Temple of Elemental Evil Session Fourteen – June 14, 2003


DM: Rick Smith

The Heroes:

            Hex Cade lvl 4 Barbarian lvl 4 Psion Earth Genasi – Dan Forrest (in absentia)

            Falkner lvl 4 Barbarian lvl 4 Rogue Tiefling – Barbara Kalberg

            Drachalt lvl 5 Druid Silver Half Dragon Half Elf – Tom Blossfeld

            Vishana lvl 2 Rogue lvl 1 Fighter Pixie – Jon Rosen

            Zohi lvl 9 sorceror half-elf – Ken Marin


Taking Hex’s Temple Part Fifteen: Destruction of the Water Temple


            While the rest of the party adventures on, Hex remains behind to rest and meditate upon his temple-to-be. After wandering aimlessly for a time, the party happens upon a huge chamber. At the far end of this chamber is a large, floating sphere of negative energy. Without a care in the world, Drach walks in and blows a conch shell near the entrance. This makes a loud, obnoxious noise, but nothing seems to happen. The party advances into the chamber. Drach keeps the conch shell thinking it might make a cool war horn.

            The party is taken by surprise when some secret doors suddenly open and several Kua-toa jump out to greet them. One also appears from behind the sphere of negative energy looking all fancy in his priestly robes. The party immediately springs into action. Zohi sends a fireball into the midst of four kua-toa, setting them ablaze but not quite killing them. Drach breathes cold fury upon another set of four, slaying one and wounding the others. A battle ensues.

            The priestly member of the enemy party advances, and tough he takes damage, is mysteriously healed by another source. Perhaps an invisible creature is nearby? Zohi is unconcerned, however, as he casts a wall of fire, cutting the priest in half and ending his miserable existence. A second priest casts dispel magic, negating some of the party’s protective spells and extinguishing the wall of fire. This priest proves a formidable foe, particularly against Falkner who was unable to hit his enemy. Fortunately, the other Kua-toa have already been slain in battle.

            Yet another priest appears, this time with some sort of construct to fight with him. He is too late, however, as Zohi sends a host of magic missles ripping through the once-invisible priest’s chest, sending him to the afterlife. The party members then turn their attention to this new threat. Scaly moves in and attacks the priest, managing to gain a hold and wrap himself around the creature. The construct, however, would have none of that, and promptly tears the snake from its master.

            Blows are exchanged. Zohi takes heavy damage, and tries to run away, but is cornered by the construct. Drach and Scaly continue to batter the priest while the others try to free Zohi from a horrible fate. In a last ditch effort, Zohi blasts the priest with a magic missle, knocking the creature back, ending his life. Without his master, the construct simply blows up in a fireball, which damages both Zohi and Scaly, but neither are killed, and there is much rejoicing.

            A search of the bodies reveals a tables detailing the history of an Abolith who is the second member of a triad and travles with a water sheath. The party believes this Abolith may be the large one they fought a day or two earlier. Nothing else of much interest is found in the chamber.

            Exploring down another section, a chamber is seen ahead. In the spirit of Hex, a trap is discovered by setting it off. Only Zohi, who was lagging behind, was not caught between the walls of fire that sprung up on either side of the other party members. More damage is caused to the party. Vishana casts dispel magic and dissolves the wall behind them, then promptly charges through the wall in front of her taking massive damage. The rest of the party backs away to safety and waits for the wall to dissipate on its own.

            Vish discovers a chamber full of statues, one of which is holding a scroll case. Weakened from battle, Vish wisely decides not too touch anything. Once the trap has run its course, the rest of the party follows Vish into the room. There are no other exits from here, and so they focus on the mysterious scroll case. Zohi uses mage hand to lift the case, and bring it to them after they have retreated somewhat down the hall. The scroll case is brought to Falkner who attempts to find any traps, but is unable to discern any. Thinking it safe, Falkner opens the scroll case, and is hit with a spell that makes him go insane.

            It takes several rounds to subdue their friend, while a confused Scaly takes damage from the insane Falkner. Once Falkner is unconscious, the party ties him up. With the hope that this is a temporary affliction, they rest the night, keeping an eye on Falkner so that he does not try to escape. In the morning, Falkner is still a bit on the uneven side, and so the party decides they must return to town and find a priest to heal him. The retrieve Hex and make the journey.

            In town, Falkner is fixed, items are sold, potions are purchased, and Zohi finds himself a companion. After some time, they return and decide to take on the Temple of Water. Hex declines, however, apparently needing more time to meditate. He promises to catch up later, and the party moves on without him.

            Surprisingly, the water temple is filled with water. Drach gives everyone the ability to breathe water, and many other protective spells are cast before they head in. Drach changes into a shark and swims ahead. Vish flies in, Zohi swims and Falkner walks along the bottom. Scaly slithers across the water surface behind the party.

            Drach swims up and discovers several Kua-toa in the water, as well as one, likely a priest, upon an altar above the water in the center of the chamber. The party is discovered, and the Kua-toa advance. The priest upon the altar summons a Water Elemental to aid in their fight, and the battle begins.

            All converge upon the entrance to the temple chamber, and our heroes are in trouble. The Water Elemental proves most dangerous, capable of large amounts of damage with any one hit. Fortunately, Zohi beefed up the party with stoneskin, and so some of the damage is deflected. Thinking they are in a most difficult position, Drachalt speeds past their enemies, narrowly avoiding an attack from the elemental, and swims up to the altar. This draws some of the enemy away to defend the altar, giving the party a bit more room to work with.

            Falkner heads straight for the altar, and many of the Kua-toa follow. Zohi lights them up with a fireball, and slays them, greatly reducing the enemies’ numbers. Falkner’s sword instructs him to attack the altar, which he does, taking out a chunk of the stone. Drach’s weapon surges from the blow, causing great concern in Drach. He yells for Falkner to stop, but is unable to give a reason why as he is assaulted by the elemental. Falkner ceases his attack, but remains near the altar, knowing it may be the key to destroying the elemental.

            The priest and Zohi exchange damaging spells. Vish flies in with bow and arrow and deals damage to the elemental and the remaining warrior Kua-toa, who is slain. Falkner and Drach fend off the priest, and manage to kill him, leaving them with only the elemental to battle. Scaly slowly slithers back into the chamber, after hiding from the rather frightening water creature.

            In anger, the elemental climbs onto the altar, and continues after the party. Drach takes massive damage, and decides to retreat back to the water. This, he decides later, was probably not the best course of action. The elemental follows him, and attempts to hit, but is unsuccessful. Falkner charges in, and strikes at the creature with her sword, and the creature screams in agony as it returns to the water, defeated. There is much rejoicing.

            Drach swims around the altar with Scaly. The rest of the party sits upon the altar and rests. Another chapter in the Taking of Hex’s Temple is complete.