Temple of Elemental Evil Session Fourteen – June 8, 2003


DM: Rick Smith

The Heroes:

            Hex Cade lvl 4 Barbarian lvl 4 Psion Earth Genasi – Dan Forrest

            Falkner lvl 4 Barbarian lvl 4 Rogue Tiefling – Barbara Kalberg

            Drachalt lvl 5 Druid Silver Half Dragon Half Elf – Tom Blossfeld

            Vishana lvl 2 Rogue lvl 1 Fighter Pixie – Jon Rosen

            Zohi lvl 9 sorceror half-elf – Ken Marin


Taking Hex’s Temple Part Fourteen Wherin More Disaster And Chaos Is Sewn


            The party reaches a 30’ diameter chamber with a shaft in the center. As Falkner approaches the chamber, he hears something.  There is a hissing noise that indicates the return of the druid, accompanied by a friggin large snake.  The walls of the shaft are wet, and the hole descends more than 60’.  Hex begins the arduous climb down the shaft.  The others are also able to climb, except for Falkner, who humorously attempts to use Zohi’s immovable rod, clicking and unclicking it to get to the bottom.  Falkner immediately loses his grip on the rod, but he took the precaution of tying a safety line, so he loses only his pride.

            At the bottom of the 300’ shaft, the last 20’ are lined with iron.  At the bottom is an iron grate covering the floor.  The metal walls are carved with pics of great Cthulhu and his Deep Ones eating young elves, or something. There’s an iron door in the northern portion of the shaft.  There is murky water about 20’ down below the grate.  Hex opens the door (after Falkner checks it for traps) revealing a natural cavern.  The “pipe” that the party has emerged from is in the center of the cavern, and there are four passages heading off.  Hex skates around.  The NW passage looks long.  The NE passage is 25’ long before splitting into two passages. The SE passage curves out of sight almost immediately… there might be stairs or a descent around the corner.  The SW passage heads off for 35 or 40’ before turning south.  The area is lit… an ether.

            Another carved hallway with pictures of tentacles devouring surface dwellers or something… Hex didn’t know tentacles had so many mouths…

            There is a particularly large and disgusting carving on the ground… as Hex skates across it large chunks of the ceiling begin to fall… there is a loud rumbling and the passage collapses behind Hex, cutting him off from the party.  The chamber beyond is quite large, probably 100’ in diameter.  The southern part of the room is dry, and there is  a ledge running around the sides of the chamber, but the rest of the chamber is a large underwater lake.  The ledge goes all around except for at a break in the NE corner.  Massive stalactites drip water into the pool making the appearance of rain.  Suddenly a pattern of glowing lights mesmerizes Hex… he sways and stares at them, fascinated by the pretty colors…

            The party searches around for secret doors… Zohi looks at the cave-in… and then he walks right through it. Zohi has guessed it is an illusion!  Zohi puts his hand over Hex’s eyes to obscure his view of the pretty lights.  Suddenly a dark energy rips into the party, doing more damage to those who are good in alignment.  Vishana quoffs a potion.  Zohi casts see invisibility and gazes into the water, not seeing anything.  The snake, Scaly, sniffs around but can’t smell any opponent yet.  Hex initiates webbing and skates towards the break in the wall.

            A shadowy shape rises out of the water in front of Zohi, waving multiple tentacles and smelling like really old sushi.  Zohi screams like a little girl and runs away, firing magic missiles as he goes.  The Aboleth tried to speak to the party, but no one understood what it said.  Falkner fires two arrows at the creature, which apparently hit.  Hex realizes the Aboleth at the shore is an illusion, and he jumps into the water to block off the escape passage.  He sees a giant fish swimming in front of him, and realizes this is another illusion… the actual aboleth is in the center of the illusionary fish.  Hex concusses the creature, getting its attention.  That wasn’t smart.  Hex suddenly feels compelled to swim towards the damnable fish.

            Drac steps forward and yells, “Show your true self, monster! We will never be your slaves!”  Meanwhile Vishy flies around or something.  Scaly continues to sniff the air.. snakes are little slow to action.  Zohi rushes over to the break and sees Hex in the murky water just below.  Hex receives the order “come here” and he swims within 10’ of the creature.  Zohi watches Hex swim and possibly spots the creature.  The creature wails at Hex, hitting him with two three tentacles, a claw and a bite, nearly bringing the ensorcelled titan to unconsciousness in one foul round… things look grim, but Drac sees the creature and fires a geyser of water from his sword at the aboleth’s back, pummeling it with hydraulic force.  Zohi uses a charge from his levitation wand and raises Hex up out of the water so he is hovering 20’ above the surface.  He then rushes sideways and fires a magic missile at the monster, tearing into it.  Falkner fires a burst of rock shards at the creature.  Hex takes out his bow and fires at the creature, missing.

            The Aboleth attacks Drac and Falk, both of whom manage to avoid the lion’s share of attacks.  The gaping maw of the monster looms in front of Drac, who opens his own mouth wide and breathes a cone of cold directly down the creature’s throat!  The monster’s gullet freezes up and pieces of ice form in the surrounding water, but the creature is still alive.  Zohi’s next magic missile does it though, as the fish’s head explodes and the body sinks into the water.  Unfortunately, Zohi spots the creature’s mate (which has just arrived) and he fires another magic missile at it.

            Hex moves along the ceiling towards the shore by pushing against drippy stalactites.  He attempts to heal himself, but isn’t able to focus his energy very well.  An Aboleth emerges from the water just in front of Zohi and lashes a tentacle at him, missing… is this another illusion, or do we have a third foe?!  The other aboleth swims to shore and strikes at Zohi, but due to his haste and mage armor he is missed.  Vish fires a pair of shots at the smaller ‘beth, both arrows hitting squarely.

            Scaly continues to sniff the air.  Zohi backs up, making sure he keeps Hex within 35’, for otherwise he’d drop the big galoof amidst the monsters.  Zohi fires another magic missile at the smaller aboleth, and Zohi begins casting an enhanced magic missile.  Hex quoffs a cure moderate and moves above shore.  Zohi suddenly feels compelled to approach the monsters.  Drac steps closer and casts creeping cold on the small aboleth, but it doesn’t look like it has an effect.  Vishana fires two arrows at the larger creature.  The smaller aboleth submerges and begins to flee underwater.  Zohi’s magic missile was already unleashed, however, and the bolts fly unerringly into the water, seeking the target and killing it.  An aboleth body floats to the surface.  Unfortunately, the other aboleth is not an illusion, and Zohi stumbles forward towards the critter.

            Luckily, the first wet foot breaks the creature’s hold on Zohi, and he is able to backpeddle and fire another magic missile.  Falkner cuts into the creature with two shots.  Hex moves back and concusses the monster.  Drac heals Falkner a minimal amount of damage.  The creature lugs itself out of the water and swings a tentacle at Falkner, smacking him hard.  Vishana fires more arrows, killing the last of the aboleths.  Just at that moment, however, a pack of 12 skum appear through the illusionary cave-in.  Scaly rears up and looks menacing, attempting to dissuade them from coming forward.  Zohi’s enhanced magic missile goes off, blowing the dead aboleth’s body into smithereens.  Zohi steps forward and launches a fireball amidst the skummies.  Zohi’s fireball incinerates them all.

            Hex floats to the ground, absorbs the aboleth disease from Falkner, and cures himself.  Vishana flies into the water and polymorphs herself into a kuo-toa.  Vish swims down the submerged passage and sees that there is another chamber up ahead.  Drac casts water breathing on the party, and they plunge into the cold wet brink.  The group swim down the passage and emerge in the underwater chamber beyond.  There are metal spikes sticking out of the floor, walls and ceiling of the chamber up ahead.  Vish turns into a minnow and swims through the room, seeing that the passage across the way leads to a passage that emerges from the water.  She comes back, and the party scouts to the south, finding a chamber with several openings, one to the east and one to the south.  To the south is the original chamber the party began in.  To the east is an underwater statue of a kuo-toa.

            The party swims up to the convoluted chamber, and Drac sees another aboleth up ahead.  Unfortunately, Drac is still a shark, so he cannot communicate the idea.  A kuo-toa swims up to attack the Drac.  Hex backs up and initiates biofeedback, and Zohi begins casting an enhanced magic missile.  Scaly swims up to protect Zohi, and Vish paddles water.  Falkner swings his sword at the kuo-toa, but the creature survives.  Drac attacks the kuo-toa, misses, and backs up.  The creature responds by chasing after Falk, hitting him a nasty blow.  The aboleth strikes at Scaly with a tentacle, and a small patch of translucence appears on the snake’s hide.  Zohi’s empowered missile blows a huge chunk out of the aboleth, but it is still alive.  Zohi begins preparing a second enhanced missile.

            Scaly backs up, and Falkner swings and misses.  Drac slides sideways and bites at the kuo-toa, chewing its arm.  The kuo-toa swims 5’ back and quoffs a potion.  The aboleth swims forward and splits attacks on Falk and Drac, knocking Falk unconscious and infecting Drac.  Zohi slams his magic missiles into the Aboleth, killing it.  Hex whales on the kuo-toa with two enlarged enraged jabs with Earthcleaver, but the monster is still alive.  Unfortunately, the creature swims away, successfully escaping.  The group licks their wounds and emerges from the water, setting up to rest for the night.