Temple of Elemental Evil Session Thirteen – May 24, 2003


DM: Rick Smith

The Heroes:

            Hex Cade lvl 3 Barbarian lvl 4 Psion Earth Genasi – Dan Forrest

            Falkner lvl 3 Barbarian lvl 4 Rogue Tiefling – Barbara Kalberg

            Drachalt lvl 4 Druid Silver Half Dragon Half Elf – Tom Blossfeld (in absentia)

            Vishana lvl 2 Rogue lvl 1 Fighter Pixie – Jon Rosen

            Zohi lvl 8 sorceror half-elf – Ken Marin (in absentia)


The Conquest of Hex’s Temple-to-Be Part Thirteen or Something


            Drac disappears.  The party loots the two rooms that the bad clerics left empty… they are full of fish-motif dressings… including fish-scale covered pillows (ew!)  Falkner discovers a glowing glyph trap on one of the drawers, and uses his great skills to bypass it.  Potions of water breathing.  Returning to the throne chamber, the party follows the northwest passage to another chamber… there is another exit to the north.  This is a kitchen with the smell of fishy stew.  There is a wrestling ring roped off to the side.  Hex looks around the tiny arena. “How quaint.” He observes.

            The corridor widens, and Falkner notices a ladder leading up the stairs to a balcony, on which perch seven humans with longbows.  Suddenly four arrows arc down and pincushion Falkner!  Vishana flies up to their level and fires a lethal arrow, killing one of them.  Hex climbs up the ladder and impales the closest human on his glaive, holding the body between himself and the others as a makeshift shield.  The five remaining warriors rush forward to attack Hex, but the flying body parts of their impaled companion cause all their attacks to go awry, while Hex cleaves another poor soul with an attack of opportunity.  Vishana downs two opponents and Hex claims another.  The remaining warrior hits Hex, angering him.  Too close to strike with Earthcleaver, Hex lets go of his legendary weapon, pulls out his +1 mace, smacks the remaining enemy dead, and grabs Earthcleaver again before it falls over.

            Vishana flies forward to scout things out.  In the room up ahead there is a pool with murky water, and an actual wooden door in the center of the far wall.  Vish peers into the pool… it is deeper than she can see.  The floor in this room is damp.  Vish thinks she sees a shape in the pool, but is uncertain.  Falk sneaks into the room and stands on a chair. Hex skates into the room after powering up, and swings the door open to reveal a long hallway.  He also faces the pool and yells, “come out, denizens of the murk!!”

            Hex and Falkner see six Skum surface in the pool.  Two skum stab at Hex with longspears and Hex cleaves one skum into two.  Falkner fires at the nearest two skum, killing one of them.  Vishana fires a calculated blow, killing another.  Hex cleaves through two more and greviously wounds the third, and Falkner cleans house.  Hex skates into the corridor while Falkner makes sure nothing still moves in the water.  Zohi approaches from behind.  The corridor has an intersection up ahead with a low wall and pooled water to the left, a smaller passage to the right.  Hex passes the door on the left and approaches the intersection.  Two small watery midgets leap out of the water and breath acid at Hex, doing a little subdual damage.  Hex identifies the creatures as water mephitis.  Hex looks down at the two little dudes, silently communicating the statement, “what, are you stooped?!”

            Up ahead, two human warriors appear around the corner.  Zohi moves forward and launches a fireball down the long corridor, which arcs past Hex and the water mephitis to blow the humans apart.  Suddenly a streak of light fires down the corridor, passing between Hex and the water mephitis, to strike Falkner and Zohi.  A lightning bolt, which fairly fries Zohi.  A blurred male elf is the culprit… he just emerged from the diagonal side corridor just past Hex’s position.  Falkner steps forward and shoots at the elf, giving him a scratch.  Vishana takes shots at a singed kuotoa which emerges from the far corridor, giving him a small wound.  Hex steps forward and misses terribly.

            Hex’s bad luck continues as a stinking cloud spell fills the corridor, cutting off vision and surrounding Hex in noxious fumes, also cutting him off from his companions.  Zohi, quaking in fear, tries to quoff a moderate healing potion, but his hands shake too much and he spills most of the potion down his shirt, healing an absolute minimum.  Vishana dispels the fog, revealing a bunch of elven warriors and a dire ape.  Hex slays a mephit and gives the ape a parting wound, and then ducks around the corner.  An eleven warrior moves forward and Hex destroys him instantly.  The others charge towards the party.  Zohi hastes himself and launches a second fireball at the heavy hitters in the back.  While it is not a powerful blast, it does toast a warrior and badly singes the kuotoa.

            The dire ape attacks Hex, but it is off balance and doesn’t hit.  A fireball launches down the corridor at Zohi, Falkner and Vishana, but surprisingly they survive the damnable flames.  Falkner, who avoided the flames, fires three shots rapidly at the elven warriors, killing the nearest.  Vish kills another weenie.  Vish also hits the ape with one arrow.  Hex, an old pro at fighting dire apes, manages to critical the creature, doing 40 big points of damage, eviscerating the dumb fiendish primate.  Satisfied, Hex steps around the corner and out of the line of fire.

            The remaining mephit causes a second stinking cloud to erupt on the party, but Hex’s brave minions resist its effects.  Zohi blindly fires another fireball, but he mistakes the range and it flies too far.  The kuotoa steps forward and attacks Hex, landing a critical blow on him that does an embarrassingly small amount of damage. Hex laughs at him.  Falkner, still in the cloud, walks forward while drawing his sword.  He tumbles past the nearest elf and finds another fiendish dire ape (obviously summoned by the pesky wizard.)  Falkner attacks, giving the creature a vicious wound.  Hex utterly misses the kuotoa before him.  The new dire ape goes medieval on Falkner, ripping into Falkner and rending him apart.  Zohi quoffs some potions and heals himself up.  Falkner kills the ape in front of him, but a third dire ape has appeared!  Falkner tumbles over to Hex for protection.  Hex drops the kuotoa and the remaining mephit, and then he wounds the dire ape.  The creature moves forward and swings twice at him, missing twice.

            Another dire ape appears.  Hex and Falkner realize they need to kill the mage who is summoning these things.  Hex stoneslides into the wall, so that the apes will pass him by and he can go after the mage.  Another ape appears, so there are now three converging on Falkner.  Falkner tumbles past the three apes, taking two glancing hits, and goes running down the stinking corridor screaming for help.  Vish flies forward, past the retreating Falk, and surveys the situation.  Vish is stoneskinned and hasted thanks to Zohi, so she is ready to rumble.  Vish flies past all the commotion, yelling back to Zohi where he should place a fireball. Vish finds the evil elven mage, and takes a pot shot at him, giving him a scratch.  Hex waits inside the wall for the sound of opponents moving away.  One of the apes moves into the cloud chasing after Falkner… but the noxious vapors cause it to stop and choke.  Zohi, following Vish’s cry, launches a pair of fireballs down the hall, both of which explode amidst the dire apes.  The remaining elf bites it.  Two of the apes are incinerated and the third is hurt.

            The mage, who apparently can see invisible beings, points up at Vish and launches a magic missile at her, which she takes in the belly.  She’s still up, though.  A dark shape looms out of the noxious gas at Falkner.  Falk is nauseated by the cloud, but he still manages to stagger away.  Vishana fires a final blow and kills the troublesome mage.  Hex spins out of the wall and stops at the edge of the stinking cloud, yelling loudly in an attempt to get the creature’s attention.  Sure enough, the creature comes flying out of the cloud, and Hex cuts him down.

            Vish moves into the far room the mage emerged from to check things out.. a room and a door.  Hex goes to the end of the corridor and sees a large room opening up with lots of other doors.  Hex finds a latrine.  Hex skates over to the first door and tries to open it, but he can’t get it open.  He starts straining at the door, muscles knotting, but he still can’t open it.  Meanwhile Vishana, Zohi and Falkner tie up the unconscious mage and loot the bodies.  Finally Hex breaks through the door, to find a room with a tub and a mephit.  Hex kills the mephit and breaks the tub.  There is a small supply room off the chamber the wizard fled to.  The party decides it needs to rest.  And go up a level!

            The next passage is 40’ wide and 70’ long, with two doors to either side in the last ten feet.  A thinner passage continues to the north at the end of this one.  The room is full of mining machinery.  Behind the door on the left the party hears skittering.  Hex prepares to throw open the door, and Zohi positions himself to toss a fireball.  Hex throws the door open and Zohi sees a pair of monstrous scorpions, about six feet long.  Zohi just says no to that, and his fireball teaches the scorpions a new kind of heat.  Those two are dead… Vish flies in and spots two more.  One of the scorpions emerges from the room and Falkner lets three arrows fly, hitting it three times and killing it.  The second one emerges and Hex gives it an oozing wound… the scorpion’s tail snakes out at Hex, knocking plaster from the wall near his head.  Vishana sweeps in and fires arrows, killing it.

            Beyond the other door is filthy unused mining equipment, like an upturned mine cart, for instance.  Up ahead are several splits in the passage and mining tracks.  The party decides to head back to the lake and to explore the other passage leading away from that chamber.  The party travels a twisting passage down some stairs.  At the base of the stairwells is a lit chamber.  Falkner and Vishana sneak forward, trying to get a view of the room without alerting any denizens.  This is a large room with two openings leading to descending stairs at the far side.  Across the northeast corner of the room is a seaweed curtain.  The walls are carved and blue-green.  There is a huge green marble statue depicting three fish-like humanoids gripping a squirming human prisoner in the center of the room… the statue is 25’ long, about 8’ tall.  Suddenly the curtain is pulled aside and a male kuotoa appears… he looks a little different from normal.  And then a cold greasy cloud of darkness surrounds the party.  Everyone makes their save, but good-aligned party members still take half the damage.

            Vish fires twice at the kuotoa, missing both times.  Falk and Hex move along the sides of the room, heading towards the kuotoa.  A glowing ball of chaotic lights comes into being around the creature, and it moves into the room, flapping its wings… WINGS?!?! 

            Not deterred, Falkner launches two arrows at the creature, and one hits.  Zohi launches a magic missile at the guy, and the bolts smack into the dude, doing damage.  Zohi’s second magic missile kills the creature. That was anticlimactic.  Hex skates forward and pulls the curtain aside to reveal an alcove with a bed and more fishy artistics.  Falkner looks down the left stairs, finding a dark passage.  Hex glides down the stairs, exploring the passageway.  The passage runs 120’ before opening up to a chamber.  Meanwhile, back in the statue room, Zohi sees something glowing below a stone… Zohi moves the stone and triggers a trap. 

            Hex skates to the chamber, which is 30’ by 30’.  It is a natural cave with a 3’ wide pool of unknown depth pushing its way up from the center of the floor.  There is another passage heading from the southwest.  A strange voice from the pool engages Hex in conversation.  Apparently it is some force of elemental water… Hex suggests that a fight is not necessary, that he intends to raise this water temple to new heights of glory.  Yklah and Mhunaath… two sorceresses in the Outer Fane, have caused this creature, an Ancient Water Naga, some difficulty.  Beware the DoomDreamers, the rulers of the Outer Fane, and their leaders, the Triad… if you gain their attention, you will face constant attack.”  Pleased with the parlay, the Naga also warns the pixie that all kuotoa see invisibility.  The Naga’s name was Zeityan.  Zeityan grants the party free passage so long as they attend to the mages once reaching the outer fane.