Temple of Elemental Evil Session Eighteen – August 24, 2003


DM: Rick Smith

The Heroes:

            Hex Cade lvl 4 Barbarian lvl 4 Psion Earth Genasi – Dan Forrest

            Falkner lvl 4 Barbarian lvl 4 Rogue Tiefling – Barbara Kalberg

            Drachalt lvl 6 Druid Silver Half Dragon Half Elf – Tom Blossfeld

            Vishana lvl 2 Rogue lvl 2 Fighter Pixie – Jon Rosen

            Zohi lvl 9 sorceror half-elf – Ken Marin


A Hot Scene


             The party powers up, expecting a big final battle against the fire temple.  Zohi hits everyone with stoneskin, protection from fire and mage armor.  Before the party is a red curtain with an amber diamond on it.  There is a strong smell of rotting flesh in the vicinity.  Beyond the curtain is a cave with skulls and junk.  Innards and stuff hang from chains, and the walls and floor are decorated in gore.  A small bed with a chest next to it suggests this is some person’s bedchamber.  The chest is carved to resemble a human in fetal position bound by barbed wire.

            Drac casts summon nature’s ally, Zohi casts haste on everyone, and Hex powers up.  Falk flings the curtain open, revealing a huge chamber with lots of badguys.  The cave is huge, sweltering and features a pit filled with flames in the center.  Floating above the flames is an iron platform holding an altar, flanked by two brass candelabras.  The walls are carved with the usual gothic demonic stuff.  The ceiling is 70’ high.  The firepit is about 10’ deep.  Standing on the altar are two visible individuals… a woman with long black hair with red tips, robes covered with flames.  There is an elf dressed in robes. (Zohi sees a third figure on the altar who is invisible… a humanoid figure with beady eyes and a thin whiplike tail… some kind of dangerous guy, holding a wand.)

            Also in the room are a fiendish dire wolf, a number of human warriors, a large salamander armed with a barbed greatsword, a human warrior holding twin short swords shrouded in flames, a dark-eyed gnome wearing a red skullcap with a twice-as-large as normal temple symbol.  Behind the salamander is the monk we previously tousled with.  Across the room, through the flames, are a group of skeletons that appear to be on fire.  Well.  Ahem.

            Drac’s summoned tiger leaps into the room and mauls the fiendish dire wolf viciously, tearing it apart and sending its broken limp body flying into the fiery pit.  First blood is Drac’s.  Hasted Drac enters next, hitting twice with his sword and missing with his bite, eviscerating the nearest human warrior.  Hex makes an incredible flying jump across the roaring flames, landing loudly but gracefully on the floating iron platform, the two casters in easy reach of his deadly Glaive.  Falkner enters the room with bow drawn and fires arrows at the little gnome dude, striking him twice.

            Time for the badguys to make their initial moves.  The monk moves in a blur of speed and strikes a bunch of times at Falkner, who anticipates his moves and manages to step out of the way.  The flaming short sword dude attacks Drac, but the wily reptile avoids the quick cut.  Scaly charges the monk, whipping out from behind the curtain to latch his jaw onto the villain.  Scaly’s teeth scrape across the monk without doing any damage, due no doubt to some magical enhancement, but Scaly succeeds in grappling him and putting on the squeeze.  Two warriors attack the summoned tiger, and a third strikes at Drac.  On the platform, the elf draws a wand and points it at Hex.  A pea sized pellet flies past Hex and explodes in a fireball, engulfing Hex from behind… luckily Zohi’s protections hold up, keeping Hex unaffected.

            Next the invisible guy launches a lightning bolt in a line meant to hit Hex, Scaly and the monk, and Falkner… but only Hex takes damage, and not that much.  Zohi throws a magic missile at the monk, giving him a burn.  The third caster on the platform steps back, casts defensively and calls down a column of flame on Hex’s shoulders… while the fire does not harm him, the dark divine influence does cause some damage.  The gnome moves forward to attack Drac, and that concludes the first round of combat.

            The tiger spins and mauls a human warrior, ripping it apart with joyous fangs.  Drac attacks the double-sworded dude, but only manages one attack.  Hex attacks the evil woman with the red-tipped hair three times, each landing a vicious wound the cumulative effect of which would have diced a normal opponent… but just as she looks about to drop, a magical effect erupts and all her wounds close up.  Hex looks on in a mild combination of amusement and distaste.  Falkner pulls out his sword and attacks the monk wrapped up with Scaly, his expert blows missing Scaly and striking against the monk’s protective spells.  Drac is hit by the flaming sword warrior, but the stoneskin and protection from fire buttress him from most of the harm.  Scaly continues to constrict the monk, who fights back angrily.  A remaining warrior and the Salamander wail on the tiger, starting to beat it down.

            Hex is enveloped by a second fireball, but this one does only a little damage against his shielding.  Hex quietly thanks his faithful servant Zohi for his wily magical tricks.  Another lightning bolt hits Hex and misses his companions… Hex sucks it up once again.  The flaming skeletons advance… it looks like they might enter melee next round.  Zohi magic missiles the monk again.  Hex is hit by another flame strike, and then the evil woman barks a word, and the platform begins to descend into the flames… fire begins to lick at Hex’s ankles and the woman gives an evil grin of triumph.

            The tiger takes down the last human warrior badgering him.  Drac takes a five foot step and attacks someone.  Hex takes a five foot step and attacks all out at the woman again, but the platform’s descent proves too distracting, and he doesn’t do much damage despite flying into a rage.  Falkner finally kills the monk dead after many, many blows.  Drac, Scaly and the guy with swords and the salamander all exchange blows.  The human warrior steps out at Drac and misses.  Hex takes another lightning bolt… he is beginning to feel not so good.  Zohi steps into the room just as the flaming skeletons engage the party.  Zohi can spot Hex engulfed in flame in the center of the pit.  Zohi magic missiles the invisible caster… the missiles are absorbed by a shield surrounding the opponent.

            Drac is struck from behind by the salamander, hit by its flaming sword and then he is grappled by the creature’s tail.  Hex is hit by a massive dispel from the evil female mage… he loses his biofeedback, expansion, skate and stoneskin.  Hex runs away.  In super tag-team style, Falkner goes running and leaping into the pit of flame to attack the fireball wand-wielding elf, killing him in one blow.  Luckily Hex didn’t see this happen.

            Scaly meanwhile wipes out another human, and Drac weathers an attack by a bunch of the flaming skeletons and the salamander rubbing up against him.  A lightning bolt flies out at Zohi, who manages to partially dodge the electric attack.  Three skeletons strike at the tiger and miss.  The salamander lets go of Drac and attacks all out again, hitting twice with the flaming great sword.  The evil woman paces sideways through the flames, evaluating Falkner and healing herself.  The tiger attacks the flaming skeletons, raking at one but missing.  Drac attacks the salamander, missing with his sword but succeeding in biting the damnable critter.  Hex heals himself.  Falkner swings at the evil woman and misses.  Scaly attacks the gnome unsuccessfully.

            A lightning bolt strikes out and fries Mr. Tiger.  Three flaming skeletons converge on Zohi.  Zohi magic missiles the salamander.  Drac is smacked by the salamander, but he manages to avoid most of the blows.  However, he is grappled again, and is constricted worse.  The evil woman casts a spell and a wreath of fire surrounds her… she also speaks a word and the platform lurches and begins to rise.  Drac transforms into a dire weasel and heals up.  Hex initiates biofeedback again and returns to the edge of the pit.  Falkner attacks the evil gal, thrusting her sword through the roaring flames.  Falkner spins and gets off a critical hit, the woman too surprised that her fire shield is being penetrated… but she stumbles back and Falkner’s third attack misses.  Meanwhile Drac the dire weasel is attacked a lot.

            Scaly is in fine form, going medieval on the short-sword dude.  Magic missiles slam into Scaly from the invisible guy.  The flaming skeletons are unable to hit anyone all around.  Zohi sends another magic missile at the salamander.  The salamander rips Drac apart, rendering him totally unconscious and at the edge of death… can Zohi and Scaly save him in time?!  The evil gal meanwhile whips out her multi-headed intelligent whip and strikes out at Falkner, hitting him twice and attempting to grapple him, but Falkner manages to wrest himself free.  The gnome misses Scaly twice.  Hex surprises the evil woman with a concussion… causing her head to explode… Hex got his kill after all.  Falkner leaps off of the platform and strikes at the salamander dude, missing the foul monster.

            Scaly picks up the inert form of his master and tries to swivel back from the opponents… Scaly takes a few hits but manages to pull away.  Hex takes another magic missile on the nose… he glares at where he thinks the invisible guy is, and growls in anger.  Falkner is surrounded by the salamander and the skeletons, taking hits from several sides as he is driven back against the edge of the pit.  Zohi dodges two skeletons and shoves a potion down Drac’s throat, assuming the guy is still alive.  Drac shrugs off his torpor and wonders what the hell is going on.  The salamander does his salamander thing on Falkner, taking off a huge amount of his stoneskin.  The gnome swings around the corner after Drac and Scaly, using burning hands on the two of them and Zohi.

            Falkner finally kills the salamander with a genius half-twist weapon blow, and also succeeds in hitting a skeleton twice.  The sword guy sees an opening and strikes at Falkner, clipping him hard.  Magic missiles fly out one more time from the invisible guy, hit Drac, and then the double doors are flung open and it appears the invisible guy is running away.  Skeletons advance and attack, and one hits Zohi, chipping away at his stoneskin.  Zohi throws magic missiles at the gnome, but the mean dude survives the attack.  Scaly bites at a skeleton twice.  The gnome begins running for his life, heading for the double doors.  Hex concusses the fleeing gnome (who is still alive) and leaps into the fiery pit and runs across, trying to intercept the jerk.

            Falkner attacks the sword dude, putting an end to him finally.  Scaly smacks a skeleton into dissolution.. the first skeleton to fall.  The skeletons attack back, and one hits Falkner.  Zohi launches a final magic missile and kills the fleeing gnome before Hex can get at him.  And the rest of the party clean up the skeletons.  Zohi is pretty sure that the guy who got away was a wererat sorceror, and that he never used his wand.  There is much loot.