Temple of Elemental Evil Session Twenty-Three – January 2, 2004


DM: Rick Smith

The Heroes:

            Hex Cade lvl 5 Barbarian lvl 5 Psion Earth Genasi – Dan Forrest

            Falkner lvl 5 Barbarian lvl 4 Rogue Tiefling – Barbara Kalberg

            Drachalt lvl 8 Druid Silver Half Dragon Half Elf – Tom Blossfeld

            Vishana lvl 3 Rogue lvl 2 Fighter lvl 2 Cleric Pixie – Jon Rosen

            Zohi lvl 11 sorceror half-elf – Ken Marin


In the Midst of Glue-Gleemness


            Zohi appears, having scryed the party’s locale.  Falkner examines the next door.  It is solid black stone with a round purple stone set in the center. No handles, and the door is 20’ tall. Very intimidating.  Falkner examines the purple stone with an expert thief’s look, and decides no one in their right mind would touch it.  Luckily, Zohi discovers a secret door on the side wall.

            Beyond is a 10’ wide passage 25’ to the east before turning north.  Everburning torches are set regularly along the walls.  40’ to the north is the same solid black door with a purple stone in the center, but smaller.  Hex notices that the stonework is made of a different black stone with violet streams running through it… there are no seams in the walls except where the floor meets the walls.  The pixie flitters forward and pushes the central stone… the door slowly descends into the floor.

            The pixie flies forward to reconnaissance.  The chamber has another passage directly opposite, and appears to be bare.  Falkner mutters, “when is this floor gonna fall?” having intended to say “door” instead of “floor.”  This is rather portentious as when Drac steps into the room the western wall flies across the room, nearly smashing him like a bug (luckily he jumped back into the corridor just in time, probably because of Falkner’s garbled talk.  “Nice trap!” exclaims Falkner, who figures out how to disable it.  Apparently after the wall slides closed blades spring out and dice whoever is smooshed… and there is a pit too.  Pretty nasty!

            Since this area seems relatively quiet, the party decides to rest here.  The pixie meanwhile notices that she has a hammer and anvil mark on her arm, and she feels less lively than usual… it looks like she’s incurred a dwarven curse.  Anyway, the party heals up and decides to backtrack and go through the other large stone door.  Falkner punches the gem and the door slides open revealing a corridor.  A really huge corridor.  Far down there are 6 benches arranged in two rows facing west… looks like a temple.  At the very end of the hall is a glass or clear stone door beyond which is a ball of swirling black fire with a blood red corona.  There is also a passage heading south and a door heading north.

            The pixie flies forward and notes that the wall to the north is made of iron, not stone.  There are arrow slits in the wall.  Looking down the southern passage there are two more passages heading east.  The pixie bravely peers through the arrow slits and notices a bunch of bugbears with arrows and a large minotaur leaning against the far wall.

            The large minotaur suddenly points his axe in the pixie’s direction… she’s been heard!  Hex skates across the open corridor and spins to meet the attack.  Vish flies up to the closest arrow slit and shoots an arrow into a bugbear’s face.  Meanwhile Zohi gets in position for some tactical backup.

            Into the corridor spill three bugbears and three huge minotaurs.  Zohi says, well, and he launches one of his super charged fireballs into the midst of the badguys, killing two of the bugbears and scorching the big dudes.  Falkner charges forward to meet the closest minotaur in battle… he is hit upside the head by the minotaur’s huge axe, but he does manage to strike back with some accuracy.  Vish shoots the bugbear behind the arrow slot again, killing it, after which she tumbles back from the action.

            Drac steps into the corridor, yells for Falkner to step aside, and wild shapes into a rhinocerous.  Hex uses Earthcleaver to eviscerate the closest bugbear.  Hex braces as the closest minotaur charges him… he manages to hit the critter, but it gouges him roughly.  Falkner meanwhile gets smacked by minotaurs on two sides, getting the beat down in a bad way.  Getting kinda mad about this, Falkner strikes back, toppling one of the two minotaurs.  Vish fires at the other one, catching it unawares.  At that moment Drac makes his rhino charge at it, taking one last hit before he tosses the minotaur up into the air, smashing it against the ceiling and killing it definitively.  On the other side of the hall, Hex viciously smacks the final minotaur twice, stabbing off both its horns and then jabbing it in the neck.  The remaining bugbears behind the arrow slits fall with little difficulty… after all, they aren’t enraged barbarian minotaurs like the other guys we killed!

            The pixie flies down the southern corridor and looks into an interesting room to the west.  Two round beds covered in black sheets are on the far wall.  Three statues depicting humans entwined with snakes (with beautiful human faces) are against the wall.  Four iron levers also occupy the room.  Hex notices that the snakes with human faces look kinda alive.  Hex decides he’ll make sure and attempts to charge at the nearest one with Earthcleaver at the ready.  As he approaches a tail lashes out and slams the four levers… and four portcullis drop on the corridors, trapping Hex in one corridor and Zohi in the other.  Hex slams against the portcullis, but it holds.

            The nagas undulate and magical effects occur.  Four magic missiles smack Hex, and a fireball streaks out to explode on Zohi… suddenly Zohi has to enjoy the bitter taste of some of his own medicine.  Vish fires between two portcullis’s and past Hex’s head, hitting the nearest naga.  Rhino Drac tries to break the nearest portcullis, but it holds.  Suddenly a lightning bolt streaks down the corridor from behind, catching Falkner, Scaly, Drac and Vish!  Falkner spins and sees a blurry area, charges forward and attempts to attack it.  Zohi and Hex get fireballs courtesy of the nagas, and Falkner is enveloped in a greasy darkness which knocks him to the edge of death, but his magic sword pulls him back from the brink.

            Falkner blinks as a cleric woman in full plate steps out from behind the blur… there are two opponents down this hall!  Vishana flies down the hall to backup Falkner, who is staring death in the face.  Falkner glares at the female cleric… “that wasn’t very nice.” She grumbles.  The cleric gives an evil grin.  “Just wait… it gets better!”  Falkner starts swearing really loudly.

            Another lightning bolt crackles down the hall, but most of the heroes manage to jump out of the way.  Falkner flies into a rage and swipes at the blur, but doesn’t seem to do much.  Hex waits for Zohi to do something.  Zohi uses mage hand to flip a lever… and the portcullis in front of him swings open.  Zohi moves into the room as Hex gets impatient and concusses the naga in front of Zohi.  Hex mutters, “Zohi, that was all well and good, but you have to let ME into the room.”

            A spiritual weapon starts trying to swat the Pixie. As she darts around evading it, she launches a dispel magic on the two evil spellcasters… unfortunately the barkskin on Falkner dissipates in the magical wash.  Drac turns back into humanoid form and casts protection from electricity on himself.  Scaly moves up to attack.  Falkner uses his tremorsense to locate the invisible opponent, making a definite hit, although some of the damage seemed to be deflected.  Falkner misses with his second attack.

            Zohi tries again to flick the switch for Hex’s portcullis, but again he gets the wrong one.  Hex is going crazy with frustration, and he flies into a rage, unable to lift the portcullis in front of him.  One of the spellcasters casts a spell and tries to touch Falkner, but he is way too dexterous and avoids the blow.  Falkner then dodges a second touch attack… no Mr. Badtouch for Falkner today.  Falkner attacks back twice, hitting once… but once again the damage is reduced.  Zohi gets the portcullis wrong again, but since the one behind Hex has now opened, he skates around the corner and flies into the room, finally ready to do some damage.  The two nagas take one look at that, and the two of them levitate to the ceiling, out of Hex’s reach.

            Falkner is hit with a touch attack… he starts to feel dazed, but he manages to shake it off.  Vish fires at the nearest naga twice, sticking two more pixie arrows into it.  Drac moves forward to back up Scaly.  Scaly bites the cleric woman, latches on, but she manages to pull away.  The invisible opponent pulls back from Falkner, who misses him as he withdraws.  Falkner tumbles afterwards, avoiding a blow from the cleric, and tries to block his escape.  He smacks the invisible guy again… slowly but surely wearing him down.  Zohi magic missiles the nearest naga, but it still lives.  Both nagas cast defensively and they turn invisible.

            The evil cleric woman began running for it, but Scaly snapped forward and latched his mouth onto her… and the slow digestion process begins.  She thrashes a bit, but the snake has her now.  Vish fires twice at the invisible naga above Hex, missing twice.  Drac helps Scaly swallow his meal.  Falkner dodges another touch.  A naga strikes at Vishana, becoming visible. Vishana starts to fall asleep, but she manages to resist the effect.  Falkner finally strikes the last creature dead… a wererat sorcerer that has been hounding us for at least four combats.  Meanwhile Zohi magic missiles the invisible naga, and it drops dead on Hex’s shoulder.  Hex spins and strikes at the remaining one, but it survives the attack.

            Hex gets off another attack on the naga as it flees from the room, heading down the corridor towards Drac, Scaly and Falkner.  Falkner fires his earth attack at the creature, hitting the fleeing critter.  Zohi and Hex chase after it, Zohi using a fireball on it, but the creature is too fast.  Vishana tries to keep up with it, but the passage is too twisty, so when it flies up a set of stairs, the pixie decides to return.  Hex’s psicrystal hops off the pixie and just glances through the next room… a long library.  The naga continues to flee until it is out of sight, so the psicrystal returns to the party.

            The party loots the area and finds some minor stuff.  Then, to baffle the badguys, the party returns to the secret door in order to attack from a different direction.  Falkner hears the sounds of combat on the other side of the door.  This area is large.  Off to the left a number of humans are sparring with each other.  Beds hang from the walls and trunks and wardrobes are around.  In the other direction the chamber smells of loam and the brownish walls depict dragons and primordial creatures.  A massive pile of soil and stone sits on the floor along the western wall, 10’ high.  The pixie flies forward and strikes the nearest dude with her arrows.

            The whole bunch of warriors charge at the party, but most of them just decide to pound on Falkner, because that’s what all self-respecting badguys do today.  Drac steps forward and breathes on five warriors.  Two drop dead.  Zohi gets all vampiric and reaches out to steal the life from the nearest warrior, sucking him dry.  Suddenly a huge earth elemental rises out of the pile of dirt and rolls down the hall at the party. Hex manages to hit it twice as the creature smacks him hard… the party is between  a rock and some hard cases now.  Vishana picks off a human warrior, and Drac cleans up more.  One warrior charges Zohi, and Drac and Falkner clip him each, but Zohi does get hit before the guy is taken down.  Falkner cuts another warrior in two, leaving one left.

            The tempermental elemental swats invisible Zohi nearly knocking his head off.  Hex takes another blow and Falkner is missed.  Hex smacks the monster again and steps back.  Vishana takes down the last of the warriors, clearing the way for running away.  Zohi gets hit and Hex gets hit twice in the head.  Slowly it penetrates Hex’s thick skull that he’s probably just lost most of his remaining brain cells.  Zohi calls for a teleport.  Hex moves forward and smacks the creature again, getting in range for Zohi to get him out of there.  Vishana flits forward and heals Hex a little, and Drac moves within range of Zohi’s teleport!  Only Falkner and Scaly are left alone to fend for themselves.

            The party should be safely back in town.  Unfortunately, there is some sort of magical barrier against teleporting, and the party appears in the same room, in front of a huge multi-stonework door with the stone triangle.  “Town looks a lot different.” Observes Hex.  At this point Zohi begins to cry.  The elemental looms up behind the discombobulated heroes.  Drac is hit from behind… Hex yells for Drac to get the damn door open.  Drac gets the door opening and summons a pair of wolves to keep the elemental busy.  The door is slowly opening, so Hex spins and attacks the creature twice, doing some damage.  Zohi casts defensively, throwing up another wall of fire between the party and the elemental.  Then Zohi flies up through the opening door, carrying Vishana with him, who heals him in exchange.

            There is the sound of wolves howling as the elemental tears into them rather nastily.  Drac shifts into an eagle form and flies up and out of the place.  Hex scrambles out onto the bridge and contemplates diving into the water.  Luckily, the elemental does not follow the party outside, and they travel to regroup at the water temple door.  The party rests and prepares to take this awful monster down.  Stoneskins all around. Zohi prepares to blink and blurr and vampiric touch.  Summoned animals are prepared to waste the creature’s attacks.  Hex gets a blur potion from Zohi as well.  The party has a plan and is ready to rock.

            Then everyone is hasted.  Drac enters the room first and is immediately beset upon by the big stoned dude.  Vishana summons a celestial eagle from a scroll, and the whole party charges the monster.  Hex takes the attack of opportunity in the face.  The pain commences.  In the middle of the slamfest an assassin suddenly shows up behind Falkner and nearly gets off a sneak attack on him!  Vishana sends her pet eagle to fight with the assassin as the rest of the party continues to exchange poundings with the big rockstar.  By the way, the assassin is named Victor.  After lots of heavy rock fists hit lots of heads, Hex finally gets the last blow on the elemental, after flying into a rage.  Zohi casts see invisible and locates the assassin.

            Falkner uses his tremor sense to cut off the assassin’s escape route, and Zohi casts glitterdust on the foul personage, popping him into glittery view.  He continues to run away, getting an attack from Falkner and a flame strike from Drac… which finally kills him dead!