Temple of Elemental Evil Session Thirty-Five – December 11, 2004

Final Session!


DM: Rick Smith

The Heroes:

            Hex Cade lvl 1 Fighter lvl 5 Barbarian lvl 6 Psion lvl 1 Elemental Warrior Earth Genasi – Dan Forrest

            Arian Zephyr lvl 7 Monk lvl 5 Holy Liberator – Barbara Kalberg

            Drachalt lvl 10 Druid Silver Half Dragon Half Elf – Tom Blossfeld

            Calan Feathertouch lvl 10 Rogue lvl 2 dungeon delver elf – Jon Rosen

            Zohi lvl 13 sorceror half-elf – Ken Marin



            The party descends into a star-shaped orange-red chamber with no doors and the symbol of the fire temple inscribed in the center of the floor.  Hex walks onto the symbol but nothing happens. Around the symbol is etched the inscription, “to enter node, say burn.”  Hex happens to say it, and promptly disappears! The rest of the party, once again forced to follow the mad Hex’s lead with little time for preparation, collectively shrug their shoulders and proceed.

            The party appears in a metal chamber, the atmosphere hot enough to burn flesh without magical protection.  Hex is already engaged in combat with a Noble Fire Salamander, who had been occupying the brass chair at the end of the room.  The salamander is little threat to the party, but he does cause some consternation by summoning an elder fire elemental, which slams the heroes around before being dispersed.

            There are eight identical doors out of this room.  It is really really hot here.  Zohi guesses the party is no longer on the prime material plane. Calan scientifically chooses one of the doors (the rest of the party can only trust that the thief has been careful in his selection) and opens it to reveal a winding passage, leading to a room full of fire giants.  Calan sneaks into the room and sneak attacks the nearest giant for massive damage.  Zohi throws some magic missile support into the room and retreats, saving his spells for Imix.  Drac and Arien jump into battle, and take down giants as Hex blocks their attacks with his bare flesh… which hurts.

            Calan gets smacked up something fierce, but Drac’s ability to do cold damage turns the battle, and the final fire giant surrenders.  In exchange for his life, the giant gives the party an idea of the rest of the node… some undead, a powerful glabrezu demon, more of the giant’s kin, and, of course, Imix’s court.  The giant promises to take his kin and leave through a gateway to the City of Brass, while the party decides to take on the glabrezu for the hell of it.

            El Glabrezu resides in a room with walls made of charred bones, with a large elemental eye painted in blood staring down from the end of the chamber.  As the heroes enter the glabrezu attempts to power word stun Hex, but he is just hoss enough to shrug off the magical compulsion.  Next comes a dispel magic, killing Zohi’s projected image.  Drac hits the demon with a cone of cold, and Calan strikes while the critter’s on ice. The Glabrezu surprises the party by teleporting next to Zohi… it is a race against time to save the wizard from the demon’s vile clutches!  Zohi fires another cone of cold.  Drac charges after the demon but misses.  Toady cone of colds again.  Hex charges and misses!  Arien charges and misses!  But the demon’s luck could only last so long, and in the next few attacks the mighty creature of evil is struck dead.

            The party rests and prepares for the final battle.  All of the heroes throw on their power-up suites, and cautiously approach Imix’s throne chamber.  Cautiously, that is, until Hex stomps out into the middle of the room and challenges the Prince of Evil Fire Creatures.  “Hello Hex” says Imix, who is somehow not surprised.  Next to him is a medusa caster holding a sparkling skull.  Imix speaks.  “Hex, you may challenge me if you can first defeat my minions!”  Hex replies:  “I have minions as well!”  And with that, the final battle has begun.

            Hex’s “minions” are not so eager to go charging out into the frey, but they approach cautiously as the medusa summons a green slaad and Imix summons a greater fire elemental.  Zohi projects his image into the room, and the rest of the heroes fight through a wall of fire to engage the enemies… luckily the fire shields on Calan and Arien serve them well.  As the fighter types enter melee Zohi throws support in the way of Mordenkainen’s swords.  A second fire elemental appears, but Zohi dispels it.  Calan takes down the first elemental by getting hit by it a lot, his shield doing magical cold damage to the monster each time he is hit.  Toady hovers around and casts swords as well, and after some major doing, the minions begin to fall.

            At this point Arien gets a little cocky and decides to charge Imix and the medusa by herself… she has clearly been adventuring with Hex for too long.  While her fire shield manages to do some damage to both opponents, she is hopelessly smashed into the ground by the five attacks from Imix’s gigantonormous blade.  It is only a twist of heroic luck that leaves Arien still alive but on the brink of death, down for the count.  Calan heroically sneak attacks the slaad, and then tries to rush to Arien’s aid, only to be foiled as Imix himself advances.  The medusa winds up to throw some more nasty effects at the party, but Drac throws a new spell at her… miasma, which causes her to stagger and teleport away, dying from asphyxiation.

            Hex meets Imix head on, and the two titans swing some major damage at each other… but it is immediately clear that Hex can not stand against the obsidian titan for long.  Drac helps Hex get some extra attacks in by healing, as does Calan, but as Imix pushes the party into the corridors it is finally time for the group mage, Zohi, to shine.  Zohi and Toady hit Imix with cones of cold and mordenkainen’s swords, and the other heroes pepper him with small effects like single attacks, breath weapons and concussive blasts.  Imix swings his sword around, desperately swiping at Zohi’s image and hacking away at Drac and Hex, but he is no match for Zohi’s final assault… and the ragged heroes look on as the great threat to all of Oerth succumbs to their attacks, and perishes in a fiery blast.

            It has been a long and exciting campaign, and the heroes finally stand triumphant.  Their lost friend Falkner is resurrected with party funds, and each hero gains both fame and fortune as word of their great deeds spread.  Oerth has a new set of heroes… Arien, Calan, Zohi, Drac and Hex… and they remain eager to continue their heroic deeds.


            At the end of the campaign, the party members have effective character level of 15 or 16.  Thank you Rick for an excellent game and all of the hard work and preparation you put into telling our heroic tale!