Temple of Elemental Evil Session Twenty-Seven – April 3, 2004


DM: Rick Smith

The Heroes:

            Hex Cade lvl 5 Barbarian lvl 5 Psion Earth Genasi – Dan Forrest

            Arian Zephyr lvl 7 Monk lvl 5 Holy Liberator – Barbara Kalberg

            Drachalt lvl 9 Druid Silver Half Dragon Half Elf – Tom Blossfeld

            Calan Feathertouch lvl 8 Rogue lvl 2 fighter lvl dungeon delver elf – Jon Rosen

            Zohi lvl 12 sorceror half-elf – Ken Marin


            Verichan, a new possible ally, introduces himself. After fighting the dragon Drac escorted the party to meet this guy, who is dressed in the robes of the temple. He is a male elf who seems to know the heroes’ names.  Verichan fills in some info.  The priest that escaped previously was named Hedrach, whose journal the party had previously recovered.  Remaining to battle are the champion Lareth, Satow the oracle illithid (just north of the library), the dark wights that inhabit the courtyard between the inner and outer fanes, Redhand (a dangerous assassin ugly female half-orc), Falreth the wizard (whose power currently exceeds Zohi), the triad: a human (most powerful), an aboleth (oldest member – travels in a sheath of water freely on land) and a half-elemental (air). We also need to destroy the orb of silvery death in the black cyst, accessible from the room with the horn.  Throw the first switch, touch the horn with the key and then blow the horn.  After a pillar arises to 8’ throw the second switch and sound the horn again.  Throw the third switch and blow the horn again to make a purple curtain that takes the party to the black cyst.  On a small altar there will be an oblong orb (like an egg) where we may speak with Tharizdun again.

            There’s also an “infernal device” that grafts demon parts onto people.  Inside the inner fane is an artifact that could assist the party, on sublevel 4.  It is a talisman of pure good. The first of the triad is at the top of the tower in the inner fane. To get through the series of purple barriers to the courtyard of the inner fane you must supply the following answers to the questions: Who – name. What – holding. Where – outer fane. Why – truth. When free?, Who – Tharizdun.  Guardians: a pair of half-dragon tyrannosauruses.

            Hidden panels teleport you up and down between levels in the tower. The first sublevel has Yrthrick, a half-earth elemental torturer.  The second level is a map room (torches of revealing) guarded by a golem, but the golem will only bother us if we mess with the maps.  The third level is a library of evil with bad bad books.  The fourth level contains the talisman of pure good sitting in a vat of pure negative energy. Do not proceed to the fifth level… it is an inverted cone with the bottom filled with lava.  There is nothing of use down there but a few quasits.

            The upper levels are the quarters of the triad, and the top level is the tabernacle of utter darkness. Oh by the way, there’s a devil down the hallway.  The prison is guarded by an anis ranger.  There is also a succubus on this level.  In the prison you point the dial at a number and pull the lever to make the contents of that cell to appear on the circle. There is also a blank space that we can visit that is between the cells.  Finally, this guy helps the party heal up and tells them where Vishana died. 

            The party intrepidly heads for the prison. First things first.  Ahead is an ancient female human, impossibly tall, with filthy claws and a chain shirt.  Zohi casts a scorching ray at the opponent while Drac and Hex run forward and double-team her.  Arian rolls dodges past the annis and attacks from behind, flanking the monstrous jailkeeper.  The hag spins and whacks Arian with two claws, one catching her particularly badly.  Drac swings his scimitar in at her back, hitting her as hard as she hit Arian.  Zohi casts improved vampiric touch and tumbles in at the hag, who whallops him in the head once… he grabs her outstretched claw and drains the remaining life from her.

            Drac scrutinizes the dial and figures out, in his estimation, where the empty spot is.  He calls Hex over and makes him pull the lever… Hex disappears and reappears in a 60 by 80’ chamber with 12 force cages.  Piles of equipment sit at the far wall… swords, shields, hammers, etc.  Six of the cells are empty.  One contains a dwarf-sized creature with fiery hair. Two have elves. One has a troll, one has a halfling and a creature with the golden-brown hair of a lion.. a lammasu named Maleucus who was summoned by the High Priestess of Hommlet to gather info. He says he will return to warn her of the rising dangers of the temple.

            Drac recovers Vish’s body and items. Zohi leads the new thief Calan down to the dragon’s lair so he can loot the room.  First a trap door opens in front of alcove one. Calan artfully hops out of the way, avoiding a 30’ pit with another hole below that funnels into darkness.  A small bag, some gauntlets, a small silver broach and some scrolls occupy the chest.  The second alcove has a shimmery non-solid floor.  Calan finds some loot in the chest. 

            The party returns to the room with the horn and perform the ritual. Hex and Arian step through the purple sheath into the black cyst. A voice intones a welcome, asking for obeisance. Arian kneels but Hex keeps standing. The two of them both speak the name “Tharizdun” and then Arian takes the orb of silvery death.  Next the party goes hunting for the mind flayer.  A demon’s face glowers above the mantle of this door. There is no gem set in this door to open it.  Drac meets the demon’s gaze and engages in a small battle of will. He wins and the door opens to reveal a small chamber with a pit 40’ wide in the eastern end.

            There is a large chamber 40’ down at the base of the pit.  The party descends, some climbing, some flying, some featherfalling.  At the bottom is an unlit chamber with a sumptuous bed and other nice furniture, also including an empty birdcage. The outer edges of the room are clear.  The ceiling is 35’.  Calan sneaks into the room, lurking around the back of the room.  Suddenly he strikes out at nothing.  Zohi enters the room and sees an illithid floating invisible near the ceiling.  Zohi fires three scorching rays up at it, but all three miss.  “He’s up there!” exclaims the disgruntled sorcerer.

            Hex stomps forward and screams at the invisible monster, shaking his fist in the air.  Calan slinks forward, no longer striking at illusions. Drac tries to spot the illithid but can’t see him except for a moving swish in the air.  Zohi spins and casts glitterdust, which while not blinding the monster, does make it visible.  The flayer sees Zohi and flies at him and lashes with a tentacle, which begins to drill into Zohi’s brain.  Hex attempts a concussion on the illithid but doesn’t overcome its magic resistance.

            Calan fires an arrow and misses.  Drac attempts to blast the flayer with his sword but it misfires.  Zohi shrieks like a schoolgirl and casts benign transposition with Arian, who materializes with a tentacle up her nose.  Arian is not flying, however, so the pair of them begin to descend slowly towards the ground as Arian wildly thrashes at the monster. She manages to avoid the other three waving tentacles trying to reach into her brain.  Hex moves in hoping to catch them as they land.  Calan shoots again and misses.  Hex succeeds at an attack of opportunity as the two reach the floor, and Drac misses.  Zohi fires magic missiles at the illithid, but they hit its magic barrier harmlessly.  The flayer makes its play to escape.  Drac turns into an eagle and gives chase while the others climb afterwards.

            Zohi flies up and casts haste on Hex and Calan.  Arian clicks her heels to gain a haste round and flies up the wall, reaching Drac.  The foolish creature spins and tries to hit Arian, missing.  Thanks to Zohi’s haste Hex manages to catch the creature on the next round and Earthcleaver sends it to its doom!