Temple of Elemental Evil Session Twenty – October 11, 2003


DM: Rick Smith

The Heroes:

            Hex Cade lvl 4 Barbarian lvl 4 Psion Earth Genasi – Dan Forrest

            Falkner lvl 4 Barbarian lvl 4 Rogue Tiefling – Barbara Kalberg

            Drachalt lvl 8 Druid Silver Half Dragon Half Elf – Tom Blossfeld

            Vishana lvl 2 Rogue lvl 2 Fighter lvl 2 Cleric Pixie – Jon Rosen

            Zohi lvl 9 sorceror half-elf – Ken Marin


Somehow, all the players were here today!


            The party reconvenes and divvies up the spoils.  Hex suspects the room with the arrow on the floor is a private signal meant specifically for him, so he asks his “loyal minions” to accompany him to the arrow.  They follow, grumblingly.  There is a stone door at the end of the passage with a carving of a warhammer with twin dragon heads.  After the thief diddles with the door for a while, Hex loses patience and throws the door open, to reveal a passage leading to a set of ascending stairs.  There is a set of double doors on the wall up ahead, followed by a single door on the left.  Hex begins marching forward and just manages to avoid falling into a 40’ pit with a spike-covered floor, each spike 3’ long.  At the bottom there are also the decayed bodies of a pair of orcs.

            Vishana flies down and loots the bodies, finding some minor spoils.  The rest of the party jumps across the pit, with some theatrics as Hex misses and ends up hanging from a rope held by Drac and Falk.  As Vish begins to fly upwards, the pit snaps shut before she can escape.  Hex tries to open the pit again by stomping on it, but it doesn’t open.  Falkner returns to the door and pivots it closed again… but the door locks, but Falk unlocks it again, and he jumps onto the pit lid, which crashes open nearly smacking the investigating pixie.  And the party moves on.

            Two dead orc bodies lie in front of the single door down the hall.. both bodies appear toasted.  Falk screams STOP!! Three times, and Hex finally stops.  Falk makes the mistake of telling Hex to “check out the double doors.”  The doors go almost to the ceiling, and have the symbol of the hammer and skull on them.  The doors probably pivot like the other one did.  Hex kicks them open, and both doors swivel open.  Inside is a 30’ by 30’ chamber with a 5’ wide basin on 4 marble legs which sparkles with a sheen.  The basin is made of a single emerald… an amazing design… the walls are carved with pictures of dwarves, and in the corners stone idols of dwarves loom ahead.  Hex pours water into the basin, and it immediately turns to steam in Hex’s face, burning him a little.

            Falkner investigates the next door and discovers a hidden glyph traced on the door with another symbol of Moradin.  Beyond is a cross-shaped chamber, 60’ by 30’ wide (45’ at the cross.)  Walls covered in silver and dark blue draperies.  A long stone pedestal is in the center of the chamber, with a dark velvet padding.  6 silver spheres sit atop the velvet, each embedded with gems.  Vishana tries to head into the room, and just manages to dodge out of the way as a cone of cold frosts the room.  Hex isn’t interested in plundering a good god, so he leaves, as does Falkner and Drac, and eventually everyone.

            40’ by 50’ deep at the top of the stairs, widening to 60’.  On the eastern side of the wall is a set of stairs that leads to a 15’ wide platform.  A large altar shaped like an anvil dominates this chamber.  A small set of stone steps leads to this huge altar. Two large gems glisten there.  The floor is covered with a mosaic of tiny grey and white hammers.  There is a stone door at the end of the platform.  As Hex moves into the room, a shape begins to slowly rise out of the floor just in front of the altar.  Hex moves to greet it, weapon sheathed.  The rest of the party take up defensive positions around the room.  The shape appears to be a stone statue of an 8’ dwarven warrior in plate armor.  The dwarf begins moving forward.

            Hex will not take a first strike against a servant of Moradin. The servant of Moradin has no problem taking a first strike against Hex.  Luckily, Zohi stone-skinned him.  Hex hits the creature, doing a small amount of damage.  Zohi hastes the party.  Drac casts flame strike on the block of rock… an incredibly powerful strike, that does no damage to the creature.  Hex and the golem trade blows while his companions waste time not closing in.  Finally Drac backs Hex up, charging in to strike the creature from behind.  Falkner comes in as well.  Vishana opens up the far door, revealing another chamber.  There is a fine marble floor with obsidian on the walls.  There is a faint chanting sound.  Hanging from the center of the room is a single huge emerald on a chain.  Zohi fires a magic missile, but it doesn’t do damage.

            Hex attempts to retreat and the golem smacks him into the ground, knocking him out.  Vishana closes in on the action, ignoring the sparkly gem.  There is the sound of stone grinding on stone as the golem swivels and targets Drac.  Zohi slips in and stoneskins Falkner.  Vish heals Hex, getting him back on his feet.  Hex springs forward and despite his fatigue he blows the creature apart from behind with three nasty strikes at full damage.  Hex heals up as the party continues.

            Up ahead are a series of corridors and chambers.  A bunk bed room is discovered.  Another set of double doors, made of iron, with keyholes shaped like dwarven faces with open mouths is here.  Across from these double doors is another set, beyond which is a natural passage that may lead back to previously passed unexplored regions.  To the south is a dwarven dining room, with 6 doors leading out, 3 to the west, 3 to the east.  This chamber is 100’ long and 40’ wide.  The first door on the west wall is a small private dining area.  Next is a kitchen.  Next is a latrine.  Duplicates on the other side.  Back to the large iron double doors.  Falkner opens the door and a huge stone block drops from the ceiling, landing on Drac, Falkner, Vishana and Scaly.  In the room is a stone dais with golden stuff.  Obviously a treasure room.  The party travels back up the natural cavern corridor, which opens into a chamber.  In the chamber is a huge creature with four legs, a tail, reptilian, with seven dragon-like heads.  It is taking up a 15’ square region.

            Hex grows large and hits the hydra a quick blow.  One head snaps back at Hex, missing him.  Drac calls down a flame strike on the hydra after judging it to be a natural one.  Vish sends out a vicious volley of pixie arrows, with two hits, both sneak attacks, one critical.  Hex strikes out twice and manages to kill the foul beast.  The hydra never got off a shot.  We’re cool. Yup.

            At the end of the next unexplored passage is a wall of metal, a bunch of shields roped together to block off the passage.  Small holes between the shields provide just enough room to fire arrows.  As Falkner approaches, 4 arrows streak out at him, but all miss as Falkner makes a neo-matrix move.  Zohi casts invisibility, flies up to the wall and looks through… there is a huge pile of orcs and goblins.  Zohi silent casts wall of fire on the other side of the shields, annihilating the vermin.

            Back south past the hydra, another set of caverns is discovered.  Another set of ascending stairs yields a choice of passages: southwest or southeast.  Going SE, the party finds a breezy chamber with rusty iron buckets.  A bunch of gnolls and a half-orc attack Hex, one giving him a mean little wound before they are slaughtered.

            More caverns and passages.  Will they ever end!?!  Another huge chamber is uncovered.  It is quiet here except for a distant whispering.  There is a gleaming white marble dais in the center of the room.  There are tapestries depicting demonic creatures, and some of evil air beings.  Atop the dais is a huge altar with a silver trumpet and incense.  A bald short overweight priest with ochre robes and a long silver sash blows the trumpet.  A 15’ by 15’ air elemental hovers near the altar.  Before anyone knows it, the elemental has spun into the party with a furious fervor, hitting Drac with a critical whammo!

            Zohi hastes the party, getting smacked once by the elemental as it happens.  Hex swipes three times at the elemental, hitting twice.  Falkner is suddenly blinded by the priest.  The elemental strikes Falkner and Drac.  Zohi casts see invisibility.  The cleric casts invisibility purge and makes Vishana visible.  Falkner strikes blindly out at the elemental, using his tremorsense to orient himself to the walls.  Vishana strikes back with a dispel magic on the cleric-dude.  The elemental snaps out, hitting Zohi, Drac and Falk and continuing to ignore Hex.  That makes Hex angry.

            Zohi casts greater invisibility defensively.  Hex swings at the monster again, and he hits only once.  Hex has trouble with these air opponents.  Falkner pulls away from the elemental in order to guard one of the far exits.  Drac backpeddles and cures himself of some damage.  Zohi launches magic missiles but they fizzle against the monster’s windy side.  Hex hits the monster twice again.  But suddenly the cleric succeeds in turning Hex, like an undead is turned by a good cleric!  Hex cowers in fear at the prospect of being near the terrible cleric!

            Vishana uses her flame strike scroll to smack down on the cleric.  Drac surprises everyone by tossing a pearl from his necklace of fireballs, actually effecting the elemental with a roar of flame… a small effect, but better than nothing.  Hex gets smacked twice by the elemental, and Drac is hurt again.  Zohi magic missiles again, and it doesn’t work again.  Hex flees as fast as possible from the room, effectively gone from combat.

            Falkner zones in on the second evil caster in the room, a woman priest who had materialized a few rounds ago.  Zohi casts fireball on the priest and the elemental, killing the priest and dissipating the turning effect.  Hex is far away at this point, though.  Falkner, blinded, still manages to slay the remaining caster.  Now only the elemental remains.  Vishana pulls back from the elemental while striking it with her shock rapier, while the elemental swirls across the chamber to ravage Falkner.  Zohi flies invisibly across the chamber, staying out of reach.  Falkner strikes out blindly at the elemental, killing the foul beast, finally!

            Another temple is fallen.