Temple of Elemental Evil Session Thirty-Three – October 2, 2004


DM: Rick Smith

The Heroes:

            Hex Cade lvl 1 Fighter lvl 5 Barbarian lvl 6 Psion Earth Genasi – Dan Forrest

            Arian Zephyr lvl 7 Monk lvl 5 Holy Liberator – Barbara Kalberg

            Drachalt lvl 9 Druid Silver Half Dragon Half Elf – Tom Blossfeld

            Calan Feathertouch lvl 10 Rogue lvl 2 dungeon delver elf – Jon Rosen

            Zohi lvl 12 sorceror half-elf – Ken Marin



            The next passage is a crumbled dead end.  Calan checks the place out.  Meanwhile Hex stomps down the passage, finding a circular chamber.  A gray light illuminates this room.  Most of the ceiling is caved in, walls and floor carved to be natural formations are now destroyed.  A few bones lie around the scattered rubble, and a breeze from cracks in the ceiling.  Zohi flies up to investigate.  After the party has grown bored and left, Calan, still poking around, finds a secret door.

            Suddenly Calan feels tingly, which quickly becomes a very bad feeling indeed as he barely resists disintegration.  He does manage a yelp of some magnitude, and the party realizes there is trouble.  Hex comes to a stop as his psi crystal screams at him, and Drac and Arien plow into him from behind.  Zohi yells out, and Calan spins to see… nothing.  This guy look essentially like a Maine native, transplanted to Texas for 70 years, with several rattlesnake skins hanging from his hair.  Scratch that. He is a short male human with items dangling out of his braided hair, wearing a cloak with rods, wands and tubes and potions strapped here and there, and he meets Zohi’s gaze with cold rattlesnake eyes.

            Zohi immediately zaps him with a dispel magic.  Hex screams with thirst for battle and goes charging down the corridor, covering the intervening distance just in time to see the opponent walk through the wall, gone.  Calan moves up and confirms that the wall is solid… the guy probably used a pass wall.

            Calan leads the party over to the secret door.  Calan expertly decides there are no traps, and with a nimble flick of the fingers, he springs the secret door open, revealing a 10’ wide passage that extends 20’.  Zohi, a little late, blows a charge on his detect secret door wand.  Calan stares at him.  A second secret door is detected.  This cleared room has a cot, a table and a chest. Several weapons hang on the wall, and are ornately decorated.  The door to the north hangs partly open.  A flame strike drops on Hex and Calan from the clerical dude in the corner.  Hex marches up the guy and hears a hidden opponent take a swing at him, but this does not deter Hex from stepping up to the cleric and readying an action to strike the guy should he try to cast again.

            Zohi enters the room and sees the invisible guy is a half orc with chain armor and a greatsword.  Zohi charges up his vampiric touch.  Drac brings a counter-flame-strike down on the cleric.  Arien takes a swing at the invisi-guy and misses.  Invisi-guy wails on Zohi, his blade somehow draining constitution from Zohi in addition to doing damage.  Calan tumbles into the room and attempts to initiate a grapple, but the cleric guy manages to resist.  Zohi teleports away, lands in the temple square at Verbonc, starts stumbling around yelling for help as poison courses through his system.  He staggers forward, scaring two young children.. he grabs a passerby and shakes him by the shirt.. “help! Help me! I have the money! I come here a lot! Get me Frederick! I may be poisoned! I feel very weak!”

            The cleric dude attempts to cast a spell and Hex strikes, interrupting the spell and doing a hooplah of damage.  Drac gets critted by the sucky sneaky invisi-guy.  Hex is suddenly electrified, the bolt arcing off of him and giving Arien a jitter as well, as well as Drac, and the two opponents nearby.  Calan immediately runs off after the guy. Hex has a standstill with the cleric, who attempts to demoralize the fallen god with nasty words, somehow magically charged.  Like most logical arguments, this fails on Hex.

            Drac charges the cleric and attempts to grapple him, but his attempt fails.  Clearly the world must be ending, because Arien succeeds at a critical on invis-foe.  Hex gets hit by a cone of cold and a lightning bolt, and flying into a rage is the only thing that keeps him up on his feet.  While Calan goes to confront the mage, Hex hits the cleric twice, but the evil dude strikes back, reaching out and using harm on Drac, reducing him to one hit point.  Drac responds with two attacks, killing him very dead indeed.

            Hex spins and in his rage he strikes out where Arien has been attacking, and he actually hits the invisible opponent!  Suddenly Zohi reappears after his little bout of cowardice, and Drac rewards him by curing his poison.  Arien moves to heal Hex, but the invisible opponent follows, striking Hex for more damage than Arien’s ministrations.  Somehow Hex is still standing, however.  Zohi flings an empowered magic missile at the half-orc, taking him down.  Unfortunately, the remaining mage throws up a wall of force between him and the party… except for Arien, who is on the other side by herself.  Arien strikes a few times but most of her hits chip away at the mage’s stoneskin.

            Zohi casts teleport and brings Hex with him to the other side of the wall.  Hex strikes out at the dude, but because he is invisible only one of his three hits actually connects.  Arien hits twice more, chipping away more stone.  Just as the wizard prepares to teleport away Zohi glitterdusts the guy, and as he goes blind Hex dives in and hits twice, followed by a critical which takes the guy down!  The loot is pretty good.

            At the end of the next hall is a door.  Calan checks for traps and gets us past the door.  The next room is full of bookshelves and stuff… a book is glowing, and Hex stays far away.  Zohi reads the book and is nearly immobilized for 14 days by a sepia snake symbol… and then he reads the book and a maximized explosive rune blows up in his face… but his fire immunity saves him from burning to a crisp.  It was a fake book, unfortunately.  Calan finds two locked spellbooks protected by a sequester spell below the bed… Calan manages to resist a second sepia snake symbol.  Then he does a third, dangerous dungeon delver addict that he is.

            After that, the party finds the stairs leading down to the next level.