Temple of Elemental Evil Session Thirty-Two – Sept 5, 2004


DM: Rick Smith

The Heroes:

            Hex Cade lvl 1 Fighter lvl 5 Barbarian lvl 6 Psion Earth Genasi – Dan Forrest

            Arian Zephyr lvl 7 Monk lvl 5 Holy Liberator – Barbara Kalberg

            Drachalt lvl 9 Druid Silver Half Dragon Half Elf – Tom Blossfeld

            Calan Feathertouch lvl 10 Rogue lvl 2 dungeon delver elf – Jon Rosen

            Zohi lvl 12 sorceror half-elf – Ken Marin



            Apparently badguys are on the way, mobilizing.  Hex merges into stone across from the door, hoping to catch the enemies from behind.  Zohi casts greater invisible on Calan.  Drac moves out into the corridor and prepares for battle.  Calan sneaks up to the door around the next corner to see what is happening… he sees a couple of stone giants beyond the door.  Pulling the door open, Calan sees eight stone giants with hide armor and great clubs.  Calan hears something whistle past him and the sound of stone crashing on stone… and an area of absolute darkness forms in the turn in the hall, between Calan and the rest of the party.

            Zohi summons a Bralani, a celestial elf-like being.  Calan backstabs the nearest stone giant, who yells out in pain and tells its companions an invisible opponent is a foot.  Calan sees one stone giant is a little beefier and looks straight at Calan.  Calan strikes the wounded opponent again and then tumbles between his legs, making a run for it.  Zohi summons a dire lion.  Calan activates blind sight and watches the opponents from the darkness.  He then returns to the party and gets healed up by Buster… who ignores Hex’s wounds.  Zohi sends the lion around the corner and then benign transposits Hex with him.  Hex strikes three times at the big guy and hits only once, but well.  The infernal stone giant hits him hard back, but takes a little damage from Hex’s energy retort.  The battle is joined in full as everyone shows up.  Hex misses three times.

            Leo the summoned lion falls before the nearest stone giant.  Demonboy casts a spell, drawing attacks from Arien and Hex… yucky smelly blackness descends on the party, doing extra damage to Hex because he is an outsider.  Bad luck plagues Hex and Arian as they both miss repeatedly.  Drac crits the nearest normal stone giant twice, doing some major hurt.  Hex gets hammered again, but Calan takes down a stone giant.  Hex finally hits the demonic guy twice while Drac supports him with some healing.  A boulder comes flying out of the room missing Drac, and another one misses Hex.  The demonic guy hits Calan, but luckily the master dungeon delver avoids most of his attacks.  Hex digs in and smacks the demon guy twice more… and Arien takes advantage of the situation and strikes him dead with an open palm.  Calan gets hit twice as six stone giants all try to smack the invisible opponent… he is feeling the pain, but still alive.  He strikes one more time and skid addles.

            Zohi’s summoned celestial heals Hex as minimally as possible.  Lots of fighting commences, leading to the inevitable heroic victory.  Zohi does a cone of cold, Drac does a flame strike, Calan does a lot of surprising attacks, and Hex and Arien add their damage where possible.  Finally, all the guys are dead.  The demonic guy had a +1 huge greatclub.  Drac finds a room full of rubble.  Then he finds a collapsed passage.  Then more rubble.  Way to go Drac.  Calan uncovers six 50 gp gems.  Calan uncovers 12 more.  And then 10 more.  The party spends a night sleeping.

            The party finds a circular room full of smashed statues.  A large stone dragon is still upright.  A stone ball with a large eye is on the floor.  The hindquarters of a large cat, a 9’ tall bestial humanoid and a monstrous-looking humanoid head with sharp teeth.  The room has two exits, one to the east and one to the northwest.  The party goes east, hunting the beholder that they have been informed about by the druid girl.  The party finds a 40’ alcove with a fountain emitting sulfurous water with a greenish glow.  Down another way there is a large pit, probably about 40’ deep, with walls covered with bronze.  There are 1’ wide ledges running around it.

            Hex gives Calan his bow, and then informs him that he doesn’t have any arrows.  Calan stares at him. Hex and Calan begin to creep into the room, moving on opposite sides of the pit.  Hex immediately misses his footing and falls into the pit, but his catfall ability keeps him from taking damage.  Moving forward, Hex sees that there are two side pits joined to the big one by arches… and in one arch is the beholder, waiting for Hex!  Three eye beams flash at him, two of which are lost in his concealing amorpha, the third a disintegration ray that is resisted by Hex’s mighty fortitude.  Hex moves past as the rest of the party dive into the pit to engage the party, except for Zohi who sits back and begins a summoning spell.

            The beholder emerges from its cave, floating above Hex. It turns its main eye towards the group, canceling their magic effects, while three more small eyes target Hex, none of which manage to do much damage.  Hex stabs upwards from underneath, hitting three times and expending his psionic focus, doing a large wad of damage.  Drac moves into a good position and calls down a flame strike.  Zohi tries glitterdust on the beholder, and while it does not blind him as intended, it does make him pretty.  Calan prepares to attack from above.

            Eyes fire beams in every direction!  Zohi gets some serious wounds and a feeling of dissolution, but he resists being disintegrated or turned to stone.  Calan sucks up the death attack, but his recent gaining of death ward saves his bacon.  Hex feels friendly and sleepy, but shakes its off.  Drac finishes off the beholder with a second flame strike.