Temple of Elemental Evil Session Seventeen – July 26, 2003


DM: Rick Smith

The Heroes:

            Hex Cade lvl 4 Barbarian lvl 4 Psion Earth Genasi – Dan Forrest

            Falkner lvl 4 Barbarian lvl 4 Rogue Tiefling – Barbara Kalberg

            Drachalt lvl 6 Druid Silver Half Dragon Half Elf – Tom Blossfeld

            Vishana lvl 2 Rogue lvl 2 Fighter Pixie – Jon Rosen

            Zohi lvl 9 sorceror half-elf – Ken Marin

            Bubby lvl 9 monk human – Stewart Hunt (special guest star)


A Mysterious Stranger Arrives


            As the party is recovering from their fierce battle with Darkmantles, an angry young monk wanders into the chamber. His name is Bubby, and he has a deep dislike of humans due to his elven heritage (despite the fact that HE happens to be human.) He wandered into this dungeon and temporarily joins the party.

            The party finds a cul-de-sac in order to rest for the night. Falkner takes the third watch. As he is beginning to nod off, a humanoid leaps out of the shadows and swings a rapier at him, just missing Falkner’s throat. Falkner screams bloody murder, waking the entire party except Hex, who manages to sleep through the cacophony.  Vishana leaps into the air and fires an arrow at the attacker, who turns out to be a female human.  The opponent strikes at Falkner again, nicking him.  Zohi takes his round to wake up Hex, who grips Earthcleaver and barely withstains himself from beheading his conscientious companion.  Scaly snakes out of the shadows and strikes at the woman.  Latching on with his widened maw, Scaly wraps around the hapless opponent, beginning a deadly squeeze.  Hex says, “You! Small limbed attacker! Who are you and why do you attack us?! Answer now before my companion’s mighty animal squeezes the life from you!” It is clear the woman would not easily answer the question, as she is having the life squeezed out of her, and the rest of the party ignores him as usual.  Falkner moves in and kills her in cold blood. What a bloodthirsty party this is.

            The assassin has a +1 rapier, a +1 elven chain, a +1 buckler, a javelin of lighting, a cloak of elvenkind, and a potion of cure light. Falkner gets a little pale as he realizes that he came pretty close to being the victim of an assassin’s death attack.  Going forward, the passage opens up into a small chamber.  The smell of cat hits the party’s collective noses.  Falkner and Bubby peer ahead and see a pair of displacer beasts, tentacles waving above them.  Falkner charges forward yelling “beasties!” and narrowly avoids an attack of opportunity.  Falkner swings his sword at the creature’s maw, achieving a sneak attack against the critter.  Falkner dodges a pair of tentacles and a bite, in fine fighting form.  Bubby tumbles towards the second beast and swings at it, but the creature’s displacement causes the mighty blow to miss.

            Vish flies over the critter’s heads.  Falkner swings and misses.  The displacer beast in front of Falkner misses him again.  The second one bites Bubby and whacks him with a tentacle.  Scaly bites a beast.  Drac moves forward and casts nature’s favor on Scaly.  Hex twirls Earthcleaver and blows a chunk out of the beast in front of Bubby.  Bubby takes advantage of the critter’s distraction and does a flurry of blows, hitting once.  Vishana makes a pair of potshots, both missing.  Faulkner tries to flank one of the displacer beasts, but can’t figure out the rules!  Falkner misses, due to being discombobulated.  Falkner is bitten and whipped.  Hex concusses the beast a second time, blowing up its brains.  Another argument successfully finished.  Bubby moves in and flurry of blows the remaining critter, breaking it apart.

            Looting the room, Vishana discovers a bow of alignments.  The next passage curves right and then head forward for 60’.  It is about 40’ diameter, with another passage leading out to the right.  Vishana picks through the rubble for a second, causing a sudden avalanche that nearly extinguishes her tiny life.  The party shakes their heads and continues forward, and detects light up ahead.  The party hears the sound of human voices up ahead.  Vishana flies forward and sees some humans and a few trolls as well.  Zohi gets an evil gleam in his eye and has his big chance to play with his new ability: empowered fireball.  This incinerates the human warriors, leaving only the trolls still standing.  Vishana flies in and quoffs a potion of firebreath, using it to belch fire on the nearest troll.  Falkner moves into the room and fires an arrow at the same troll, knocking it to the floor.  The other troll lumbers forward and smacks the pixie, but only cold iron can do full damage to fey like her.

            Bubba moves in and looks for a good opportunity to attack.  Drac gets closer too.  Zohi uses his extra favorite flaming sphere, incinerating the troll.  Vishana kills the last one, and there is much rejoicing.  Up ahead there is a large set of double doors and a smaller door to the side.  Zohi moves the flaming sphere in front of the double doors, and readies a fireball.  Drac swings the side door open, and Zohi launches a fireball straight into the troll just beyond the door.  Drac disappears in the burst of flame, but as the fires die down an unhappy Drac is revealed to be still alive.  The burned troll swings at Drac, hitting him once.  Zohi slides the flaming sphere forward, pushing the troll backwards.  A magic missile flies through the door as well, pounding the troll to the ground.  The flaming sphere and Vishana’s firebreath make ready work of the downed troll.

            The room contains a few tables, most of which are burning quietly at the moment.  Hex throws open the double doors.  The floor has been cleared in this room to make room for a huge circle traced in magical lines and full of sparkling arcane.  There is a roar from beyond the room the last troll was sautéed in.  Ignoring it, Hex steps onto the glowing magical sigil.  A humongous demonic spider appears before Hex and says, “fun. Meat.”  Hex looks up at the 15’ by 15’ thingee and Earthcleaver makes a little whiny groan in his head.  Meanwhile Drac moves down the side corridor looking for what he thought was an angry bear.  Sure enough, it is a large dire bear, standing in the center of a room with walls covered in blood and fur.  There is a chain around the bear’s neck, which heads off to the wall.  The bear has a super-crazed look in its milky eyes.  Vishana takes a pot shot at the dire bear.

            Hex steps backwards, grows in size.  The spider moves after him, taking an attack of opportunity from Hex… part of the wound heals immediately.  The spider bites Hex, and a truly vicious poison courses through his system, but he shakes off the effects.  Meanwhile the dire bear reaches out and grapples Drac, giving him a nasty shake.  Scaly slithers forward, rushing to help his master in the battle.  Zohi casts stoneskin on Hex and tumbles backwards.  Bubby springs forward, swings a punch at the spider and misses, and then spins into the corridor, encountering a troglodyte who has just emerged from a side door.  Drac breathes on the bear… the animal avoids the cone of cold, but it releases Drac in the process, who stumbles backwards and trips over Scaly.  The bear launches forward and wails on Scaly, wounding the heroic ophidian.  Hex backs into the side corridor, trying to entice the spider into following him.  Unfortunately Falkner is still in the corridor… the monstrous spider snaps its slavering jaws at him, but able Falkner dodges out of the way.  Falkner backs up a bit, positioning himself in front of Zohi.  Zohi stoneskins Falkner.  The trog steps forward and hits Hex, but the blows bounce off of the stoneskin.  Bubby tumbles past the trog and attacks it from behind, but the nimble creature blocks the attack.

            Drac cures himself and backs up.  Vish fires two arrows at the trog, hitting him hard. The bear tears at its chain, which partially snaps, but continues to withstrain him.  Hex attacks through the doorway, hitting the spider once for some damage.  The spider moves 5’ forward and full out attacks Falkner.  Falkner is hit by a bite and a claw, most of which is deflected by the stoneskin.  The poison courses through Falkner, draining his constitution by one point.  Upon seeing that the bear is caught by the chain, it swivels and turns its attention on the trog, succeeding in biting the foe and grappling him.  Falkner attacks the spider defensively, misses, and tumbles backwards.  Zohi fires a magic missile at the spiderman, doubting it will have an effect.  It does seem to effect it quite nicely, however.  The trog fights uselessly against Scaly’s deadly embrace.

            Bubby flurries on the trog held by Scaly, but he isn’t able to penetrate the creature’s armor.  Vish fires two more arrows at the trog, both hitting. Suddenly the bear’s chain snaps and the bear flies forward, smacking Drac and nearly disrupting his spell.  Hex manages to hit the spider twice more as it creeps forward after Falkner and Zohi.  The horrible spider expectorates a glob of webbing onto Zohi, completely sticking him haplessy and hopelessly to the spot.  Scaly tries to constrict again, but the trog manages to fight off the snake’s effects. Falkner tumbles back from the spider, trying to get away.  Zohi, suddenly realizing that he is in the spider’s gaze and utterly helpless, he teleports away, back to Hommlet.

            The trog struggles uselessly.  Drac calls lightning down on the bear, sizzling the crazed animal.  The bear moves forward and attacks Scaly, knocking the mighty snake unconscious.  Hex spins and attacks the newly liberated trog, giving it a nasty blow.  Meanwhile the spider, which is a Bebilith, spits webbing at Falkner, trapping him in a gooey plight.  The trog heals himself a bit.  Bubby smacks the bear.  Finally, Vishana kills the bear.  Hex moves in and kills the trog.  The bebilith attacks the flailing Falkner, but incredibly it only lands one blow as Falkner cowers with incredible ability.  Falkner screams for help, and Bubby hears his plea, goes running out into the hall after the monster.

            Vishana fires at the Bebilith twice and misses.  Hex moves outwards and reinitiates biofeedback.  The spider turns and launches spit at Hex, webbing him in place.  Brave Bubby uses his special limp-wrist attack, flurrying at the spider’s hide.  While no damage is actually dealt, Bubby manages to draw the monster’s attention.  Hex concusses the bebilith, drawing its ire.  Hex gets bitten by the monster again, but the biofeedback and the stoneskin absorb the damage, and he resists the poison once again, this time just barely.  Falkner manages to get out of the webbing restricting him, and comes in after the spider, flanking it.  Bubby spanks the spider for one point of damage, bows to the crowd, and skedaddles.

            Drac hits the spider for minimal damage.  Vish backs up and fires a good-aligned arrow straight into the creature’s eye, slaying the infernal beast.  Once and for all.  Suddenly the poison coursing through Falkner’s body slams him hard, doing another 10 points of constitution damage!  The party, somewhat paranoid, moves to see if anything else is coming.  Bubby looks back around the corner and sees a huge hulking giant hairless humanoid stomping towards the party.  This appears to be a gray render with glowing tattoos on its hide.  As it spots Drac, the creature touches one of its tattoos, and the muscles on its arm ripple.

            The pixie flies out and takes a shot at the critter, missing.  Bubby sneaks in behind the monster, getting ready to flank the beast.  Drac calls lightning down on the render.  Hex skates out into the corridor and critically hits the render, doing a huge chunk of damage to the magical beast.  Falkner moves in, taking an attack of opportunity… the render’s mouth clamps down on Falkner’s body, but he wriggles free and swings back, hitting very hard.  Vishana fires twice, both arrows sticking into the monster’s hide.  Bubby slips up behind the render and hits him squarely in the back with a powerful fist attack.  The render activates another tattoo on its hide and tries to run away.  Drac chases after it.  Hex does too.  Bubby whaps the retreating monster again.  The render spins and goes all out on poor Bubby, bites twice, grapples, rends and claws and bites again, tearing the poor fool into little pieces… Bubby manages one defiant spit upon his deadly foe, before he blacks out from the horrible, bloody rending.  Luckily, Bubby is only at –3 (from full health) and is revived by a potion and Drac’s ministrations.

            The room the trog emerged from is well furnished with fireplace, ebony cabinet and other amenities, including a wooden cabinet painted white, and a door in the south wall’s center.  The party explores the area to the other side of the circle of magic.  Falkner gets upset that the party heads out without listening to him, so he spins and walks off  to take a nap in another room.  Hex turns a corner and sees ten human warriors guarding a set of double doors.  Drac, Scaly and Bubby back Hex up, while Vishana checks out the other corridor, maybe or maybe not hearing muttering.  Bubby moves forward and sees three trolls around the corner… they see him too.

            Suddenly a monk comes up behind Drac and smacks him in the back with a fist.  The trolls move forward… the first one has armor that repels Hex’s attack of opportunity.  The troll swings at Bubby but misses.  Drac fights with the evil monk, and so does Scaly.  Falkner hears muttering down the hallway that Vish went.  Bubby does a spring attack on mr. Monk, spits on him after raising a bruise, and then rejoins Falk out in the intersection.  Hex begins the slaughter, taking down two weenies.  The evil monk attacks Scaly, but the snake is not stunned.  Two big trolls smack Hex, working their way through his stoneskin at an alarming rate.  The weenies come in after him as well, but Hex takes another one down as they come.  Drac retreats, taking an attack of opportunity as he goes.  Falkner listens carefully to the invisible mutterer, and suddenly strikes, critically hitting the unseen opponent.  “You will die!” a voice hisses.  A lightning bolt flies past Bubby and Drac… Drac is partially hit but Bubby leaps out of the way.  Bubby spots the invisible guy and points out where he is, and then moves into a more opportune spot.

            Hex initiates Immovability.  Monsters attack from all sides, but none of them are able to penetrate his new damage reduction.  Falkner chases after the invisible mage again.  Drac feeds Scaly a potion of healing after strategically withdrawing.  Scaly slides between Drac’s legs and hides behind him, getting a little uncomfortably close to the magical circle that summoned the bebilith previously.  Falkner strikes at the invisible guy again and misses again.  Hex smacks the nearest troll.  The evil monk goes after Bubby, and calls the nearest troll to his aid.  Hex gives him a parting blow as he stomps by.  Vishana fires twice at the evil monk, the anti-Bubby if you will, and hits pretty well, but no damage seems to penetrate.  Hex fights with his troll.  The evil monk takes a 5’ step and misses Falkner, after Bubby makes a strategic retreat.  The nearest troll heads after Drac and Scaly.  The second one comes in at Falk.  More blows are exchanged all around.  The fighting is very even and intense.  Drac finally drops the nearest troll.  Blows continue to rain down on the immovable Hex, none of them doing him any damage.  The Drac/Scaly team does more damage to make sure his troll won’t get up.

            Bouncing Bub spring attacks the evil monk, but he proves no nuisance this time.  More fighting ensues.  Hex finally downs the troll in front of him… but the foul creature could get up at any instant…

            Vish polymorphs into a gray ooze so that she can detect the invisible menace, who just recently fired a second lightning bolt into Drac, giving him a major electric shake-down.  Drac drinks a potion to heal himself, Falk does some stuff that involves fighting the bad monk, and Bubby actually does some damage to the anti-Bubby.  Vishana-ooze is smacked by a lightning bolt, nearly dying… she’s not as resistant to lightning as others.

            The upshot of things… the invisible muttering mage escapes. The evil anti-Bub monk escapes.  Two weenies escape.