Temple of Elemental Evil Session Sixteen – July 5, 2003


DM: Rick Smith

The Heroes:

            Hex Cade lvl 4 Barbarian lvl 4 Psion Earth Genasi – Dan Forrest

            Falkner lvl 4 Barbarian lvl 4 Rogue Tiefling – Barbara Kalberg

            Drachalt lvl 6 Druid Silver Half Dragon Half Elf – Tom Blossfeld

            Vishana lvl 2 Rogue lvl 2 Fighter Pixie – Jon Rosen

            Zohi lvl 9 sorceror half-elf – Ken Marin


Hex Returns


            Hex is back. Oh yeah.  The party returns to the intersection with three passages, each containing train rails.  Several carts lie around… the party considers putting the pixie in the cart and shoving her off on a mystical ride.  After some discussion, the party decides to head left, sans cart.  The passage turns after 40’, then proceeds another 70’ before turning again… 20 or 30’ past that, there is a 30’ natural chamber that tapers… it is 60 to 70’ tall.  There is a bridge running across the center of the chamber about 30’ above the party.  There are more mine tracks on the rails.  The tracks turn at the end of the chamber and continue along, but the western side of the passage turns into a shear drop, 20’ down.  At the bottom of the cliff is another set of tracks, which goes off in two directions.

            Another 50’ later there is an opening, but the tracks continue onwards at least another 60’.  There is a sudden crunch of stone and four bugbears toss javelins at the party… the bugbears are accompanied by a large boar.  The foolish bugbears move forward and utterly fail to hit anyone with their weapons.  Falkner immediately begins a new educational imperative, showing how easy it is to kill a bugbear.  Hex spins and eviscerates a second enemy, shouting “drop your weapons or die!” a little too late, as usual.  Zohi steps forward and color sprays, but the enemies are too stupid to be distracted.  Zohi realizes that there was too much dust on his wand.. the spray was a bit dusty.  Scaly zips out from the floor and swallows the nearest bugbear’s head… its coils whip around the hapless foe, and the snake begins to squeeze and happily ingest.

            The boar charges Scaly, taking advantage of the snake’s distraction.  Vishana takes a pot shot at the last bugbear, but the creature happens to turn and the blow is not vital.  It does disrupt the bugbear’s aim, however, and his swing falls short of clubbing Zohi.  Falkner wounds the boar, but only hits it once.  Drac steps in and kills the final bugbear.  Hex works on the boar some more, and Zohi, getting enthusiastic at the party’s fighting prowess, draws his dagger and does a point of damage to it! Go Zohi!

            The boar, enraged, spins and gouges Falkner.  Vish  flies onto Zohi’s shoulders and takes a pair of shots at the boar, sticking two more pixie arrows into its side.  Falkner gets angry and literally grabs the boar, takes his greatsword, spins and cleaves the monster in two, along the spine… a 50 gp gem falls out of the stomach as the creature’s innards spill all over the place.  Falkner cackles with evil glee as he is covered in entrails and goo.

            Hearing the boar’s death squeal, seven more bugbears emerge from the nearby lair.  Drac, unconcerned, kills a bugbear.  Hex, not to be outdone, kills two more with a mighty swing.  Zohi wants to show off his color spray wand, and this time he blinds and stuns a pair of the monsters.  Scaly swivels forward and bites and grapples another foe and constricts immediately, smooshing the monster like a grape.

            Vishana takes two shots, doing solid damage but the creature survives.  Falkner attacks the blind stunned critter, but it is still alive.  Scaly takes another hit, but he’s still swishin’.  Drac gets upset about his snake being beat on, and critically kills another dude.  Three bugbears remain.  Zohi recovers his dagger.  Hex skates between the opponents, dodges an attack of opportunity, and smacks a critter with Earthcleaver.  Scaly attacks and misses.  Vish takes down a bugbear with an arrow to the throat.  Falkner kills one of the remaining bugbears, and Drac finishes off the final foe.

            In the lair there is some insignificant treasure and a paper that states, “Offer Bribe to Chief to join the Fire Temple. – Tessimon”  The party returns to following the tracks.  80’ later there is an intersection, forming an X.  Up the northeast passage there are openings, whereas up the northwest passage there looks like a T.  Vishana flies northwest to scout it out.  Vishana sees some more bugbears and stuff.  Hex screams in attack and skates forward, flanked by Drac and Falk… Falk rolling his eyes at the lack of stealth.  Zohi cautiously follows.  Vish flies between the four bugbears and their firepit.  This is a small guard for the crater lake beyond.

            Drac moves up and waves at the bugbears in greeting.  Falkner tumbles past the critters in an attempt to flank them.  Instead, he succeeds in drawing their attacks… one hits him with a morningstar. Falkner just stares at him.  Two bugbears suddenly disappear… Vishana realizes they drank potions.  Hex skates into the room, kills the wounded bugbear and wounds the other.  Scaly advances.  A large bugbear with a blue and red flamed bastard sword appears.  Vishana flies at him in a sudden rage and attacks with a dagger, and then gets a second attack because she is an expert tactition, and then keeps moving because she can do a flyby attack.  Drac moves in behind Hex.  Falk tumbles forward and attacks the big guy, drawing significant first blood.  Hex is hit by a bugbear… he steps back and initiates biofeedback.  Zohi casts fireworks on the firepit, causing pyrotechnics throughout the cavern… Hex starts to be blinded, but jumps into a rage to counteract the effect.  Falkner beheads the big guy.  Hex, seeing red, kills the poor fool in front of him. 

            Zohi looks around the side corridor and finds four dead human bodies in elemental robes.  Scaly follows Zohi, hoping to keep him out of trouble.  Vishana searches the far room and sees graffiti declaring “Chief Erlax is powerful! Erlax knows all!” Apparently not anymore.  Falkner kills the last bugbear.  Hex skates ahead and finds a circular chamber… the track spirals around the room and then heads out… the chamber slopes into the middle.  Zohi looks in the other direction and sees another intersection up ahead.  Zohi, wandering ahead, finds two human corpses strung up across the hallway, spread-eagle and blocking the passage in each direction.  The ropes holding the corpses up are of a spiderweb complexity.  Zohi casts a flaming sphere on the ropes holding up one of the corpses… and there is a huge explosion, spreading bits of corpse in a 20’ radius from where the body was strung up.  Zohi experimentally rolls the flaming sphere around a little more, including jumping it up onto a nearby ledge from which another corridor extends.

            Vishana goes to investigate the ledge… there is a firepit… the walls are covered in crude symbols written in blood.  There is a bugbear armed with a  morningstar.  Vishana takes a shot with her bow and misses.  This gal looks a little hoss.  A second one also appears… both bugbears are female, and this one casts a spell.   Hex dashes forward and climbs up, activating a glyph trap that he resists the paralyzing effects of.  Immediately one of the bugbears casts a spell and a loud cacophony of noise fills the corridor… luckily once again Hex resists, probably due to his being used to a lot of voices talking to him in his head.  Falkner goes to check out the other strung up body and Drac covers the other corridor.

            Zohi shoots his first magic missiles of the day, smacking into the nearest foe.  Vishana takes shots with her bow, hoping to catch the creature off guard.  Suddenly the second critter casts a fireball, which burns Hex’s companions badly… but Hex is already on his way forward with murder in his stony eyes… most of the fireball misses him, and striding with a fiery halo Hex slices into his opponent twice, claiming her life.  Zohi rolls the flaming sphere at the remaining caster, but she dodges it.  Zohi then levitates across the corridor, using the ceiling to cast off from, and makes his way onto the ledge.

            The remaining budbear casts again, sending a lightning bolt at Hex and Zohi, both of whom dodge out of the main stream at the last instant possible.  Hex, pissed off, steps forward and jabs Earthcleaver into the foe, adding another wound.  The bugbear turns invisible and begins to flee.  Hex can’t see it, so he drops into the corridor looking for it, and runs into it. “It’s right here!” yells Hex.  Falkner moves to try and hit it, and misses.  Drac tries as well, and is also unable to hit it.  Vishana casts dispel, which causes all manner of havoc on the party’s abilities, but it does succeed in turning the bugbear visible… the bugbear hits Vishana with a magic missile and tries to surrender… Hex, however, notes that the creature still has claws, yells “drop your weapons!” and cleaves her in two.

            There’s some treasure and stuff that the party quibbles over, including a chest with a glyph on it.  Falkner attempts to disarm the glyph… a burst of sound rolls over Falkner and Drac, but only Drac is caught in the blast.  Some more gold, a bracelet, a vial of anti-toxin, a divine healing scroll, etc. 

            The party explores the southern turn, which fits to the lower track and bridge previously discovered, as well as leading to a small chamber with mining equipment.  Eventually the party crosses the bridge and finds another room, this one with three dead humanoids covered with reddish brown hair… the bodies are bloated, suggesting a recent slaying.  There are also two ink black creatures that look like squids… these are also hacked apart.  Other than carnage, there is nothing interesting.  Next the party returns to the spiral.  There is an opening up ahead, and another to the east.  The eastern passage turns north and then opens up.  There is a chamber to the south or something… honestly I’m kinda lost at this point, but hopefully Falkner knows where we are… inside there is a large inky black mass about 20’ across pulsing in the center of the room.  Hex gets biofeedback off. 

            Zohi decides to show off by casting a wall of fire through the middle of the blob.  Ouch!  The oozy blob oozes towards the party, which causes Falkner and Drac to decide to attack.  Falkner’s hit splits the creature into two blobs.  Drac breathes on them, doing crumbly ice damage on each one.  A gooey tentacle flops out from the black mass to smack Falkner, oozing over him and globbing onto him in a grapple.  Drac, clearly intimidated, makes sure to avoid the other blob’s attack.  Hex concusses the ooze holding Falkner for a small amount of damage.  Falk tries to break free and is unable to.  Zohi casts fireball, frying the two creatures, and mostly frying Falkner.

            Hex heals up Falkner a little and the party continues north.  Up ahead is a 20’ chamber, about 70’ east-west, with a cliff on the west side… 70’ down.  The last 10’ of the tracks end here, and there are no other exits besides the cliff.  There are two passages in the lower part of the room, northwest and south.  The party descends.  Going south, the party travel 80’ before finding a small chamber 30’ by 30’.  There is an exit to the southeast.  As the party starts to move through the chamber, they are attacked!  The party is enveloped in darkness.  Something swings at Hex and misses… something else smacks Falkner and initiates a grapple… Drac is hit by something and is nearly grappled.  Zohi is hit, and is just grappled.  Vishana is hit, not grappled.  What the heck is going on here?!?!

            Uh, at this point the party is not feeling good. Like everyone is grappled except for Hex and maybe someone else, and everyone is taking constricting damage or something and yikes this is not a good situation.  Hex enlarges himself and backtracks out of the magical darkness.  Scaly takes a bite in the dark and misses.  Hex swings at something and misses.  Falkner breaks free.  Zohi breaks free and runs for it, screaming all the way.  Suddenly another creature drops from the ceiling at Zohi… it is a darkmantles! Meanwhile a critter attacks Hex in the dark… Hex strikes back and kills it.  Falkner manages to kill the critter in front of him.  Vish fires at the critter near Zohi and kills it.  Zohi strategically retreats.  Scaly and Drac are attacked, and Drac is grappled.  Hex blunders around in the dark, searching for opponents… and finds a creature near Scaly’s tail.  Scaly chooses that moment to kill it, however.  Drac bites the darkmantle on him, hitting something vital and literally chewing his way free.

            A final creature drops at Vish, but she dodges and Zohi kills it with magic missiles.  Six darkmantles are deadified.