Temple of Elemental Evil Session Twenty-Six – March 20, 2004


DM: Rick Smith

The Heroes:

            Hex Cade lvl 5 Barbarian lvl 5 Psion Earth Genasi – Dan Forrest

            Arian Zephyr lvl 7 Monk lvl 5 Holy Liberator – Barbara Kalberg

            Drachalt lvl 9 Druid Silver Half Dragon Half Elf – Tom Blossfeld

            Vishana lvl 3 Rogue lvl 2 Fighter lvl 3 Cleric Pixie – Jon Rosen

            Zohi lvl 12 sorceror half-elf – Ken Marin


            The party returns to the Water Temple door after many monetary transactions. It has taken a few days, but the party feel better equipped, and they have been joined by a new companion, now that Falkner has fallen.  The group heads back towards the library the naga had fled into previously, hoping to confuse the enemy by approaching from a different direction. Upon seeing a decision between northwest and southwest, the party begins to argue as to which way to go.  Strangely, Hex succeeds in convincing Zohi that the party should go northwest… the first time Hex has convinced anyone of anything!

            Hanging from hooks in the walls are two colors (purple and ochre) of robes. There is also an etched ceremonial box. There is a door across the room.  Vishana inspects the box and doesn’t see any traps.  There are locked doors on the left and right of the box.  Within are six cone-shaped incenses and four sphere-shaped incenses in one compartment, and (after Zohi uses his scroll of knock) a black-tipped torch for burning the cones and a black censer for burning the spherical incense.

            Beyond the next door is a hallway extending 60’ before hitting an ascending set of stairs.  Another area at the end is a junction with several passages, a set of stairs heading downwards, and a door.  Large tapestries of winged demons carrying off maidens or something cover the walls.  Tables with dice and food are here. Six ogres with full plate armor and huge greatswords are standing around the room.  Vishana fires at one of the ogres, catching it by surprise.  Before the creatures know what is happening Hex has skated up to the room and whacked the nearest ogre with Earthcleaver.  Arian runs up and casts a prayer, gaining Odur’s divine influence on the battle.  Drac jumps forward and slays the Ogre that Hex had previously damaged.

            The ogres cluster in and Hex gets in another cheap shot, while Vishana’s tiny pixie bow downs a second opponent with its magical sting!  Hex takes down his second opponent.  Arian slips around the corner and whacks an ogre with her three-section staff in a cool martial arts maneuver.  Drac’s next attack is not as strong, and his opponent survives the blow.  Vishana kills another crazy ogre and Hex takes down his third.  Zohi’s toad familiar “toady” hop-flops into action and uses empowered vampiric touch to give Zohi 25 bonus hit points for the next hour. That’s one mean toadie!

            Up ahead there is a circular pit and a reddish glow in the next large room.  There is an altar flanked by a pair of statues.  The pit is huge.. about 65’ in diameter.  It is a few feet deep, and seems to have a large pile of coins in the center.  The altar’s top is diamond shape.  Pouring out of the altar is a huge gout of flame.  Two statues of nude women done in black stone with heads replaced by inverted black triangles with the inverted yellow “y.”  At the far end of the room is the fire entrance to this temple.  There is a second flaming altar with more nude women statues around the corner as well.

            Suddenly an adult red dragon unfolds itself from a hole in the ceiling and lets loose with a mighty blast of fire over the entire party!  The dragon snaps forward and eats Vishana!  Hex sees large dragon teeth pressing in on his psi-crystal.  Hex initiates Expansion and grows by 60%.  Zohi attempts to cast a benign transposition, swapping Arian into the dragon’s maw in Vish’s place!  Vish re-orients herself and takes three shots at the dragon, each one hitting solidly.  The dragon turns and body-slams Vishana, still holding Arian in its mouth.  Drac calls down a lightning bolt from the ceiling, striking the dragon, Vish and Arian.

            Hex moves forward, gets whacked by the tail as it swings around, and then strikes the dragon from behind with Earthcleaver.  Dragon fear sets in on the party, with Drac, Zohi and Vish suddenly feeling shaken to the core.  Vish flies away from the dragon, spins in the air and fires another arrow at the beast, but it clatters off the wyrm’s armor.  The dragon swats Hex with a wing, claws him twice, and smacks him with its tail.  Scaly charges forward and tries to bite the monster’s heel, but cannot catch it as it hops off the ground.  Hex takes advantage of the monster’s lack of balance, initiates a round of haste with his boots of speed and strikes back, achieving a critical hit that almost hits the massive damage threshold, and follows up with a second strike while the monster is stunned.

            Zohi’s long spell finally finishes off, and a large air elemental appears.  The elemental is immediately shaken when it spots the dragon, but it charges the monster anyway, and completely misses.  Zohi grumbles, sticks his head around the corner and casts an improved magic missile, which fizzles against the dragon’s spell resistance.  Vish lets loose another set of arrows, but the dragon swings a wing and knocks them all aside.  The dragon spins and smacks down on Hex with twin claws, twin wings and a tail slap, rendering him very unconscious.  Drac takes a blow to the head to get close enough to Hex to heal him, but it is not enough to get the slumbering hero awake again.  Arian, still grappling with the beast’s vice-like jaws, uses her monk ki to heal herself.  Zohi’s elemental actually hits, but it doesn’t do much.  The dragon pulls away and breathes on the party, taking a weak cheap attack from Scaly.

            At this point the party has been defeated.  The air elemental grabs Zohi and swings him over to the party.  Zohi grabs Hex, Drac and Arian and teleports the group to the secret room, leaving the air elemental to grab Scaly and Vish to go it alone.  Vish flees back towards the passages the party arrived from with the dragon hot on her heels.  Vishana darts around corners, squeezing through the arrow slits in the previous room. The dragon stops in the room just outside and begins sniffing at the door.  Zohi gets Drac awake and then works on Arien.  Drac goes hunting to try to find Scaly and nearly runs into the dragon hunting Vish.  Drac shapechanges into an eagle and goes flying in the other direction, planning to fly around the outside of the building to the fire door.  Arien meanwhile gets Hex up.  Vish creates an illusionary image of herself to confuse the dragon, while she turns herself into an ooze.  Unfortunately the dragon decides not to chase the image and breaks into the room, breathing fire into the room and roasting Vishana thoroughly… and another character meets a heroic end.

            Meanwhile Zohi, Arien and Hex buff up and prepare to meet the dragon for some vengeance.  They spend 2 minutes healing and empowering themselves, and then prepare to meet the dragon on their terms.  As they move Hex’s psi-crystal reports the dragon has dropped into the treasure and burrowed there.  Hex marches forward to the edge of the pit and issues challenge to the dragon.  Drac suddenly arrives from the library and yells for Hex to come back.

            Hex returns and asks Drac what is up.  Drac tells the party that they have an ally in the temple who needs to speak to the party before they fight the dragon.  Hex thinks about it for a moment, decides Drac does not make a persuasive argument, and moves forward to fight again.  Zohi summons a dire lion which leaps down amongst the coins and searches for the dragon. Arien joins Hex at the edge of the pit, searching for the wyrm.  Hex suggests the idea of scooping up treasure into a bag of holding.  Hex fills a 40’ sack and continues to dig.  Still no dragon is to be found.

            Zohi checks for secret doors and cannot find one.  Finally Zohi summons an earth elemental and checks down below the coins, finding an opening.  The earth elemental opens the door at the opening, but still the coins don’t drop.. apparently there is a barrier down there.  After some experimentation the party determines that the barrier is semi-permeable, and that after 10 minutes enough of the treasure is out of the way that the party could fit through.  The party sees a vertical shaft descending into darkness with iron rungs set at long intervals along the walls. 

            As the party descends they get hit by two successive gouts of fire, removing most of their fire protection.  As Hex moves into the room Zohi launches his first magic missile, succeeding at penetrating its spell resistance and doing some initial damage.  Drac drops strategically into the dragon’s mouth an breathes back in the ultimate reptile French kissing affair.  Apparently this had an effect on Drac, as the dragon lets go of him and bites, claws and tail slaps the hapless dragon-kin.  Hex drops to the ground heavily and swings at the dragon but misses.

            Arien also drops to the ground and swats the dragon, hitting for a small amount.  Zohi fires another spell at the dragon but it fizzles against the dragon’s resistance.  The dragon goes all out at Drac again, eating through his stoneskin super fast.  Hex whacks the dragon twice.  Zohi attempts to get past the dragon and gets grabbed by the dragon’s jaws.  Drac does a flame strike on the dragon which does a small amount of damage.  Hex smacks the dragon once and moves strategically, taking an attack of opportunity but hopefully preventing a full attack on the next round.  The next round of fire breathing knocks the heck out of the party. 

            Hex begins to run up the wall and throws a concussion on the dragon which does a minimal amount of damage.  Zohi succeeds at casting the switcheroo which swaps his position with Arien.  The dragon spits Arien out and does a full attack on her.  Hex retreats to the cavern exit while Drac begins summoning animals… and at that moment Arien makes a swooping kick and slays the dragon!

            Four alcoves are at the edges of this room.  100,000 copper, 50,000 silver and 2000 gold is in the pit… about 8000 gp total.  In the first alcove is an iron coffer with bone inlay.  The second has two magical candles.  In the third is a small box with no locks.  In the fourth is a 4’ tall solid gold wyvern statue.  There is also an armband on the dragon that glows with magic.  And that completes the most recent terrifying adventure.