target, and misses critically.  One of the four trogs screams out in draconic, “The intruders are here!!!”  Vish shoots at the trogs, but they withstand her attack.  Suddenly a very large Trog wearing half-plate and wielding a great sword strolls nonchalantly into the room, approaching Drac.  This guy is so hoss, even his miniature is intimidating.  Suddenly the area that Hex is in is washed in magical darkness… cast by Falk, strangely enough.  Hex, confused and in the dark, takes a step backwards and initiates biofeedback.

            Meanwhile, another trog appears, this one promptly turning invisible… Zohi could still see it if his vision wasn’t blocked by the magical darkness.  A female trog wearing strange shell-like plate and a cloak also appears.  Looks like the party has found the trog nest for sure this time.  Zohi backpeddles until he is out of the darkness.  Falk shoots the arrow he cast darkness on, sending the magical darkness area to cut off the creatures’ escape.  Hex sees the opponents again, bellows in rage, moves forward and cleaves through three trogs, killing them all in the same round!  The big trog points his sword at Hex, exclaims “Earth Fire” in draconian, and boulders form around his blade and pummel into Hex, doing a small amount of damage.

            Hex is struck by the remaining weenie-trog’s half-spear as well, but the mighty warrior shrugs the blow off.  Drac casts creeping cold on the big bad, causing frost to form all over his personage.  Vish moves forward and suddenly the invisible trog appears, savagely thrusting her longspear straight through Vish’s faerie body! But luckily, Vish is not Vish, but an illusion sent out to distract the foes. This means the trog blew her invisibility to attack nothing but an image… hehehe.  Falk thinks his friend has been skewered, however, and engages the post-invisi monster.

            Hex takes down the remaining weenie, but he is unable to hit the shell-encased armored dudette.  The big guy moves forward to attack Hex.  The shell-gal steps behind the big dude and casts a spell on him, powering up his strength something fierce.  Suddenly an earth elemental rises out of the ground behind Hex and smacks him from behind… Hex is surrounded and not in good shape.  The trog priestess in front of Falk tries to quoff a potion of healing, and Falk pushes forward, skewering her.

            Drac’s ice spell continues to frost the big barbarian trog.  Drac also tries to cast defensively to heal Hex, but he isn’t able to get the spell off.  Zohi moves forward and magic missiles the shell-armor trog-gal.  Suddenly the big bad starts to do this crazy little jig… Vish ensorcelled him, apparently.  Hex sidesteps and attacks the dancing trog, hitting him a cursory blow.  At the same time, Hex speaks to the Earth Elemental in Terran… “do not waste your material existence… join us or perish.” His attempt to intimidate the creature does not seem to have much effect.

            The female trog quoffs a potion and some of her wounds heal.  Drac tries to attack the dancing fool, but misses.  Zohi fires empowered magic missiles at the female trog, doing a lot of damage… but she survives the attack.  Vish moves in, but both her shots miss.  Hex tries to reason with the Earth Elemental again, while giving the dancer a nasty jab.  The female trog pulls out a scroll and gives herself back some more health.  The elemental smashes Hex, knocking him unconscious.  Drac takes the opportunity to breathe on the opponents, sending a wash of freezing air over the crowd of uglies.  The elemental crumbles into a frozen pile of rubble, and the female trog is finally brought low.  Only the dancing big dude remains, who Zohi magic missiles into oblivion.

            Looting the bodies, all sorts of cool stuff is found.  After some conferring, the group decides to go left.  In the next room there are a few stones arranged as chairs and tables, and a small glow comes from a brazier filled with hot coals.  The chamber is mostly circular, and another exit is across the room.  There is a small pot sitting on one of the braziers, and various skins cover the walls… bears, humans, etc.  This room stinks.

            60’ later there is another chamber.  The stink coming from this place is very bad.  The room is covered with sleeping pallets, walls smeared with pitch.  There are no other exits from the room.  The party returns to the closer Y and Drac bravely paves the way forward into the magical darkness… promptly tripping on the stairs and falling on his face.  There is a second passage heading off to the right.  In this room there is a woven-wire mat on the floor and two greatswords hanging on the wall next to it.  The next room to the north looks unstable… the ceiling is propped up by wooden beams, and loose rock sits on the floor.  The southern passage goes about 50’ before forking, one east and one west.  The western passage joins up to previously explored territory.  To the east is a smaller room, with niches dug into the walls just wide enough to hold humanoid skulls.  There is a firepit in the center of the room, filled with fungus and wood shavings… apparently someone has bedded there.

            Going back to the bad ceiling room, Drac and Hex look down the two eastern passages, and see some more chambers down each direction.  Meanwhile Falk gets impatient and wanders northeast by himself.  The first room is storage, which reveals nothing interesting  in a cursory search.  Hex, Drac and Zohi inspect the second room… darts go flying out of both walls at Hex and Drac!  Two darts hit each hero, but they both manage to shrug off the effects of poison.  Too bad the thief wasn’t there…

            Beyond the traps is another room, this one a bedroom of the head lady trog.  Pillars carved with Draconic spell out “death, destruction and decay.” Lovely place.  Drac gets the bright idea to pull back the curtains, which reveals a chest.  The three non-thieves stare down at the chest, dumbfounded.  Finally Drac lifts the chest from the ground, revealing a key sitting underneath it!  Who needs a thief, anyway?!

            Meanwhile Falk and Vish find another large chamber, with a 30’ wide opening at the top of the room.  Seeing nothing, the two return to find the rest of the party puttering around with the chest.  Opening the chest reveals some healing potions, an earth necklace and some stuff.  The party has definitely vanquished the trog population.