Temple of Elemental Evil Session Twelve – May 10, 2003


DM: Rick Smith

The Heroes:

            Hex Cade lvl 3 Barbarian lvl 4 Psion Earth Genasi – Dan Forrest

            Falkner lvl 3 Barbarian lvl 4 Rogue Tiefling – Barbara Kalberg (in absentia)

            Drachalt lvl 4 Druid Silver Half Dragon Half Elf – Tom Blossfeld

            Vishana lvl 1 Rogue lvl 1 Fighter Pixie – Jon Rosen

            Zohi lvl 8 sorceror half-elf – Ken Marin


The Conquest of Hex’s Temple-to-Be Part Twelve or Something


            Hex kicks open the double doors.. there is a 20’ square room with 20 bunkbeds, a table, mattresses, chests.  On the table are some musical instruments, a statue of a wolf, and some other assorted miscellany.  There is a door at the back of the room.  Beyond the door is a 15’ by 25’ storage chamber.  Barrels, boxes and sacks… food stuff and fresh supplies, blankets, torches, paper, rope, 30’ of chain, etc.

            Walking back into the corridor, Hex, Drac and Falkner approach the door from which barking was issuing earlier.  Hex pulls the door open and Drac looks into the room.  10’ deep and 15’ wide, there are six unhappy rottweilers with jaws dripping rabid saliva.  The dogs fix their gaze on Drac, who wisely decides to exert his druidic influence on them.  The six dogs’ tails drop between their legs and cower in the corner.  Hex asks Drac if the dogs are usable to his cause, and given the negative answer, he dispatches them handily.

            Hex swings open another door and finds a latrine.  About time.

            The corridor is 50’ long and 20’ wide.  The walls on both sides slope out gradually, pinch again.  Beyond the corridor is a fancy mess hall with two doors at the end.  Vishana listens at a door and doesn’t hear anything.  Vishana listens at the other door and hears something scraping around and shuffling beyond it.  The party returns to the elbow corridor and Hex, after listening at the corner door and hearing nothing, kicks the door open… the door’s hinges rip from the wall and the door drops into the corridor with a loud clanging noise.  This corridor connects up to where the apes were previously.  Checking the other door in the elbow, there is a passage 15’ wide and 50’ long.  The passage is no longer lit.  The corridor is widening, and there is an opening up on the left.  On the ground are three humanoid bodies.  They are quite dead, rent apart by giant claws.  The druid identifies the marks and tracks as those made by a bear.  Drac leads the party forward, looking for evidence of the offending animal.

            Around the corner appear a pair of angry squaking owlbears!  Boy, Drac is in trouble!  Vishana, invisible, is caught off guard as the owlbear, sensing her presence by scent, catches her with a claw sideswipe.  Vishana pulls back and quaffs a cure light, and her wounds close away.  Zohi casts flaming sphere on the critter, singing its feathers.  The second owlbear also steps through the flaming sphere, taking some damage.  The first owlbear swings at Drac and misses, as does the other.  Falk moves forward and strikes the owlbear a solid hit.  Drac breathes on the two lumbering creatures, covering them both with frost.

            Hex strikes out with his glaive and wounds the first owlbear.  Vish watches the battle, watching for a strategic advantage.  Zohi’s flaming sphere wreaks havoc on the second owlbear, and forces the first one backwards.  The owlbear swings with two claws and a bite at Drac, missing all three.  Falk gets caught by a claw and dodges two more attacks.  Unfortunately, the owlbear that hit Falk initiates a grapple… it is a weak attempt, however, and Falk struggles free.  Vish takes advantage of the owlbear’s momentary lack of balance and shoots two arrows into its back, killing it!  Hex steps forward confidently and concusses the second owlbear causing its brains to explode.  Scratch one more beastie.

            Retracing our path, the party finds a 40’ rough chamber with two passages issuing out of it… both connecting to previously discovered passages.  The party returns to the room with two doors and Hex swings open the door with the critter behind it.  It turns out to be a chef, who is busy preparing a meal.  The cook agrees to work for Hex once the temple is conquered, for the easy price of one copper a day.  The cook’s name is “Cook.”

            Beyond the other door is a short passage which has a dart trap, as Hex discovers by walking into it.  The next door opens to reveal a lavish bedroom.  Frescoes of skeletal figures dancing in long robes around a bonfire.  No other doors issue from the room.  Hex steps aside and allows his minions to loot the room.  In the chest are twelve gems, a neutralize poison potion, and 230 gp in a bag.  There is a letter requesting help for defense of this bridge by a guy named Oamarthis.  Hex grabs the letter (which obviously was never delivered.)  The party returns to the bedroom after getting Cook’s dinner, and the group is ready to go again the next morning. 

            Going up the remaining corridor the next morning, the party discovers a subterranean lake, with a boat sitting nearby.  The lake is about 40-50’ wide here, and extends forward.  Up ahead is a pillar of rock which rises out of the water and joins up with the ceiling.  The water looks stagnant, but not unhealthily so.  It is moderately briny.  The party fills into the boat and head to the right of the pillar.  Drac paddles, Zohi steers.  Falk guards above the boat with his bow, and Hex watches the water with his glaive.  The pillar seems natural as we get closer.  Suddenly there is a knocking on the bottom of the boat.  Zohi looks down and something happens.  Under the water is a hideous greenish woman… her gaze is so terrible that Zohi goes weak-kneed and faint when he meets her gaze.  Hex and Vish also see the awful visage, but they manage to resist the monster’s influence.

            The hag looks to be about five feet below the water.  Vish fires two arrows at it, both of which hit.  The creature swims below the boat and starts rocking the boat. Hex powers up and tries to stabilize the vessel.  Hex says, “excuse me while I go fishing” and he topples off the side of the boat and into the water… he sees the hag within range, and strikes it with his glaive, causing a black ichor to spill from the creature’s wound.  The hag strikes at Hex and misses.  The hag swims clear of Hex’s reach and leers back at him… Hex concusses her and her head implodes.  Looking around, Hex sees an underwater cave near the far wall of the lake.  Hex decides to go trawling… after a short passage is a small chamber with manacles… and a pair of cute women hanging from the chains.  Hex snaps their bonds and brings the unyielding pair back to the boat, and the group returns them to the known shore.  Hex asks Drac if he can aid them, and Drac responds that if he rests, he’ll be able to help them.  The party brings the girls back to the bedroom they stayed in before, and nurse them back to health.  Zohi escorts the girls out of the temple, charming the pants off em in the process.

            The party returns to the lake and Hex trawls around, searching the body of the hag. He finds Bracers of Ogre Strength and a potion of blur, along with four pearls.  There is nothing else of note below the surface, so the party rows to the far side of the lake and disembarks.

            There are passages heading northeast and southeast.  In the room up ahead there are some archery targets… and there is a guard… who is human.  Falkner takes three pot shots at him, and two hit, killing him.  The party makes quick work of these duds, in a tiny bloodbath not worth mentioning.  The passage heads forward about 100’ before opening up in another area.  A roughly circular 40’ by 40’ chamber with another two passages leaving opposite the party.  A massive throne made of shells and bone sits in the middle of the room.  A large statue of a fish-headed statue stands next to the throne.  Falkner checks around while the others watch the exits.  The passage to the left opens up in a small chamber with an exit directly across from the entrance.  Past the room is a T-intersection.  Walking confidently forward, Drac, Hex and Falk topple like successive lemmings into a pit trap.  Drac catches himself, but Hex and Falk fall 50’.  At the bottom, a carrion crawler attacks!

            Falk dispatches the crawler with his +2 greatsword.  So it goes.

            Zohi inches his way around the pit and looks down the T.  It leads to a pair of circular chambers.  To the south is a female human who has just completed a spell, and is carrying a mace.  Zohi says hello. She doesn’t look impressed.  Suddenly a lightning bolt arcs down the corridor from behind Zohi, hitting him and the pixie, who was flying nearby.  Hex, Drac and Falk rush to make their way out of the pit, as they realize their companions are being attacked.  Drac makes it out of the pit first, and drops a rope for Falk.  Hex climbs out next, skates around the corner and attacks the priest girl, hitting.  Zohi retreats.  Vish tosses a tanglebag at the kuo-toa who fired the lightning bolt, but misses.  Vish then moves out of the way.  The kuo-toa mirror-images himself.

            The cleric girl takes out a wand and smacks Hex with it, but he shrugs off most of the effect.  Zohi magic missiles the kuo-toa, eliminating his mirror selves.  Zohi chases this with a second magic missile.. haHA.

            Falkner tumbles in front of fish-head.  Vish heals herself.  Drac attacks fishy and misses.  Hex attacks the gal in front of him and hits her again, but she persists to exist.  Fish-head points a wand at Zohi to no effect.  He steps back and casts a second spell.  The lady casts unholy blight on the lot of us.  Zohi moves forward and fires two magic missiles into the cleric woman, eviscerating her.  Vish dispels magic on fishboy, eliminating some of his magical defenses.  Hex spins past him and flanks the critter, taking an attack of opportunity for his trouble.  Fishboy fires a magic missile at Vishana, but her brooch of shielding eats most of the damage.  Zohi steps forward and magic missiles back at him, and Fishboy goes dead.

            The party bravely loots the bodies.