Temple of Elemental Evil Session Eleven – April 12, 2003


DM: Rick Smith

The Heroes:

            Hex Cade lvl 3 Barbarian lvl 4 Psion Earth Genasi – Dan Forrest

            Falkner lvl 3 Barbarian lvl 4 Rogue Tiefling – Barbara Kalberg (in absentia)

            Drachalt lvl 4 Druid Silver Half Dragon Half Elf – Tom Blossfeld

            Vishana lvl 1 Rogue lvl 1 Fighter Pixie – Jon Rosen

            Zohi lvl 8 sorceror half-elf – Ken Marin


Another Day of Pain…


            Taking a look down the nearby corridors, one of them exudes the great stench of rotting flesh. We go that way.  The sound of whimpering precedes the discovery of two humans bound to the wall by chains.  “Who is there?” bellows Hex in his deep dark voice.  “Who are you?!” they cry back, and Hex says, “I am the representative of the great god Hexcade, here to reclaim this temple for the true father of the earth!!” “All hail Hex Cade!” they yell, and Hex says this is mete and good.

            Hex has achieved two more converts… he now has three worshippers!

            After resting, the party returns to the Earth Temple and Vishana begins a reconnaissance of the next passage.  There is a side room with nothing of interest.  Up ahead is another chamber, from which issues another horrible smell.  As Hex walks in, the smell becomes nearly overpowering.  There is a large carcass lying in the west side of the room…  it looks like an 8’ tall massively built ape with long gray hair… the body appears to have been partially eaten.  Drac rolls the body over and finds many stab wounds, most likely from trog spears.  Up ahead are a few more passages, including one that hairpins from this one to the east.  Hex hears the sound of chains from this direction, so the group goes to investigate.  The passage opens on a large circular chamber with a southern exit.  In the room are four large-sized apes (two arms each.)  They are not as large as the dead one from the other room.  Two of the apes have manacles strapped around their legs.  The apes do not look happy to see us.

            Drac attempts to calm the apes with little success.  The others hold action, and Hex tries to intimidate the approaching animals, making them back off a bit uncertainly.  Then their leader charges into the room, a huge 9’ tall ape, bolstering the confidence of the other apes.  Drac uses Animal Defiance, and two of the animals cringe and look ready to bolt.  Hex intimidates an ape out of the way and turns to face the leader of the pack.  The pack leader moves forward and attacks Hex with two claws and a bite, hitting only with a claw.  Vish hits the big guy with an arrow, which makes it angry.  Two guys attack Drac, doing some damage, but Drac attacks back, hurting an ape badly.  Hex strikes the head ape a good wound, and skates sideways to keep it from getting a full attack on him.

            Falk peppers the big guy with arrows, hitting twice.  Vish does the same… and the big ape is starting to look like a pincushion.  Hex smacks the ape as it closes with him, but it also hits him again with another harsh blow.  Suddenly an ape goes all out on Falkner, knocking him unconscious, and a second ape tears into Drac, killing him!  The party realizes it is time for a strategic retreat.  Everyone runs for it, with Hex grabbing Drac’s body and Zohi firing magic missiles.  Once in the corridor, Zohi lets a fireball fly… Hex goes back to investigate and sees that only the lead ape is still standing.  He bellows in challenge to the nasty critter.

            The creature charges Hex, being hit by a single shot from Vish for cursory damage, and takes a vicious stab from Hex as it strikes him another blow.  Zohi spins around the corner and finishes the job with a final magic missile.  Hex suggests the party finish off the remaining foes.  He goes back into the room and sees that the two remaining creatures are cowering in the far corner of the adjacent chamber, full of garbage, filth and bones with a shallow pool of water on the side wall.

            Vishana shoots an ape, and Hex gives the other a concussion.  The apes continue to cower.  Hex heals himself.  Working together, the remaining party members dispatch the cowering apes.  Drac has fallen… it looks like we’ll have to return to town.  Picking in the pool of water, Hex lifts a weapon made of water… it is in the shape of a glaive while he holds it. Curious, Hex tosses it to Vishana… in the air, it becomes a sword shaft with no blade, but in Vishana’s grasp it becomes a dagger. 

            The party returns from town and goes up the other passage from the earth altar room.  The corridor ends with a door on the left wall.  Vish listens at the door and hears a chewing sound from the other side.  An open chest, small but full of gems sits in the center of the room.  Against the far wall is a bed, and a large chain with a big hook hangs from the ceiling near the bed… a hunk of meat is hanging from the hook.  In the center of the room is a bleedin’ 18’ tall 3-armed giant.  Hex looks, and instantly concusses the beast, while the creature jabs a club through the door, smacking Hex in the chest and just missing the pixie hovering nearby.

            Vishana shoots an arrow through the door, but she is too off-balance from the near-hit to strike true.  Zohi casts haste on himself, and then he steps forward and casts haste on Hex!  Hex attacks, doing a large amount of damage.  But then Hex is super-smacked for ultra-super-duper-damage… can you say OUCHIE!!!  But Hex is still up.  Vishana, who is somewhere in the room, attempts a touch-attack spell-cast on the critter… and suddenly, the big galoof begins to dance.  Otto’s Irresistable Dance, baby, YEAH!

            Zohi fires twin magic missiles at the dancing behemoth.  Hex tears into the foe, and Vish fires rapid shots, and the giant drops to the ground dead.  Moving into the next few rooms, it appears that the group has discovered a series of lit, rectangular chambers.  Hex moves down a short corridor into a room with two more doors leading out.  Zohi opens one of these doors to find some chains and bloody stains, de rigeur for this area.  Ever brave, Zohi opens another door, revealing intersecting passages full of human and elven warriors dressed in temple garb.  Hex steps into the corridor and heals himself.  “Drop your weapons or die… immediately.”  Zohi steps into the corridor and.. well.. kills them. Immediately… roasted alive.

            Zohi casts another fireball, eliminating another slew of weenies.  Hope these guys weren’t good or something.  Rounding the corner, there are a bunch of weenies and a huge 3-headed chimera (goat, dragon and lion) guarding a bridge heading out into daylight, arcing out across the crater’s inner sea towards the central isle.  Zohi moves forward, declares his “epicenter of death” to be the wall behind the doomed weenies, and casts two fireballs, both encompassing the chimera and the poor sad temple warriors.  The warriors are all dead, and the chimera can’t reach the party because it is on a chain leash.  Vish flies down the side corridor to scout for opponents, but doesn’t see anything.  Hex moves forward and sees a well-armored dwarf and a 6’ tall goblin.  Also, everyone hears a chain clink open… it sounds like a releasing mechanism has freed the chimera.  Hex skates forward, smacks the dwarf a nasty blow, and spins back around the corner into a side room for cover.  The side room has a door from which the smell of urine and old fur and the sound of constant barking continues to emanate.

            Zohi casts some more fireballs at the chimera, going for shock and awe.  The chimera bounds forward and its dragon head breathes a cone of frost on Drac and Falk… luckily Drac is immune to cold, and Falk manages to evade most of the effect.  Falk fires three arrows at the beast, all of which hit, killing the chimera.  Suddenly, the 6’ goblin surprises everyone by walking forward and biting Drac… what bad form!  Hex, angered, smacks the goblin two blows that would make a puddle of a normal goblin, but this guy is a TALL goblin, so somehow that makes him able to withstand the Fallen God’s mighty attacks.  Zohi fires some magic missiles… but the goblin is still standing.  Zohi gets the impression that the goblin didn’t take any damage from this spell.  Drac casts creeping cold on the goblin, taking his attack of opportunity.  Falkner fires some arrows and misses.  Vish hits once for minimal damage.

            Zohi has a sudden insight that the tall goblin might be a barghest… some kind of tough hellish nasty dude that can look like a tall goblin.  Suddenly the dwarf, who was invisible, appears in front of Hex and misses.  Hex, enraged, steps back, taking an attack of opportunity full in the face, and then attacks twice back in his final round of haste, squashing the puny dwarf against the floor… the critter is dead.  Meanwhile Zohi retreats from the goblin, and cowers in fear nearby.  The goblin takes continued damage from the creeping cold.  Falkner shoots at the goblin and misses.  The barghest (that’s what it is) swings at the pixie, which it can see, and hits… but the pixie incredibly survives the blow.  Hex loses 8 strength as the Athact’s poison rushes through his system, but he moves forward anyway, flies into a rage and attacks, hitting the barghest from behind and killing the infernal creature.  The party is victorious once again!