Temple of Elemental Evil Session Thirty-One – July 31, 2004


DM: Rick Smith

The Heroes:

            Hex Cade lvl 1 Fighter lvl 5 Barbarian lvl 6 Psion Earth Genasi – Dan Forrest

            Arian Zephyr lvl 7 Monk lvl 5 Holy Liberator – Barbara Kalberg

            Drachalt lvl 9 Druid Silver Half Dragon Half Elf – Tom Blossfeld

            Calan Feathertouch lvl 10 Rogue lvl 2 dungeon delver elf – Jon Rosen

            Zohi lvl 12 sorceror half-elf – Ken Marin


             The party rests up for three days and then Zohi teleports the party BACK… to the Temple of Elemental Evil.  Zohi flies up to do some reconnaissance and sees nothing from the air, so the party converges inside.  A huge set of stairs, 20’ wide, descends to a collapsed ceiling.  Zohi and Calan search for secret doors as Hex skates over to the tower to check things out.  The shed is also empty.

            Hex encounters Elmo, who informs him of an excavation.  Elmo reports that St. Y’day was concerned about the movements up at a farm on the outskirts of Nulb.  The priestess sent a hound archon to check things out, but it didn’t return.  hmm.. you shouldn’t send a dog to do a man’s work.” Muses Hex.  Hex fills Elmo in on all that has occurred, and Elmo says that Kella, a female druid, has gone to investigate.

            The party finds an old cottage and an abandoned barn.  The buildings are in ruins but a large well with a low stone wall surrounding it still stands as an imposing edifice.  Arian scouts the barn while Calan checks out the cottage.  Neither structure has any threats.  Calan peers down the well and sees a ladder.  Arien doesn’t detect any evil.  Calan notices many tracks much larger than his foot… converging on the well.

            Calan tells Toady to bring Hex and Zohi over, and the party regroups at the top of the well.  The well is 30’ deep.  Arien slowfalls down the well as Calan climbs down as well.  Zohi flies down while Arien sets up the ladder for Hex.  Calan finds a 10’ wide secret door with a 15’ wide 15’ tall passage with clay walls shored up with timbers.  The passage descends at a steep gradient, leveling out to the southwest.  After a time the passage becomes natural rock… it zigzags a bit but after 5, 600 feet it opens up on a small room about 40x40’.  Another passage heads out southwest.  Amazingly, Calan finds a secret door to the south!  Behind is a passage heading due south, basically 10x10.

            The passage runs another 600 ft, worked with block, paved walls and lots of signs of traffic.  Up ahead the passage turns to the right.  Up ahead are torches lighting the way.  Hex sends his psicrystal around the corner to scout.  It detects a pair of doors in a niche up ahead.  Calan sneaks up and listens at the doors… he hears several deep voices and identifies them as ogres.  Hex stomps over and flings open a door to reveal four ogres in full plate armor armed with huge greatswords… the room exhibits the usual disgusting signs of ogre occupancy.  At the same time more ogres step out behind Hex, the nearest one armed with a huge heavy flail.  Four others are behind him, armed with greatclubs.

            Arien flies in from the side and attacks defensively, dodging an attack as she closes and scoring first blood.  Calan maneuvers into position and Zohi flies around the corner to see the scene.  The ogres move out into the hall, taking hits from Hex and Arien as they spread out.  Calan takes a tough one on the head.  Toady flies in and absorbs 32 hit points from the nearest ogre, killing it and giving it to Zohi with his vampiric touch.  Hex steps 5’ and takes two swings at the ogre with the flail, connecting twice.  Arien flurries at the big guy, hitting twice.  Hex crits the ogre who pushes past the door near him.  The Hex takes down the guy with the flail, Arien kills a second ogre and Calan sucks the soul out of a third… the battle has solidly turned in the heroes’ favor.  Arien stuns one and Calan wails on the others.  Zohi magic missiles and Calan cleans up with simultaneous criticals. 

            Zohi uses a charge from his wand and finds a secret door in the second ogre chamber.  Hex rummages around the bodies and recovers 1600 gp, eyes of the eagle and  a potion of cure serious.  Calan has found a room with a wooden workbench and smashed shelves. A small fireplace is full of rubble.  A pair of bookstands with a face down book and a writing desk. An open cabinet, an iron box and a chair.  Zohi detects magic and the book glows, as does another book under the bookcase.  Calan finds some gems and is the only one brave enough to pick up the books and flip through them.

            Calan’s reading of the first few words nearly sucks out his brains… it is a vacuous grimoire.  The second book is a tome of leadership that adds to charisma.

            Down the other previously unexplored passage is another chamber.  A small wooden table, a bronze coffer and an iron box.  There is a single exit in the east wall.  Calan finds more gold and a potion of water breathing.  Just beyond is a set of spiral stairs leading to a trap door.  Calan checks it out and finds the ground floor of a tower… it is back at the Temple of Elemental Evil.

            The psicrystal sees a 12’ tall lean muscular human with gray skin and a large club, gaunt face in the corridor at the top of the stairs.  Zohi makes Calan invisible and the hero creeps up the stairs, hoping to catch the critter by surprise.  Calan succeeds in admirable fashion, catching the monster totally unawares!  Unfortunately, as Hex arrives on the scene to aid Calan’s amazing attacks a huge earth elemental rises out of the ground and swings twice at him… it is only Hex’s concealing amorpha which turns the possible critical and second attack into misses!

            Arien attacks the elemental from below and Zohi attempts to dispel the creature, but it doesn’t work.  Toady sulks.  Calan is only hit once by the big gray guy, the invisibility saving him from the other.  Calan crits back, killing the mighty monster.  Apparently it was a stone giant.  Hex strikes the elemental three times and it hits Hex back twice… a battle of titans as usual.  Zohi launches an empowered scorching ray, doing massive damage as far as he can tell.

            Calan explores ahead, seeing a long passage heading to a big chamber.  He turns and listens at the door behind him, not hearing anything.  Meanwhile Hex and the elemental wail at each other some more.  Hex yells in Terran that the elemental should be serving him. The elemental responds, “your uncle would be displeased”, an enigmatic reply.  Hex responds.  “I’ll make you cry uncle, you misled minion!”

            Zohi throws an empowered vampiric touch, sucking 28 more damage out of him.  Hex doesn’t do much, but at this point the elemental is more interested in hitting Zohi.  Arien heals Zohi.  Calan opens a door to find a ruined room with black triangle motifs.  The room is full of sleeping hobgoblins, about 24 all told.  Beyond one of the side doors Calan hears some low rumbling.  Beyond the doors are six ogres in each, all asleep.  Zohi throws a fireball into one of the rooms, killing them all.  Calan and Hex take a few swipes at the other ones and then Zohi clears the room with a second fireball… except for one in the back corner who shapechanges back into a female druid. 

            The party hears bellowing from down the hall… “to arms, to arms” is stated in the giant tongue.  The girl tells us there are 8 or 9 stone giants and their demonic leader down the hall, on their way.  Will the party survive?!